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numerology number 5

How often do you meet people who have a charismatic aura to themselves? Very rare right?

But whenever you meet someone like that, they leave a beautiful, everlasting impact on you. And you find yourself getting attracted to them without having any absolute cause for it.

The people who possess such a magical, and attractive aura are mostly numerology number 5 individuals.

And this special, unique, and powerful number is what we are going to explore in this blog today.

What is the meaning of Number 5 in Numerology?

what is the meaning of number 5 in numerology

The number 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Just like the adventurous spirit of Mercury, which orbits closest to the sun, people of the numerology number 5 are highly adventurous and radiant. They have an infectious energy and always become the center of attraction.

If you are born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month, then you are a numerology number 5. And this means you are a highly cheerful and light-hearted person.

This number is free-spirited, yet highly powerful by nature. If you are number 5, you mostly tend to be fun-loving with a constant pursuit of thrill and adventure in your life.

You are a problem solver and you love to explore the unknown.

Is 5 a good number in Numerology? 

is 5 a good number in numerology

A big yes!!

As a number 5, you are always on the quest to bring more meaning to your life. Instead of looking for logic and bringing new ideas to solve problems, you trust your intuition and choose to operate on your instincts.

You are highly sensitive to the energies around you as well as inside you. This makes you understand the language of nature and communicate with your radiant energy.

Number 5 gives you a unique perspective on every challenge in your life, so being a number 5 is a lucky charm!

Numerology Number 5 Personality

numerology number 5 personality

Number 5s have a personality that is dynamic and intuitive. They are exceptional individuals who are quick thinkers, brilliant problem solvers, brave extroverts, and intelligent workers.

Their confidence, elegance, and free spirit to taste every bit of life make them unique.

Being a number 5, you will always have your bucket ever expanding. You live life as if it’s a playground. You love to travel and love seeing new faces.

Your non-judgemental nature and sparking curiosity give you a boosting thrill to live life and the same energy is radiated to people around you.

Numerology Number 5 Characteristics

Positive Characteristics 

positive characteristics

You are always open to new beginnings, new experiences, and new people. Experimenting in life is a hobby for you and you are never afraid to jump into something unknown.

Your infinite courage and endless motivation take you to unexpected situations, and you come out from every experience stronger and wiser.

You have exceptionally outstanding communication skills. You mingle with people in the blink of an eye. You are admired by everyone for your cheerful, zealous, and lively spirit.

Negative Characteristics

negative characteristics

Because of your chirpiness and excitement, you tend to overlook your commitments and take them lightly.

You also get irresponsible and deviate from your goals because of your desire to explore everything all at once.

Your carefree nature messes with your schedule most of the time and you end up becoming completely unorganized with your plans. You don’t like to logically analyze situations and tend to do everything on your gut feeling.

This non-practical idea of yours lands you in trouble most of the time.

Numerology Number 5 Career

numerology number 5 career

The best careers for people under numerology number 5 are salespersons, public figures, speakers, celebrity managers, etc

If you are thrown into a pre-planned, pre-decided situation, you end up getting frustrated.

You love exploring life as it comes and hate it when a manual is given to you. Your quick, unpredictable, and erratic nature makes you seize opportunities quickly and make the best out of them.

You like to take your own decisions and act independently when it comes to your career choices. You don’t like to plan things and jump directly onto implementations most of the time.

The hunger in you for challenges, makes you dislike the monotonous office life of corporates.

As a number 5, you can also use your extraordinary communication skills and urge for discovering the world by taking up careers in tourism and travel.

Numerology Number 5 Love life

numerology number 5 love life

Your charismatic aura, attractive communication skills, unending enthusiasm, and love for exploration will make anyone fall for your personality.

You are mostly a people’s person and so everyone admires and loves your way of life. Thus, finding love will always be very easy for you.

And yeah, number 5’s are great with flirting!

However, once deeply in love, you will start struggling. Why so?

Because the exploration phase of any relationship lasts only a certain time. Soon you get bashed with the reality of normalization and a monotonous regular routine enters your relationship.

And this is something number 5’s are not very comfortable with.

Numerology Number 5 Marriage

numerology number 5 marriage

1, 4, 5, and 9 are the numerology numbers that will suit the most numerology number 5. With these numbers, number 5’s are going to have a loyal, committed, and devoted marriage.

Number 5’s love their freedom and so these numbers as per numerology are going to complement the adventurous, free-spirited, talkative, and naughty nature of number 5.

Only if your partner starts controlling your liberal nature is when you will struggle in your marriage and look for a way out.

These numbers, however, are considered auspicious for a number 5 and result in a satisfied marriage.

Numerology Number 5 Lucky Colors

numerology no 5 lucky color

For numerology number 5’s, ash grey is the luckiest color. And not just ash grey, but all light colors are a perfect fit for a numerology number 5. So cool right? Wearing any color in a lighter shade is a lucky one for you!

You know what to fill your wardrobe with now. I have already started thinking of so many light-colored outfits.

Go on! Grab those summer shades right away! And let me know if you need any help. Well, I am not a number 5 though. But I am always up for shopping!

Numerology Number 5 Gemstones

gemstone for number 5 numerology

Now this is literally going to take your breath away!

This one aspect about being a number 5 has made me so envious seriously. I wish I was a number 5 too. Why?

Because the gemstone that is most auspicious for a number 5 is a DIAMOND!!

Diamond worn on the right-hand ring finger helps a number 5 live a balanced life, make the right decisions, and unfold a bright destiny. How lucky can number 5s be!! 

I mean if wearing a diamond would have been beneficial for me, I would have made the ultimate goal of my life to become the richest person in the world, and buy diamonds like candies from a store.

Advice to Numerology Number 5 

advice to numerology number 5
  • Have control of your eagerness. Many situations in life require patience and endurance.
  • Do not pick up on wrong habits no matter how tempting they appear. Your thrill to explore your curiosity everywhere should not land you in trouble.
  • Adventure, travel, and thrill are all good. But a little discipline in life won’t take your freedom away from you. Practice stability and control for yourself.
  • Try to be a little more committed to your people, situations, work, and even relationships. Do not hop around without sorting anything that is messed up behind you.
  • Meeting new people and making friends is great. But hold your excitement for a while and get a character check of those people. Not everyone is as they appear.

Famous Personalities with Numerology Numer 5 

kate winslet

The beautiful sensation from Titanic, Kate Winslet (who played Rose) is a numerology number 5!!

Her character very well depicts the number 5 nature in the movie as well. The urge to be free, live life as it comes, love wildly, sing, dance, travel, and so much more just fits in there. 

And not just Kate but many other big names fall under the numerology number 5 category including among just-as-famous others George Clooney, David Copperfield, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Larry King, Alanis Morissette, Tiger Woods, and the list goes on!

Number 5s are generally more famous than most other numerology numbers.

The number 5 in numerology is one of the most powerful numbers. It signifies liberation, freedom, and happiness.

If you are a numerology number 5, know that your love for living life to its core is priceless. Never lose this attitude and live life king-size.

The other side of numerology number 5 can be worked upon and if you manage to relax to the chirpy, wild, ever-exploring child in you, you can do wonders in life.

You can make it great in your career as well as your professional life. 

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