MindZoom Software Review

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MindZoom Software Review

Mindzoom is subliminal affirmation software that unclogs the power of the subconscious mind.

The software plays your desires and aspirations in terms of subliminal affirmations. You just need to add the affirmations into the software, and the information can be relayed in a variety of ways.

This software is marketed as an effective way to boost your self-confidence and enhance positivity by imprinting affirmations into the mind. The mechanism is quite simple.

You insert a number of affirmations pertaining to your goals into the subliminal software and hear it.

There are a number of settings that allow you to receive the information as per your preference. 

The objective is to enhance your ability to focus on things you want to achieve.

By these repetitive affirmations, you will get rid of any distractions and manifest whatever you want smoothly. 

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Are positive affirmations helpful?

Are positive affirmations helpful

Positive affirmations are things that you want to believe to be true.

You will have to repeat these phrases to yourself to describe the situation you want to be in or see yourself in.

When you first start to recite the affirmations, they may not be true and far from reality.

But as you start reciting them, you will eventually start to believe in them earnestly.

They will sink into your subconscious mind, and you will automatically align every activity and decision in your life to achieve that goal. 

Sometimes we often struggle with the right motivation and the encouragement to pursue our goals.

Positive affirmations help us to have the right faith and attitude not to give up easily. We manifest better when we have a positive mindset and high vibrational energy.

Positive affirmations also make us set clear intentions and repel any demeaning negative thoughts holding us back.

However, it is also advisable to have a clear mind before you start utilizing positive affirmations.

Start with yoga and meditations a few weeks prior to getting any help to use positive affirmations.

If your mind is unprepared and burdened, then the chances are that it will reject the positive affirmations.

It will not accept it and give convincing rational reasons. The entire process of boosting your self-confidence and positivity will go downhill.

In worst-case scenarios, these positive affirmations will feel like taunts in comparison with your real life. Hence start with a calm and undisturbed mindset. 

But don’t worry, the MindZoom program offers you tools and resources to manifest at your highest body vibration.

Let’s see how. 

What are the techniques used in Mindzoom?

techniques used in Mindzoom

Mindzoom utilizes three techniques to let your subconscious mind absorb the affirmations.

Affirmation Delivering Engine

This tool helps you to bypass the conscious mind by conveying thousands of positive commands at high speed.

The messages flash on the screen at undetectable speeds. The virtual messages are safe and discreet, so they will not hamper your overall mental health.

Silent Subliminal Messaging System

Here, the text affirmations are converted to almost inaudible speech. It is conveniently delivered to the brain through a subliminal envelope.

You can’t hear them, but you acknowledge them by your brain. 

Mindzoom Subliminal mixer

This is a great customizable feature in which you can use your pre-recorded positive affirmations with your own affirmations.

You can make use of both audio and text affirmations. These affirmations can be mixed with your favorite music files, and you can carry them with you in any gadget you like.

This provides the convenience of using this anywhere you want. 

With these tools, there come a lot of features to help you improve your manifestation abilities.  

Unique Features 

  • Add, change, or delete the affirmations you want to be subliminally sent or displayed.
  • Select the position of the display. You can decide the placement- it can be random or as per fixed positions suggested by the software.
  • Easily change the color, size, and font style of the affirmations to be displayed. You can choose a smaller font for the messages to flash discreetly. You can even choose the level of transparency and color of the letters to match the background of your PC.
  • Set the freq between 3600 affirmations per hour (up to 1 sec) to 180 affirmations per hour (up to 20 sec). There is also a display time from 10 milliseconds which is almost invisible to half a second. It depends on what you like and what suits your requirements.
  • Use the unique silent subliminal messaging from MindZoom. This will deliver and translate the affirmations from text to speech through a subliminal frequency sound wave. 
  • Easily disable or enable the silent subliminal messaging feature as per your needs. On every startup, the Mindzoom can start automatically on the system tray. The affirmations will start as soon as the system is on. 
  • Save the settings every time you use MindZoom. You can also switch to the default setting anytime you want with the “Reset Defaults” option.

Out of all the techniques, the Mindzoom Subliminal mixer talks directly to your subconscious mind. Let’s explore its working principles in detail. 

The Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer

Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer

This is one of the best features of the Mindzoom software.

You can select a base sound with your affirmations like your favorite music, sounds of nature, etc. then, you can align the affirmations with the Mix and Save option. 

There is also a “Generate a Silent Base Sound” option in which the audio file of the affirmations will be silent.

You can personalize the affirmations you want for the mix. You can use the preloaded text affirmations, record your own affirmations or even download a previously recorded audio file.

You can write your own affirmations and let the digital voice say them out loud.

The Isochronic or Binaural tones and beats included in the software will improve the brain’s receptiveness to the messages. It also includes the Schumann Resonance for extra benefits. 

The Mindzoom mixer can embed the affirmations inside the main sound by using the Silent Subliminal technique.

The Automatic audio length matching will loop the affirmations until it matches the main sound’s time length.

The mixer saves audio in the 44.1 kHz freq range (16-bit sampling), just like listening to an audio CD. 


It implants positive thoughts in your mind that create a sense of peace and tranquillity.

It calms down your mind to help you decrease stress levels.

A person who is mentally stable can automatically find the strength to face any challenges in life.

This software is designed to show results in a matter of days rather than months. It will be easier for you to accomplish your goals once you set your mind on it without any negative diversions.

The subliminal messages will make positivity flourish in your brain so that you can work towards your goals and dream better.

Technically, the software can work for both Mac and Windows

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (lion) or a higher (64bit)
  • Windows Vista/ XP/7/8/10


  • It doesn’t work on iPad or iPhones. 
  • requires a speech engine of Microsoft called SAPI 5 or better 
  • Audio Subliminal Programs work only on Windows 

Why should you choose MindZoom?

This software can tremendously help you with self-growth and development. It will help you amplify your self-confidence and make you more focused on your goals rather than inhibitions.

Moreover, the application is affordable and worth the price if you want to achieve your goals faster. 

This software has no gimmicks and sets a clear-cut goal for a definite time.

Although the results will vary from person to person and their ability to manifest, the end result is always noticeable and positive. 

You don’t have to buy a particular product to use it as well. 

You need to just download it from their official website, and you are good to go.

You will start observing improvements very early on in the process. It doesn’t matter which area of your life you need improvement in.

Whether it’s a financial or personal life, this software can help you fix them all. 

Top benefits of using the MindZoom program

benefits of using the MindZoom program

There are numerous benefits to using Mindzoom software, but I realized these changes inside me more clearly.  

Be more Social and improve your communication skills– If you feel you have no confidence in holding your own in a conversation, professional or otherwise, then this is the right software for you. 

Gain confidence– It will help you boost your energy if you are struggling with low confidence or going through difficult times. 

Acknowledge emotions– You’ll have a better perspective on things and understand your feelings. Once you acknowledge your emotions, it will be better to deal with them.

Undo bad habits– It programs your brain toward a healthy lifestyle. You’ll feel the urge to quit unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or any other bad habits that can block you from attaining high vibrations.

Overcome social anxiety and panic attacks– The software can induce more control over your emotions as you gain confidence that you can do whatever you want to do.

Improve memory power- It will help you increase your focus and memory. It will grant you a better ability to recall things precisely and faster. 

Mindzoom Price

The MindZoom pricing is kept at $67 as of now. But you can choose to pay $19 first and then the remaining $48 after 21 days.

If you go for the Nature Sound with the system, it will cost you an additional $12 for the first time. 


Q. What do you get along with the product?

Apart from the main part of the deal (software application), you receive bonus materials worth more than $400. The kit includes-

– Audio Subliminal programs- 40-minutes of the audio program to rescript limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind 
– Brain Elevation Kit- Research-backed practices by Stanford University for a happy life 
– Mind Reality- 70 pages long-secret on Universe’s functional Matrix 
– 101 Powerful Affirmation Ebook- A complete guide to practice the Law of Attraction 
– Meditation MP3 Audio Tracks- Meditation audio tracks to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. 
– 1150 professionally written Affirmations- 1150 custom affirmations on different aspects to save you time.  

Q. Can you get a Refund?

Yes, you can claim a refund within eight weeks of using the program.
The creators want you to test the results within two months of use, and if you are not satisfied, then you claim your money back.
If you don’t find the software useful, you will get a full refund without any questions. That makes the program legit, not a scam, unlike other applications.

Q. Is MindZoom free?

You don’t get any free downloads for the system. You have to purchase it to know more about how it works. 

Q. Which is better- MindZoom vs. Subliminal360?

Subliminal 360 is simple to use with comparatively better sound effects and a huge library of background music. It also gives up five free downloads to let you feel how it works.
But the program lacks in terms of many other important features than its rival.
Unlike Subliminal 360, Mindzoom gives a detailed plan to succeed, works on multiple computers, goes for auto upgrades, and has a team to support you without any extra charge.


Mindzoom software can help you improve your manifestation by making your subconscious mind clear of any negative thoughts.

You will see major improvements in your concentration skills and power to hold a clear and positive mindset with time. But, it can help only if you believe miracles happen when we change from the inside. 

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