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numerology number 1

The other day while doing Surya Namaskar during my yoga classes, I came across a really powerful realization.

The Sun is the ultimate source of light and life on Earth. Not something I didn’t know before, but just that the realization of it is a different experience altogether. 

Be it the daylight or the moonlight, none of it would make our world the way it is without the Sun at the center of it all.

And if your numerology number is 1, then our mighty Sun rules and governs your entire life. 

What Is The Meaning Of Numerology Number 1?

Let’s first understand what being a numerology number 1 means.

If you are born on the 1st, 10th (1+0 = 1), 19th (1+9 = 10 = 1), and 28th (2+8=10=1) of any month, then your numerology number is 1.

The Sun, being the most potent creative force in the solar system, makes you a natural leader in every facet of your life.

Want to know the best part about being a numerology number 1?

The number that gives birth to all numbers is 1. And so authority, leadership, and a dominant attitude is your forte! (You can let go of the dominant mood in certain situations though.)

Numerology Number 1 Personality

numerology number 1 personality

Just like the Sun, you are strongly independent and proactive. You are ambitious, innovative, motivated, creative, and yeah, a bit self-centered too. In retrospect.

Being demanded or sometimes even instructed by people is something you don’t like.

You love being all by yourself, and that is your strength as well as weakness. It all depends on what situation you land yourself in.

Characteristics Of Numerology Number 1 

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your numerology number is a must. If you are trying to figure out why your personality is the way it is, your answers are right here!

numerology characteristics of number 1
  • Positive Characteristics

You are driven by action! This makes you fiercely independent, positive, inventive, and competitive.

You value your freedom more than anything else, you are self-made as well as self-sustaining. Your originality and leadership qualities separate you from others.

Dedication, responsibility, and commitment run in your blood. You tend to finish what you start and are trustworthy too. But not always. Let’s come to that now.

  • Negative Characteristics

Your expectations from yourself become unrealistic most of the time, and you act very hard and harshly on yourself.

And being ignored by someone is something you simply “can’t take”. Most of the time, your favorite rhyme is “No matter what, I am right.”

Getting cocky and arrogant at times makes you land in a lonely space. Listening to people’s opinions is sometimes one hell of a task for you.

Is Avoiding Collaboration Good For You?

Well, in most cases, Yes! And it’s not something to be considered wrong or feel bad about. After all, you are being ruled by the powerful creator – THE SUN!

Can you imagine our solar system with two Suns? You can if you are an astrophysicist or an astronomer. But let’s get a reality check.

Your personality is ruled by a source (Sun) that is highly independent and non-collaborative in its very own nature.

So how can you expect yourself to be hunky dory with other leaders?

Your persona reeks of authority, leadership, creation, and invention. So don’t be too harsh on yourself.

What you can do is try taking certain precautions and keep your ruler, the mighty Sun, pleased.

How to do that?

Lucky and Unlucky Colors For Numerology 1

lucky and unlucky colours for numerology 1

If you got to keep the Sun happy, what do you think is the color that you must wear? Yup! You got me right. Yellow is the color that is very lucky for you.

So next time, you are puzzled in front of your wardrobe, figuring out what to wear on an auspicious occasion, yellow or shades of orange and golden are your go-to clothes!

Gemstones For Numerology 1

gemstones for numerology 1

Are you aware that the Sun shows the colors – red, orange, yellow, and violet-red in its entire life cycle?

If you do, then you must be aware that the gemstone that is going to be your savior is Ruby.

Found in shades of red, orange-red, and violet-red in color, Ruby is a precious stone that is super lucky for you. When worn on your right-hand ring finger, Ruby can help you cure illness and give you the right boost of your energy.

If not Ruby, you can also go ahead with Topaz, and Golden Topaz as they are also considered lucky for people having their numerology number 1.

Numerology Number 1 Career

numerology number 1 career

Being extremely versatile, you are likely to be a leader in whichever field you choose to pursue your career in.

However, working under management is something that won’t go down well with you and you would end up flipping the tables in the long run. A team leader, manager, or entrepreneur, are the positions you will most likely resonate with.

You are a perfectionist, and your creative juices flow like a Tsunami.

Your ambitious nature doesn’t let your visionary leadership suffer. And so you never put others down. Your leadership ethics are quite strong and you get things done by hook or crook.

Numerology Number 1 Relationships

numerology number 1 relationships

Being the bold, outspoken, and dominant one in your relationships, you might hurt your friends, your partner, or even your family members at times.

Even if you don’t intend to hurt your people, your nature of taking the lead in every situation whatsoever might give others the impression of you being a “controlling” person.

However, just like how the Sun provides unconditionally, you are a giver and love endlessly. You are compassionate with a strong sense of maturity and intellect.

Advice For All You Number 1s

There is nothing in this creation that only has pros to it. Every coin has two sides to it, and therefore, with anything positive comes attached something negative.

If you are wondering how to cope with the cons of being a numerology number 2, I have certain tips for you.

numerology number 1 marriage
  • Numerology Number 1 Marriage

It is advisable to get married to a numerology number 3 or 5. Number 3 is quite happy-go-lucky, relaxed, casual, and light-hearted.

And number 5 has a thrilling, chirpy, and adventurous spirit. These traits are a must to handle the leader in the self-centric number 1.

Both complement the serious, dominating and independent nature of number 1. If you get paired with these numbers, you are likely to have a happy, easy, and relaxed marriage.

  • Numerology Number 1 Relationships 

The Sun is held by the gravitational pull of other planets, larger Suns from neighboring galaxies, and most importantly, the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Why did I tell you this?

Because you need to understand that the Sun alone cannot sustain the entire universe.

And so, someone else can be a leader too. Someone else can be right too. Try listening to others. Trust me, it helps.

  • Numerology Number 1 Personality

The Sun has the potential to leave the whole solar system in flames, but doing so wouldn’t make it the ultimate creator that it is. So every time your outspoken nature drives you, do remember that others around you might be sensitive. 

Use your words wisely, and do not burn your surrounding in the process of shining. Be gentle, be kind. Give light only to the extent it is needed, and let others shine through your light.

Famous Personalities with Numerology Number 1

Did you know that some of the biggest names in the world have their numerology number 1?

From the richest to the most glamorous, number 1 has shaped the life and destiny of many famous figures.

Mukesh Ambani, Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, and in fact, even Michael Jackson is number 1!

Now you know how powerful numerology number 1 really is!

And I believe you know who amongst these popular personalities should be your inspiration and who shouldn’t be! 

What if You Are a Numerology Number 1?

The numerology number 1 is no doubt one of the most powerful numbers in numerology.

If you are number 1, your drive combined with your intellectual capacity, will take you to heights.

All you need to be careful about is not to let your independent and self-driven nature become your enemy.

Your numerology number plays a very significant role in your behavior, nature, likes, dislikes, fears, and much more.

If you develop the right understanding of your numerology number, it will be very easier for you to decode the events and happenings in your life. 

Making sense of why things are happening the way they are happening would then become effortless for you. So explore and figure out your numerology number right away and let me know! 

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