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numerology number 7

Yesterday I met an old friend Maria after years. She had been out visiting spiritual places and living around monasteries. I always wondered why she had such a strong desire to discover the cause and the meaning of existence.

She always did have the curiosity to explore the spiritual side of everything in life. Yesterday during our meeting, I finally ended up asking her, “What makes you so curious about life?”

“Not sure. That’s just the way I am”, she responded softly. And there it was. Maria was a numerology number 7. And this number is exactly what I am going to explore today.

What Does The Numerology Number 7 Mean? 

what does the numerology number 7 mean

If you are born on the 7th, 16th, or 27th of any month, then you are a numerology number 7.

Being a prime number, 7 is usually broken down into 3 and 4. Therefore, this number has the enormously high creative energy of number 3 and the practicality of number 4. 

Ruled by the mighty Neptune, people falling under the numerology number 7 are strongly attracted to spirituality and grow an enormous desire for exploring the depth of spiritual wisdom.

Number 7’s have an incredibly high brainpower, and are blessed with a healing aura that comes naturally to them.

Numerology Number 7 Meaning in Spirituality

numerology number 7 meaning in spirituality

If you are number 7, you will find yourself always questioning the ways of life. You try to make sense of why things happen the way they happen.

This number is highly spiritual in nature and has an energy that connects deeply to the higher self. 

This number also represents mystery as everything in the world appears a mystery to people with the numerology number 7.

Number 7 is considered very lucky in numerology and the ones falling under the impact of this number lead a life full of meaning and satisfaction.

Numerology Number 7 Personality 

Number 7’s are intellectuals who are very keen on decision-making and are noble as well as generous-hearted.

If you are a number 7, you are strongly driven by a purpose in your life and you refuse to tolerate injustice. 

You keep overflowing with ideas all the time, and your ability to keep secrets to yourself attracts many people to come and open their hearts to you. You also love being alone and by yourself.

This number is highly visionary and also practical at the same time. As a number 7, you will find yourself being extremely creative while keeping focus both on the humane as well as the pragmatic side of the world.

Numerology Number 7 Characteristics

Positive Characteristics

positive characteristics

Your intellect is your biggest strength and you have a genius in you that keeps growing and discovering itself throughout the various stages of life. You hold a unique intuitive power that is rare to find. 

Diving into the depths of spirituality is something you can never get tired of. Researching, analyzing, and investigating the unknown is what you love the most. You believe in justice and live a structured life.

You are also an extraordinary healer. With your ability to sense the emotional, psychological, and physical pain of others, you heal people with your spiritual aura. 

Negative Characteristics

negative characteristics

You mostly keep your feelings, emotions, and experiences restricted to yourself and that makes you feel heavy at times.

Because of this reserved nature of yours, well-wishers around you fail to understand you and what goes on within. This leads to misunderstandings.

The fact that you are a genius might make you look arrogant. You do not want to look like an I-know-it-all person, but you do and that’s because you try to show the path of peace to everyone around you.

I wouldn’t mind being your spiritual student buddy! Try me, and I am sure my love for spirituality would make us best friends forever!

Numerology Number 7 Career 

numerology number 7 career

Because number 7’s love it when they are left alone to wander in their thoughts, professions like scientist, philosopher, writer, alchemist, and more would be the most ideal for them.

Being an intellectual and a deep thinker, you will always be a scholar as a number 7. And with your strong intuition, you can also pursue a career in astrology, research, psychic science, healing, and social work.

With your strong desire to discover the ultimate truth and reality of existence, you can also take on the spiritual path, and make your spiritual journey your profession. Just like Maria!

This would require you to travel, meet new people, and spend a lot of time with yourself. If you want a companion, do count me in!

Numerology Number 7 Love Life 

numerology number 7 love life

When it comes to being in a relationship, you might not see it coming easily to you because of your reserved nature. Your love for your space, freedom, and independence would come in between as you start getting closer to anyone. 

But once you are in love, you live life like two bodies in one soul. Relationships can’t be casual for you and you take your love very seriously. And that is so good about being a number 7!

I mean relationships have become a joke these days for so many people. The world needs more of you people trust me!

Numerology Number 7 Marriage 

numerology number 7 marriage

As a number 7, you are very serious, devoted, and practical.

Therefore the childlike nature of the numerology number 3 and the chirpy and bubbly nature of the numerology number 5 would make the best pairs with numerology number 7

The lively, free-spirited, cheerful, and charming aura of both numbers 3 and 5 will complement the introvert in number 7 and unfold a very happy, content, and satisfied marriage. 

Numerology Number 7 Lucky Colors

numerology number 7 lucky colors

All the light colors that have a pale shade to them, especially light green, light yellow, and light blue are the luckiest for a numerology number 7 like you. 

These colors can prove to be beneficial as they reflect dark and negative energies and absorb positive ones.

Now you know why most spiritual leaders wear light-colored apparel!

Numerology Number 7 Gemstones

cat’s eye gemstone

If you are fond of cats and love them as pets then this gemstone is going to lift your spirits. The Cat’s Eye is the luckiest gemstone for a number 7!!

The benefits of wearing this tone are many.

Better health, wealth, emotional stability, marital bliss, courage, and most importantly spiritual wisdom are some of the major areas that get balanced and flourished with this gemstone. 

You can also wear pearls and moonstones as they too are considered to be auspicious for the number 7.

Advice For Numerology Number 7

advice for numerology number 7
  • Let go of things and live the world as it is. There is beauty in acceptance and there is magic in faith. Not everything needs to be known.
  • Socialize more, meet people, learn new perspectives, and communicate. I know you love being alone. But all of this can just be a part of your research and add to your discovery.
  • You do not have to help people find their path of light all the time. Just know that ultimately they will have to walk it all alone. So let them find their own light.
  • There is nothing wrong with opening up your vulnerable side to others. Let them see the soft, emotional child in you. It will help you feel light and relaxed. 
  • Practice deep breathing or yoga every time you feel heavy, perplexed, or just directionless. 
  • Do not doubt your intuition. Your body picking up on instincts is not a coincidence. Trust your instincts. As they all say, energy doesn’t lie. 

Famous Personalities Having Numerology Number 7

leonardo dicaprio

Brilliant actor and Hollywood sensation, and the face of Jack, from Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio is a numerology number 7. 

He has proved what being intelligent, and practical while still being compassionate means. He is a true inspiration for so many of us, including me. And yes, a forever crush too!

Beyond him, Marilyn Monroe, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, and even Johnny Depp belong to the clan of numerology number 7.  

And there you go

Number 7 is the most spiritually aware number in numerology. This number is a blessed one as it takes you on the journey into yourself.

With number 7, you are always inclined to get on the path of self-reflection, and self-discovery. 

Ruled by the farther-most planet Neptune, number 7 has a very significant role to play in numerology and becomes the vortex between the material and the spiritual world.

Being a number 7, you are a genius, with strong research skills and a curious nature. You love diving deep into anything and churning out metaphysical meanings.

I hope this blog helped you with a much-needed boost that if you are a number 7, you must celebrate yourself and your uniqueness. For you are special and will always remain so.

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