Midheaven in Libra: A Balanced and Harmonious Career Path

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midheaven in libra

Understanding your birth chart can help you put different areas of your life into perspective too.

Astrology helps you know your strengths and weaknesses and also your life purpose.

And it is important to see both sides of your nature to make the most of your cosmic gifts. 

If the highest point in the sky for you is Midheaven in Libra in your natal chart, you are a master of balance and diplomacy.

This placement can give you important clues about your professional success and the right career path for your skills. 

Why Know Your Midheaven


To identify the Midheaven sign, also known as the Medium Coeli (MC) on your natal astrological chart you need to know the accurate birth time and place.

In the Placidus house system, this placement is at the cusp of the 10th house, opposite the Imum Coeli (IC). The IC is the lowest point in the sky and refers to your childhood and upbringing as well as the values you gained from those first years of life. 

Both the Midheaven and the 10th House speak of your career path, public image, and public persona as well as your professional success.

You can look at your Midheaven to get a glance into the career options you might want to consider and at the 10th house to see how you can reach your career goals.

With this Libra MC it is recommended to look at the aspects in the seventh house of relationships and partnerships for an understanding at a deep level of your career. 

If your Midheaven is in Libra, your IC will be in Aries which shows you have native traits of independence, bravery, a high level of energy, and great leadership skills.

You also bring into your adult years an intense impulsiveness that you might need to control. 

Libra: The Balanced Sign 

libra the balanced signs

Libra is an air zodiac sign ruled by the planet Venus. The sign has a cardinal modality, the same as Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer.

The planet Venus gives these natives an eye for beauty and art and makes them very cheerful individuals. 

As a cardinal zodiac sign, Libra people are ambitious, initiators of new activities and actions, and very brave. They stand up for what they believe in and use their best skills to achieve their life goals. 

Libra is also a very diplomatic sign. These people like to keep things balanced in all aspects of their lives.

They can find it difficult to take decisions as they see all sides of a situation.

They are also very romantic thanks to Venus and strive to maintain harmony in their relationships. 

Main Traits of Midheaven in Libra

main traits of midheaven in libra

Libra Midheavens come with plenty of traits that will help the natives reach their desired career and professional potential.

Being aware of the benefits of this placement will help you find a career that is aligned with your life purpose. Here are the main traits that a Midheaven in Libra brings you:

Diplomatic and balanced 

If you have a Libra Midheaven you are most likely a good diplomat and drawn to professions that require diplomacy.

Your diplomacy helps you navigate even the most difficult situations. You seek harmony and balance in all your relationships, from the personal ones to the professional ones. 

An eye for arts and beauty 

Venus gives these natives artistic talents and they profoundly understand beauty. They can make a name in the art industry or as a critic. Libra Midheaven people like to create beauty from everything they touch. 

Humanitarian inclinations 

Midheaven in Libra speaks of a great humanitarian inclination. Just like the Libra people, these natives show a deep sense of care for everyone around them.

They are service-oriented and like to help those in need in any form they can. You strive to make the world a better place and have all it takes to succeed. 

A just attitude 

The symbol of the Libra zodiac sign is the scales of justice and this is not just a coincidence.

Libra natives as well as those with Midheaven in Libra are very just people and are drawn to career choices that allow them to express this sense of justice.

They see both sides of the coin and look at the most complicated situations in a professional and detached manner. 

Charming public persona

The public image of a person with MC in Libra will most likely be very positive. These people know how to make themselves liked and appreciated through their natural charm.

This will contribute greatly to their success and recognition in their career path.

It’s easy for you to make people follow your lead and trust your skills which helps you achieve your goals in life more easily. 

Your Career Options According to  MC in Libra

midheaven in libra careers

A Libra Midheaven gives you important qualities for all kinds of careers and helps you build harmonious professional relationships.

Even if in their younger years these natives are more ambitious and action-oriented, during their adulthood they will choose more peaceful careers that allow them to learn new things and grow into the best version of themselves. 

Midheaven in Libra careers implies working with people and offering support. They are good negotiators and mediators and could become successful lawyers.

Even if they are peaceful people, Libra is giving them the energy and bravery to fight for their causes in a detached manner. 

These natives could be consultants, successful artists, and great public speakers as well.

If you have this placement, it is important to check out the house of Venus in your natal chart. This shows you the area of your life that will be most impacted by your career path. 

The Downside of MC in Libra

An MC in Libra can be a true cosmic blessing considering the magnificent traits it gives you.

But there are also potential challenges that you might have to overcome to achieve success. Check out the shortcomings of this aspect and how to tame them!


Midheaven in Libra can make it difficult to decide on important matters. They see all the possibilities and all sides of the story which can be confusing at times.

If you find that you second-guess yourself often, you need to use your intuition. The Libra zodiac sign gives you a strong intuition that will lead you to make the right choice. 


Because these natives don’t like conflict they might manifest their anger and frustration in a more passive-aggressive manner.

It is better to manage conflict without any toxic tactics such as aggressive or passive-aggressive attitudes.

And if they invest in their self-growth and maturity, MC in Libra natives can do that. 

Co-dependent relationships

Libra brings a strong desire to create partnerships and the Midheaven in this sign could speak of a risk of co-dependency.

They could rely too much on other people and invest too much trust which will lead them to disappointment.

But in your career, you have to strive to maintain your independence and allow in your inner circle only those who deserve this status. 

People pleasers 

Libra Midheaven makes these individuals pleasers as they are constantly aiming for social harmony.

Many times they put the needs of others above their own. If you find that you have this tendency, it is important to value yourself and your needs more to have productive relationships. 

Famous Personalities with Midheaven in Libra

A Midheaven in Libra can help your public image tremendously, on top of the other qualities this placement has in store for you.

Here are some notorieties with the same Midheaven that might inspire you. 

diana princess of wales
  • Diana, Princess of Wales: July 1, 1961
  • Mother Teresa: August 26, 1910
  • Warren Buffett: August 30, 1930
  • Angela Merkel: July 17, 1954
  • Elton John: March 25, 1947

Advice for those with Midheaven in Libra

If you want to maximize the potential of your Libra MC, the following tips will help you significantly. 

  • Learn to manage conflicts in a way that is not passive-aggressive. You don’t have to avoid such difficult situations to maintain the peace. In the long run, this approach will lead to even more complex conflicts that are harder to manage. 
  • Cultivate your leadership skills in a way that helps you grow into your divine power. Libra Midheavens brings the strength and intelligence needed to be a successful leader. 
  • Trust your intuition when you find it difficult to make a decision. Your intuition is stronger than you know and can lead you to the best outcome if you learn how to listen to it. 
  • Create valuable relationships in your professional life. Learn who you can trust and cultivate those professional networks to develop your career and reach your professional success. 


Your Midheaven in Libra makes you a very diplomatic and intelligent person, ready to bloom in your professional life. If you harness the gifts of this placement correctly, you will discover that there is nothing out of reach for you. 

While astrology is not an exact science, it is a highly intuitive language of the universe that can give you valuable insight into your life, career, and relationships. Use the aspects you find in your birth chart wisely and incorporate them into your self-awareness journey to get to the best version of yourself! 

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