Numerology Number 6: Traits, Love, Career, & Spirituality

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numerology number 6

I woke up to check on the Morning Star Mummy!”, are the words that still keep ringing in the corner of my mind.

Since childhood, I have been reading, studying, and learning about our neighboring planet, Venus.

The symbol of beauty and love, Venus is called the “Morning Star” as well as the “Evening Star”.

It is so because the dawn and dusks get embraced by it every time Venus strikes its presence in the skies.

Did you know that this beautiful planet rules the number 6 in numerology? Let’s explore how Venus has given life to the numerology number 6 and how it impacts the various aspects of one’s life.

What Does The Numerology Number 6 Mean? 

what does the numerology number 6 mean

If you are born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month, you are a number 6 in numerology. This number in numerology is considered the most powerful number. 

As a numerology number 6, you are a naturally creative and loving person whose biggest quality is the ability to charm others.

You take responsibility for your dear ones and love them unconditionally.

Number 6 is a highly responsible, intelligent, sharp, and compassionate number.

And it is believed that the only way to make this world a better place to live in is by having more people in the number 6 category at the helm of it.

Numerology Number 6 Meaning in Spirituality

numerology number 6 meaning in spirituality

The number 6 in numerology signifies union and soulful integration.

Spiritually, number 6 has the power to raise positive vibrations in the universe just by getting along with people and establishing a unique connection.

This number holds a spiritual awareness that is higher than others as it values the bond of love between people and the connection between souls a lot more than any other number.

Do a simple visualization. Think of Yin Yang. What do both synchronous shapes look like?

Numerology Number 6 Personality 

numerology number 6 personality

You are a nurturer naturally and get very protective of your people.

Your cognitive ability sets you apart from others and your care is not just restricted to your dear ones.

Having the strong trait of motherhood, number 6’s are humanitarians to the core. Your empathy and giving nature attract people to you.

You are a source of inspiration, love, and healing to many.

Being highly intuitive, you feel the pain of others and what they are going through.

You are a natural healer, restorer, and a pillar of support to everyone around you. Honestly is your best policy and you hate being cheated.

Numerology Number 6 Characteristics

Positive Characteristics

positive characteristics of number 6

You instinctively radiate love, peace, and wisdom. You will have a great relationship with your family and close ones.

Safeguarding your people is something that will always remain your number 1 priority.

You have a big heart, are free-minded, and warm-hearted. Your aura carries an essence of charm and positivity.

Well, I think Prince Charming from Cinderella must have been number 6!

Yeah, I know. It was a bad one.

Negative Characteristics

negative characteristics of number 6

Too much of anything gets too bad for everything. And therefore your willingness to be too good to everyone around you puts you in a negative space. People easily take advantage of your goodwill.

You get cheated easily, and this hurts you to the core. You mostly find yourself growing vulnerable to the wrong intentions of people around you. Also, helping others unconditionally drains your energy completely.

Why not take a break from being the mother of all numbers and head on a vacation to explore Mother Earth?

I am in, let me know if you are too!

Numerology Number 6 Career 

numerology number 6 career

If you are a number 6, keeping people healthy, happy, and together is what you always seek in life.

So your career can revolve somewhere around the healthcare industry. Jobs like doctor, therapist, nurse, physician, etc would lead you to a satisfying career. 

Your protective, trustworthy, and passionate traits can also help you make great careers in the army and security as well. You can also explore the creative artist in you by pursuing vocations like writing, and painting, among others.

And if connecting to people with your higher self is what pleases you the most, then you must opt for careers in spirituality, healing, teaching, counseling, and more.

Numerology Number 6 Love Life 

numerology number 6 love life

The best part about being a number 6 is that you establish the deepest connection and the strongest bond with your lover. You have a different spark to yourself when it comes to your romantic relationships.

Your excitement and intensity add to your passion and you have the most lasting and fulfilling of relationships. Falling in love will never be a cakewalk for you as you take time to build that everlasting, and impactful connection with a person.

But once you have established that sacred bond, nothing can separate you from your partner.

You would go to any lengths to safeguard your relationship and that is the best quality of a number 6. They don’t take their relationships for granted.

Numerology Number 6 Marriage 

numerology number 6 marriage

The numerology numbers 3, number 6, and number 9 would make the most ideal partners for a number 6 in their marriage.

Being too emotional and romantically involved with your partner can get neutralized by the chirpy and bubbly energy of a number 3.

Number 6 can also have a loving, and compassionate marriage with their own number as both are peacemakers and make all the effort in relationships to work.

Number 9 too would make an excellent pair with Number 6. Being healers and lovers, a number 6 doesn’t find it difficult to get compatible with these numbers and creates a beautiful universe of desire and passion between the two and their union.

Numerology Number 6 Lucky Colors

numerology number 6 lucky color

Now finally, we have a number that does well in the darker shades of colors. If you are a number 6, all shades of blue are lucky for you! You may also choose to go ahead with dark green or even red.

And of course, this was meant to be as your ruling planet is Venus! The rusty red color of this celestial beauty is the reason why all dark shades would complement your life and destiny.

So next time you wanna go on a date, don’t hesitate to get that cherry red outfit from your closet. Know that it is going to be your lucky charm! 

Numerology Number 6 Gemstones

numerology numbers 6 gemstones

This stone that I am going to discuss right now is worn the most by celebrities at their weddings. And I can’t obsess more about how much I love it. 

It’s the EMERALD!

If you are a number 6, those beautiful, green, and royal emeralds are your BFFs.

They help you maintain harmony in your life and balance all the unstable energies created by Venus.

You are truly lucky dude! Emerald is pure love. You know what type of jewels you need to look for now!

Advice For Numerology Number 6

advice for numerology number 6
  • Learn to say a ‘NO’. It’s not being rude, selfish, or arrogant. It’s just called protecting your energy and investing it in the right direction.
  • Don’t let the bad in people overshadow the good in you. You are responsible for your actions and not for how others treat you.
  • You tend to become a bit controlling in your attempt to protect everyone around you. Loosen yourself a little. Not everything is in your control. Let things take their own course.
  • There is nothing wrong if you end up being alone. Remember, the greatest companionship or relationship is the one which you have with yourself!

Famous Personalities having Numerology Number 6

dalai lama

Talking of peace and spirituality cannot end without the mention of the Dalai Lama.

This greatest spiritual leader of our generation needs no introduction. But did you know that the Dalai Lama is a number 6?

It’s not just him, but big names like Ronald Reagan, Rabindranath Tagore, Sylvester Stallone, Warren Hastings, and Queen Victoria, are all number 6 in numerology.


So now you know that the number 6 is no ordinary number. You may draw inspiration from these names. You can be a big name to go down in history too simply because you are a number 6!

The peace lover, housemaker, and charm radiating number 6 is the mother of all numbers in numerology. As a number 6, you will always find yourself building deep connections and developing lasting relationships.

Ruled by the beautiful Venus, number 6 is an embodiment of romance and companionship. There is no match for you when it comes to loving unconditionally. And you, my friend, deserve all the love for yourself as well.

Explore yourself and your number today, tomorrow, and every single day. Who knows, you might draw a meaning that is a lot more deeper, and in sync with the divine than anyone has ever done before you!

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