Numerology Number 4: Meaning in Life, Marriage, Career & more

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numerology number 4

We all want to grow in life, don’t we?

Be it on the personal front or on the professional front, growth is a must. And guess what?

The numerology number that I am going to dive into today, is the number that symbolizes growth, discipline, kingship, and stability. That is the numerology number 4.

If you are a number 4 in numerology, and wondering what your destiny holds, hang in there mate!

In this blog, I will take you through the good, bad, positive, and negative, career, love life, marriage, and even the lucky colors for number 4.

What is the meaning of Number 4 in Numerology?

what is the meaning of number 4 in numerology

Are you born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month? If so, then you fall under the numerology number 4.

The number 4 is ruled by the north node of the moon called Rahu and also the planet Uranus. Woah! How cool it is to be ruled by two celestial bodies right?

The number 4 is not as powerful as the other numbers in numerology. Why so?

Because Rahu or Uranus is not considered very powerful in the context of numbers. This number also signifies power, authority, and rule.

Is 4 a good number in Numerology? 

is 4 a good number in numerology

If you are a number 4, you might not be open to change. But that doesn’t mean being a number 4 is not good for you.

Stillness, discipline, calm, composure, and stability, are some of the biggest qualities that make a number 4, a blessed one.

If you are number 4, you are different from others.

You think rationally and with a cautious mindset. You keep your life balanced at all times.

The fact that Rahu is not as powerful as the other planets, you are not impacted as strongly by your numerology number as others.

And that’s something great! You got your destiny very much in your control buddy!

Also, the number 4 was considered a perfect number by Pythagoreans!!

What else is left to say?

Numerology Number 4 Personality

numerology number 4 personality

If you are a number 4, you are a perfect amalgamation of traditional ethics and values, mixed with modern culture.

Number 4’s are highly practical and very straightforward with their thinking. Getting late or delaying your deadlines is something just intolerable for you.

Since this number has an energy quite different from others, people coming under the umbrella of numerology number 4 think differently.

As a number 4, you will always find your views contrasting with others.

Is that a good thing? Well, many times it’s really nice to stand out and be different from the rest. But sometimes, it becomes a disadvantage too. Let’s learn this better.

Numerology Number 4 Characteristics

Positive Characteristics 

positive characteristics of number 4 numerology

Punctuality and consistency are the qualities that make number 4’s perfectionists. They are hardworking, determined, and mostly not money oriented.

Being a number 4, you would mostly look for satisfaction rather than running for the materialistic side of things.

Your hunger for the pursuit of knowledge is way bigger than your desire for making money.

The decision-making ability of number 4’s is par excellence and they are always wise with their decisions.

Negative Characteristics

negative characteristics of number 4 numerology

Your extremely straightforward nature makes you blunt, aggressive, and even cranky most of the time. You are an extrovert, and you don’t keep anything in your heart. This quality of yours will make you enemies more instead of friends.

Your highly pragmatic thinking, rational behavior, and lack of emotional understanding add fuel to this and make it difficult for people to understand you. Criticizing something too much is your forte which is definitely not liked by many.

Numerology Number 4 Career

numerology number 4 career

Want to know the best part of being a numerology number 4? You can be both a learner and a teacher.

Your disciplined nature mixed with your analytical, logical, and practical thinking as well as a pinch of professional attitude makes you destined for extraordinary success.

Management, banking, legal, science, and even agriculture are a few of the fields that suit you best.

You always have the benefit of the stroke of luck and your loyalty, commitment, and dedication make it work for you no matter what.

You don’t look for shortcuts and challenge yourself every step of the way.

And the icing on the cake is that as a number 4, you are great at savings. Number 4’s saves their money very intelligently and wisely.

And that makes you my best friend now!

Numerology Number 4 Love life

numerology number 4 love life

When it comes to handling love, dealing with relationships, or just confessions you are clumsy and mostly turn out to be a disaster.

It’s okay dude, we all have had those experiences. You don’t confess your feelings or emotions easily and take a lot of time to open up in front of your love interest.

However, once deeply in love, you stay loyal and completely invested. You remain dedicated and committed to your partner and resolve every issue practically.

So the biggest challenge for a number 4 is to be vocal with their feelings. Once done, the rest is a cakewalk for them!

Your ability to see and question the other side of the coin makes you foresee troubles in your relationships well in advance. I would rather call this a superpower!!

I think I have this power too. Just that everything I foresee is completely opposite of what really is.

Numerology Number 4 Marriage

numerology number 4 marriage

Being passionate, emotional, and getting deeply invested is not a very major trait of a number 4, but their marriage can cover up for it if they are paired with the right match and the right numerology number.

If you are number 4, numerology number 5, number 6, and number 8, are the best matches for you.

People who are looking for settlement, stability, discipline, and calm in their lives would by default get attracted to a number 4 like a magnet.

And numerology numbers 5, 6, and 8 totally complement this trait of a number 4. What to know a fun fact?

Number 4’s don’t believe in PDAs. Okay, now I would love to meet a number 4 and get this verified. This is so much fun!

Numerology Number 4 Lucky Colors

numerology number 4 lucky colour

Yellow is the go-to color for number 4’s.

Shades of blue, green, and sometimes red also work well.

I am just trying to imagine the persona of a numerology number 4 guy, who is practical, blunt, and aggressive, but wearing a yellow shirt. So cute right?

I am already crushing on number 4’s. What about you? Let me know if you are a number 4.

I would love to make friends who are practical, intelligent, cranky, and yet introverted in love.

Numerology Number 4 Gemstones

numerology numbers 4 gemstones

Being wise, and sharp, yet highly disciplined and structured, you might suffer stress and anxiety because of your expectations of yourself.

This might lead to sleepless nights, overthinking, pressure, and overwhelming tension.

To balance these unwanted urges, gemstones like Blue Sapphire, Gomed, and Hessonite work really well.

They balance the effect of Rahu in your life, bring mental and physical well-being, and help you lead a positive, satisfied, and content life. 

Advice to Numerology Number 4 

advice to numerology number 4
  • Don’t be mean, or cruel with zero empathy in your heart. Being kind doesn’t cost you. 
  • Don’t be very demanding all the time. If you look around, a lot of what you wanted, you already have. 
  • There is nothing wrong with trying to be open-minded. And no, that doesn’t mean you are toying with your ethical standards.
  • The lack of empathy in you might lead to the suffering of people connected to you. Find more time for your friends and family. Understand them.
  • Don’t over-expect from yourself in the pursuit of discipline. Always remember, perfection is a myth.
  • There is nothing wrong with bringing the inner child in you back to life. Let go of your seriousness for a while and live life as if nobody is watching. 

Famous Personalities with Numerology Numer 4 

kim kardashian

Did you know that the out-of-the-ordinary Instagram beauty influencer, Kim Kardashian is a number 4?

And not just her, but David Duchovny, Clint Eastwood, Edie Falco, Jeff Goldblum, Helen Hunt, Harvey Keitel, Tea Leoni, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rachel McAdams, Paul McCartney are number 4s too. 

The biggest name of a number 4 who proved why being practical makes you win the world is Bill Gates! Yes, he is a number 4 too!

Over to you!

Being a numerology number 4 is a blessing in disguise. Though they seem rude, harsh, and criticizing, on the outside, they are soft, tender, and genuine on the inside.

As a number 4, you are a pure, non-corrupted gem in this bad bad world.

You are honest and clear about your intentions. Your practical nature will take you to places as you don’t delve into the realm of emotions and take your decisions very wisely.

Hold on to your grace, stability, and control while trying to work on the areas of improvement.

You are meant to shine like none other!

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