Miracle Mastery Review: Does It Really Work?

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Miracle Mastery Review

The Miracle Mastery by Dave DeBold teaches you how to unearth your psychic and spiritual abilities. By following the step-by-step guidance, you can harness amazing abilities like telekinesis, radical healing, and invisibility.

You will possess the ability to move objects with your thoughts, produce natural light out of thin air, and more. Let’s know more about it in this Miracle Mastery Review.

Who Is The Author Of Miracle Mystery?

The author of Miracle Mystery is Dave DeBold. Like any regular human being, Dave was not born with any psychic gifts.

However, his fascination with psychic powers leads him to 30 years of research in which he discovered incredible psychic development methods.

Unlike others, Dave does not believe in conducting eccentric activities like burning incense or enunciating chants. He believes in science and learns his abilities by following a systematic approach and sensible reasoning.

In his book, Dave DeBold mentioned several incidents that solidify his beliefs in Miracles. For example, he has seen a person being knocked unconscious. Other such incident that peaked his curiosity was when he witnessed a tiny woman flinging a 230-pound guy across a room with just one finger.

He has learned how to summon these invisible energies and manifest unheard skills through psychic experimentation. He claims this book can make you learn about telepathy, out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, time perception, materialization, etc.

What you will learn with Miracle Mastery

What you will learn with Miracle Mastery

Miracle Mastery refers to the science that connects the forces of your mind and spirit. Learning to unite these two forces can help you change the world around you.

We have always heard about the phenomenon of discovering one’s true potential. We spend our whole life applying only a mere amount of our effort to pursue our goals.

As a result, we often struggle to overcome those problems as we think “I did my best”. Sadly, most people don’t even know how to do things differently than they have thought their whole life.

This is as similar as living your whole life with one hand tied back. Since you have never untied your other hand, you have no idea what potential you can achieve with both hands. In short, it gives you the tools to untie your other hand and reveal your greatest potential.

Miracle Mastery teaches you how to optimize your body and mind and then intertwine them into the whole by applying the following 4 elements.



The course teaches you how to master your focusing skills. “Focus” here refers to the alignment of your psychological prowess and energies into a single track. Sharpening this skill will enable you to work in harmony and bring incredible improvements in your life.


psychic power

Mastering psychic abilities to conjure elements from thin air is not child’s play. It requires pure power to vanish and move objects.

According to the miracle mastery review, this course has helped many people in manipulating and expanding internal energies to a magnificent level.


psychic control

Not knowing how to control immense power can lead to chaos. The miracle mystery guide helps you learn how to control your body, mind, and spirit.



Even mastering the above three knowledge, you cannot push your way through a miracle. You need to learn how to synergize focus, power, and control.

Then only you can achieve true “harmony” or the “holy trinity”. This phase of the book teaches you how to work in perfect harmony without breaking nature’s law.

How to create a miracle?

How to create a miracle

Our body is always surrounded by an invisible energy field. Some call it “Aura”. This energy responds to your thoughts, emotions, and body’s physical state.

Although it is naked to the eye, you can literally change its size, shape, density, color, and energetic properties. By effective manipulation, you can change this invisible aura into physical elements or energy.

As you grow up, your aura also changes as you experience new things in life. Sadly, the aura of most people is so weak that it could not help them the way it is supposed to.

For instance, if your aura is underdeveloped, it will probably draw energy from somewhere else. As a result, you will end up getting dizzy or even faint.

The Miracle Mastery systematically guides you on how to enhance your aura in a gentler, safer, and steadier way.

As you get towards advanced physical abilities, you need to harvest more energy apart from Aura. For high-level training, Dave DeBold has revealed the ultimate secret to summoning vast amounts of external energy so that to move ahead further.

The book contains three different chapters for tangible psychic phenomena including 16 different types of extreme physic abilities.

Condensation – It teaches you how to summon energy from your surroundings. You can target this energy to a specific thing and add new elements to it.

Projection – It is an art to add additional energy to a system of force.

Manipulation – It helps you convert matter into component energy. Then you can manipulate and reassemble this energy into matter.

All the principles are so easily elaborated in the book that you won’t be needing any additional help to understand them.

It’s even better if you are a beginner since you won’t be having any bad habits to unlearn.

Buy now and get 4 Extra Bonus with the order

If you buy the Miracle mastery now, then you will get 4 free bonus books with it.

1. In your dreams- The complete guide to lucid dreaming

lucid dreaming

A lucid dream is a state when you wake up inside your dream. The books tell you how to stay conscious of your dream and control it. It helps you establish a closer connection with your psychic abilities and learn unimaginable skills.

2. Practical Teleportation: The Art of Space/Time Transposition

Practical Teleportation

This book is a salvaged and rewritten version of a little manuscript written by a person who has experienced teleportation for the first time. The book contains some excellent information which was further revised by Dave.

3. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the oldest book about Psychic and spiritual development, written more than 200 years before the birth of Christ.

It was translated from Sanskrit and contains some great knowledge about less tangible skills.

It teaches you how to dig deeper into the past and future, how to stay alive without food and water, how to speak and understand all languages, etc.

4. Thought Vibration and the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

It contains incredible information for cultivating and improving mental and psychic skills required to understand the law of attraction. You will learn how to develop mental power, willpower, transform negative force into positive, positive mental habits, and more.

Pros of Miracle Mastery 

  • Teaches telekinesis, teleportation, radical healing, and psychic powers
  • Comes with Money Back guarantee
  • Very easily explained
  • Available in PDF format, you can carry it on multiple devices

Cons of Miracle Mastery

If you need an instant result, then this book is not for you. It will at least take 7 days to see positive changes in your aura.

End Thoughts

The Miracle Mastery is written with the sole purpose to recognize, repair, and strengthen the “aura” surrounding us. It allows you to transform and manipulate the intangible aura and turn the world around you. This book comprises systematic guidance, featuring unsurmountable information that is highly beneficial for individuals looking for learning psychic abilities.

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