Midheaven in Taurus: Traits, Career & Life Improvement

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midheaven in taurus

Astrology gives us important clues that can help us better our life if we choose to learn from them. We can find elements in our chart that speak of specific aspects of our life. 

The Midheaven, or the Medium Coeli (MC), is the highest point in the sky according to your birth chart.

We look at the midheaven sign to find out the type of energy that will influence the native’s career and professional life. The midheaven also speaks of the native’s public image and their life goals. 

Midheaven in Taurus speaks of a very ambitious and driven native. If you have your midheaven in this earth sign, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to make the most out of this placement. 

What the Midheaven Tells Us

The placement of our Midheaven gives us an idea of our career path, public image, and life goals.

The Midheaven is also a symbol of parental authority in our lives and our accomplishments. It speaks of the energy we invest in these aspects and how important they are to us.

You will find your Midheaven on the cusp of the 10th house in some astrological systems like the Placidus but this is not the rule for all astrological systems.

The 10th house speaks not only of our career and ambitions but also of how we are perceived in the world.

This is also our fatherly authority house showing that it is a place of guidance in our life.

In the 10th house, we find our life goals and ideals but also the type of help we get from the cosmos to reach them.

This cosmic help comes from the planets in this house and the sign that governs it. 

Understanding the Midheaven’s sign goes hand in hand with understanding the energy of the 10th house.

Through these two elements, we can guide our steps towards the best type of life we can have, particularly when it comes to our calling which ideally is manifested through the career we choose to follow. 

Note that our career path in the 10th house is different from our daily job represented in the 6th house.

The career path that our Midheaven speaks of is aligned with our life purpose and it is a manifestation of our true calling. Ideally, this is related to our daily job but this is not always the case. 

Taurus: The Bull of the Zodiac


Taurus, the bull of the zodiac is the sign of people born between April 20th and May 20th. This earth sign is fixed and ruled by the planet Venus which governs love and beauty but also finances, hobbies and interests. 

People born under the sign of Taurus are determined, stubborn, and know what they want from life as they are very goal-oriented.

They like their comfort and luxury and know how to use their skills to achieve the status they deserve.

Taurus natives are very loyal and trustworthy as well as very affectionate people.

Even if they can have a stoic nature, they know when to let their guard down and become loving toward the most important people in their life. 

They are peaceful and seek harmony in their life and around them, just as the energy of their ruling planet.

In their group, the Taurus person could be seen as the one who brings peace and can mediate conflicts pragmatically and efficiently. 

The Main Traits of Midheaven in Taurus

A native with MC in Taurus has many traits that help them chase the career path they want and reach high levels of success.

Keep in mind though that, the energy of your Midheaven will support you more if you identify the career that is suitable for your life path, not only the career that you want to have.

Among the following characteristics, you will find some that you already possess and others that you might need to develop.

But all of them will help you get to the career level that you want to reach! 

Ambition and drive 

These natives are determined to reach their goals and have the ambition and drive to lead them to where they want to be.

They don’t give up even when their path becomes difficult and they have what it takes to overcome obstacles.

If they have a goal in mind, their entire attitude will be oriented toward reaching it and they always keep their eyes on the prize. 

Leadership skills 

Taurus people are known for their leadership abilities and we find these skills in those with a Taurus Midheaven as well.

The fact that they are stubborn and ambitious, makes them powerful leaders that know how to direct their team towards success.

These natives are very practical, trustworthy, and inspirational and they keep everyone around them motivated and on the right track. 

Independent attitude 

Since Taurus people are very headstrong, they are also very independent and this is a characteristic of those with midheaven in this sign too.

These natives want to have an independent career and they aim to be self-reliant. They don’t like to be dependent on others and prefer to follow their mindset and judgment. 

Perseverance and devotion

Taurus people are very loyal and devoted to the things and people that matter to them.

They are fully invested in everything they do and with MC in this earth sign, we find this perseverance in the professional life of the native.

Even when things don’t go their way, these natives will find other strategies to help them reach the career level they aim for. 

Chasing stability and comfort 

This Midheaven placement speaks of a need for stability and comfort that is specific to Taurus natives.

When your midheaven is in this sign, you will find yourself choosing career paths that offer you financial security and a perspective that you can rely on.

Natives with this placement look for achievements that are of the material world and come at a steady pace. 


Being a perfectionist and having developed attention to detail are also traits of these natives.

They know to identify quality and they expect nothing less from themselves and those who are in their team.

Their perfectionism can manifest in everything they create as it has to be flawless according to the highest standards. 

Highly developed aesthetic sense 

Even if you don’t work in an artistic domain, if your midheaven is in Taurus, chances are that art will have an important place in your life.

People see you as a person with very good taste and might come to you often for aesthetic advice and guidance. 

Midheaven in Taurus: Career Paths and Implications

taurus career paths

MC  in Taurus speaks of careers that offer financial stability but also those that work with art and beauty.

These natives can find satisfaction in gardening or farming careers and any other fields that work with nature.

They can explore their creativity through music and other artistic activities that explore the beauty of life.

The fashion industry would be another suitable career field for people with a Taurus Midheaven as it offers them the chance to manifest their aesthetic sense.

Thanks to their dedication and ambition, they will have significant chances to succeed in everything they set their minds on.

They have the leadership skills to take the right decisions and reach the ultimate level of success.

Also, their practical nature helps them keep their feet on the ground even if they can maintain a dreamy vision of life. 

Potential Challenges of Midheaven in Taurus

With a midheaven in such a powerful and headstrong sign like Taurus, your career path will not be without struggles.

But if you are aware of the challenges you might face, you will also find it easier to identify the solutions to overcome them and even avoid them altogether.

Here are the main challenges for those with a Taurus midheaven and how to tame them:

Lack of flexibility 

Being resistant to change might be one of your biggest challenges, especially regarding your career path.

Most professions require adaptability, and if you are set in your ways you might miss opportunities that could bring you closer to your success.

You can cultivate adaptability through a growth mindset and being open to learning new things.

Accepting different perspectives can help you discover new pathways toward your success. 

Short patience 

Wanting to see results almost instantly is not going to help you on your career path, on the contrary.

A Taurus Midheaven can speak of an impulsive nature and lack of patience which affects the diligence needed to reach complex objectives.

Take the time to analyze your options and create a realistic timeline that allows you to achieve your goals and maintain the success you want. 

Unwilling to take calculated risks 

If your midheaven is in Taurus you don’t like to take risks and disturb your stable comfort zone.

You prefer to count on your current situation and are resilient when you have to risk it for an outcome that you are not sure of.

While stability and particularly financial stability is essential for you, some opportunities might require you to take such calculated risks.

You don’t have to jeopardize your entire status to get to a higher level of success as it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

But it is important to learn when you need to take a risk to evolve in your career path and be open to it. 

Focused mostly on material success

Material success and finances in general are very important for you.

You struggle to see the value in other aspects of life that don’t improve your financial status.

This could create a lack of balance and damage your sense of happiness in the long term.

Invest time in your relationships, hobbies, and self-care practices to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle, in harmony with all the important areas. 

Famous Personalities with Midheaven in Taurus

justin timberlake

MC in Taurus can help you build the public persona you want to have according to your career field. And there are notable celebrities with this placement that can inspire you: 

  • Justin Timberlake: January 31st, 1981, 6:30 PM
  • Mae Whitman: June 9th, 1988, 10:50 AM
  • Lucy Hale: June 14th, 1989, 11:03 AM
  • Vanessa Hudgens: December 14th, 1988, 9:27 PM
  • Adam Levine: March 18th, 1979, 3:24 PM
  • Ashley Olsen: June 13th, 1986, 9:43 AM
  • Eli Roth: April 18th, 1972, 12:39 PM

Tips to Use Your Midheaven in Taurus

Regardless of how many cosmic blessings your Midheaven brings you, if you don’t explore them properly, you will not be able to incorporate them into your life.

Here is how to make the most of your MC in Taurus and face its potential challenges. 

  • Plan your goals realistically, and don’t rush towards results that take time and effort. You want to harness your patience and celebrate all the steps of your progress. 
  • Find a healthy balance between work and personal life. Avoid focusing only on material achievements, and learn to value your relationships and personal time too. 
  • Manifest your leadership skills in a way that inspires your team and leads it toward success. 
  • Learn to adapt to new opportunities by taking calculated risks. Creating a comfort zone in terms of your career will only work against your true potential in the long run. 


Midheaven in Taurus brings you great ambition, determination, leadership skills, and the wisdom to manifest your artistic side in your career.

But this placement also speaks of life lessons you have to learn to prosper.

Learn to balance your professional life with your personal life and appreciate the beauty in everything around you, not just the material aspects.

You have great potential for success and everything you need to achieve your goals if you invest in your personal growth. 

Remember that your midheaven sign is only one aspect of your chart. You should also look at the 10th house and its planets to get a more complex picture regarding your career path.

Use the information astrology brings you as a spiritual guide to support your personal growth, as it is an intuitive perspective, not a scientific one. 

Midheaven Placement in Other Zodiac Signs

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