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numerology number 3

The other day while having a casual conversation with a friend of mine who recently became an Astrologer, I came to know that my numerology number was 3!

And just like me, if you too are born on the 30th or the 3rd, 12th, and 21st of any month, then this article is all you need.

Do you know what is the best part about being number 3?

You have the largest planet in the solar system as your ruling planet!

Yeah, you got me right. It’s Jupiter! And having this giant as your ruling planet comes with a lot of perks.

Well, there are downsides too.

But we will soon know how to overcome them. Let’s get to it then! I am pretty excited about this one.

What Does The Number 3 Mean In Numerology? 

what does the number 3 mean in numerology

The number 3 in numerology is a symbol of a spiritual being with human existence. Just loved this!

If you are number 3, your number itself helps you understand the nature of your existence. What can be better than this? 

Ruled by the gaseous giant, Jupiter represents wisdom. The number 3 in numerology is an offspring of the numbers 1 and 2.

Therefore, the individual and creative energies of 1 and the compassionate and peacemaking energy of 2 make up the powerful number 3. 

The number 3 also represents the birth-life-death cycle or the mind-body-soul connection. The number 3 denotes it all.

Numerology Number 3 Personality

numerology number 3 personality

Did you know that Jupiter, with its stronger gravity pulls all the asteroids that would have otherwise made their way to Earth?

Just so, people born under the numerology number 3, just like your ruling planet, are ‘PROBLEM SOLVERS.’

You are highly inventive with your thought process and coming up with the right solutions quickly is a cakewalk for you.

Number 3’s thinking capabilities are exceptional and they are usually out of the box.

You are intelligent and childish. Your childlike nature gives you a unique enthusiasm, spirit, and social connection with everyone around you. The infectious and refreshing energy in you sets you apart from others.

Your strong sense of humor makes you adorable and funny. And your never-ending spirit and enthusiasm make you jump into any situation with zeal and curiosity.

Numerology Number 3 Characteristics

Positive Traits

positive traits of number 3 numerology

Just like the colorful planet Jupiter, you make lives colorful. Your sense of humor and social spirit is beyond excellence.

No matter what the situation, you are always full of life and your presence makes others around you cheer with joy and fulfillment.

For you, life is like a problem statement. And you become the scientist who is in full swing in solving it. No wonder why number 3’s are the symbol of spiritual beings.

Negative Traits

negative traits of number 3 numerology

Carrying the dominant energy and individual traits of number 1, you don’t like to settle for subordinate positions.

You tend to become authoritative in your professional as well as personal surroundings. You also become overly childish sometimes.

You spend money like water. Okay now being a number 3 myself, I tell you that’s frighteningly accurate.

Number 3s keep no control over their expenses and spend carelessly on luxury and comfort.

Numerology Number 3 Career

numerology number 3 career

Being the social one, people with the number 3 love chirping around and this is why they are excellent in their communication skills. They are outstanding public speakers and excel in research and analytical skills.

Their love for leadership makes them a perfect fit for management job roles. With the urge to do something for the betterment of society, number 3 holders also become great lawyers, police officers, religious leaders, or social workers.

Number 3s have no competition when it comes to creativity, and so you will always have your creative juices reeking off your soul. You always look for careers that let you explore the artist, spiritual leader, and creative maestro in you.

This is why writing, stand-up comedy, designing, musician, actor, painting, etc are great career choices for you. Okay, so now I know for a fact, why I chose writing as my full-time career after pursuing space engineering!

Numerology Number 3 Love Life

numerology number 3 love life

Your extroverted nature and your fun-loving spirit make you great company to be with. With your practical outlook towards life, you always choose to be with someone where your personal space is valued. I can really relate to this one I tell you!

Being in a relationship where your partner is dominant or shows dictatorship is something you just can’t take. You automatically grow a strong dislike for pessimistic people. The ones having a happy-go-lucky nature are your favorites.

Once deeply in love, you are a tough beam to crack. You don’t give up on your relationships easily and resolve issues with a practical mindset.

Numerology Number 3 Marriage Life

numerology number 3 marriage life

As a number 3, you are most compatible with the numerology numbers 1, 5, and 7 as they find you funny, and entertaining. However, you do not develop a connection in relationships instantly. It’s always good to give it time and keep patience.

If you marry these numbers, you are likely to have a very happy and peaceful marriage. Your marriage will be superbly compatible and you will resonate immensely with your partner.

However, marrying a number 8 can get troublesome for you leading to a painful marriage.

You are very adjusting and therefore, your companionship is going to be smooth and easy. (provided you marry the right numerology number.)

The ability to solve problems and keep the fun on at all times makes you a desirable and longing partner.

Numerology Number 3 Lucky Colors

numerology number 3 lucky colour

Purple, blue, yellow, and orange!

If you have observed Jupiter and its beautiful colors, you will very well know why wearing light blue, purple, and shades of yellow, golden, or orange is beneficial for you.

Yellow is a symbol of growth while purple signals spirituality. And with your natural talent for creativity and knack for problem-solving, you are always a spiritual leader on the ladder of growth.

Now you know what colors you need to fill your wardrobe with. Why not wear the right colors, create some Jupiter fashion, and keep our ruling planet pleased? The brownie point for me here is that blue is my favorite color!

Numerology Number 3 Gemstones

numerology number 3 gemstones

Yellow Sapphire and violet-colored quartz (Amethyst) are your go-to gemstones. They balance your overly enthusiastic childhood self and bring peace and harmony.

Topaz too is considered auspicious for people coming under the numerology number 3.

Wearing these stones can bring a significant change in your life. You will naturally attract a healthier life and get rid of all the negativity and toxicity.

I never really knew until quite recently that a stone had the power to control the impact of such a mighty planet on our lives.

And in this case, it is the largest planet in the solar system! Wow!

Advice for Numerology Number 3

advice for numerology number 3
  • You need to discipline the child in you in certain situations. Many instances in life might require you to operate seriously and not take it for fun.
  • Don’t become dominating and let your emotions take over you. It’s perfectly fine if things didn’t go how you wanted them to. Don’t be overwhelmed.
  • Not every problem needs to be solved. Sometimes acceptance opens the path to peace.
  • Don’t hate people who think negatively or always complain about their lives. Not everyone can be like you. Enjoy your chirpiness and show compassion to others.
  • Let out your creativity, but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t reap fruits. Remember, you are doing it for yourself first.

Famous Celebrities Having Numerology Number 3 

swami vivekananda

What if I tell you that the great spiritual leader and philosopher, Swami Vivekananda has a birth date of 12th, and falls under the numerology number 3?

And not just him, but many wise and popular names are a number 3. Such as –

Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, Brandy, Hillary Clinton, Vin Diesel, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Jet Li, and a lot more!

The numerology number 3 is the most creative among all the numbers in numerology.

The fact that you are very much in sync with nature, makes you content, cheerful, and full of life. The problem solver in you makes you different from others.

You are a unique amalgamation of wisdom and childishness. The inner child in you is always seeking out meaning in life, the purpose of existence, and a way to the spiritual realm. Your ruling planet Jupiter controls your mind, life, and destiny. 

Well, I’m going to sky gaze right away and look for the shining Jupiter in the sky.

After this, I really feel like having a one-on-one with this celestial beauty. What about you?

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