Numerology Number 8: Unlock Its Power In Your Personal And Professional Life

Rishika Dange
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I have always heard people talking about how Saturn has been affecting their lives negatively and how they are coping with it through remedies and methods suggested by astrologers. 

Saturn is mostly considered a gloomy, slow, and sadistic planet. I wonder what it would be like to fall under the numerology number that is ruled by this planet of misery.

This very thought and desire to understand the impact of Saturn made me take a deep plunge to explore the numerology number 8!

Yeah, you guessed it right. Numerology number 8 is ruled by the ringed beauty, Saturn.

And in this blog, I’ll be busing some common myths on it as well.

What Does The Numerology Number 8 Mean? 

what does the numerology number 8 mean

If you are born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th of any month, then your numerology number is 8 and you are ruled by Saturn.

And you would be delighted to know that number 8 is the most influential, and powerful number in numerology. 

Of course! It had to be. Being ruled by the 2nd largest planet in the solar system will surely leave its imprint on the number it is ruling! No wonder why number 8 has so much strength.

If you are a number 8, immense success and prosperity are written in your destiny. You read that right. Number 8 is Not a negative at all.

Matter of fact, this number is driven by power and authority. People falling under number 8 are meant to be leaders in any chosen field.

What Does The Numerology Number 8 Mean In Spirituality

numerology number 8 spiritual meaning

Depicting the symbol of infinity, the number 8 holds high spiritual energy and is considered to be the symbol of balance between the spiritual and material lives of a person.

Number 8 is also the number of the most crucial attribute, “Karma”. The shape of the number 8 is believed to spark the soul. Why so?

Because the cyclic path of our breath that flows through our lungs and then the body forms an infinite symbol making an 8-like pattern.

Numerology Number 8 Personality 

numerology number 8 personality

Because the number 8 symbolizes infinity, people who belong to the number 8 category reach infinite heights and achieve tremendous success. Your determination, willpower, and hard work help you make things happen by hook or crook.

Your morals are rock solid which never let you commit to something fishy or wrong. Number 8’s are blessed with deep and extraordinary insight. You can foresee things with utmost accuracy.

Making friends, however, becomes one hell of a task for a numerology number 8. The fueling ego within you might come in between your friendships and the ability to make strong emotional connections.

Numerology Number 8 Characteristics

Positive Characteristics

positive characteristics number 8 numerology

You have a philosophical side to yourself that makes you connected to your higher self. You like taking authority and responsibility for everything around you. 

Incredible self-confidence and the willingness to work hard towards achieving your goals make you different from the rest.

You have tremendous inner strength, and inner wisdom too. Together, these can give you a whole new perspective on life if you practice self-belief.

You are a survivor and come out of every adversity. The fact that you refuse to play the victims’ card makes you bold and self-sustaining.  

Negative Characteristics

If you are a number 8, you will find yourself getting distracted quite easily. You are mostly perplexed about your work and juggle between your priorities. 

You tend to become controlling and dominant with your work as well as relationships which is not liked by many. A good societal status is crucial for you and you don’t like it when that gets hampered.

Your ego becomes your biggest enemy in most of the situations of your life. You do have a fragile ego and you don’t like it when things are not your way.

Numerology Number 8 In Career 

numerology number 8 career

It is quite evident that number 8’s are very ambitious in nature.

As a number 8, you would do anything to be on top of the world. You bring with you excellent administrative skills and an interest in the core of making money.

The field of economics would attract you and you would find yourself getting extremely passionate in the careers of business, finance, medicine, trading, and stocks.

You love playing with risk and your fearless personality will make you a perfect fit for Leadership roles in any job. With an excellent sense of judgment, you can also find a fruitful career in law. 

Numerology Number 8 In Love Life 

Okay, let’s be honest. Your love life is going to be the toughest part of your life.


Because every relationship requires a lot of time and patience to grow and mature into a strong bond of love. And that’s just not your style.

You, my dear friend, you need to work a lot on your stability. You can’t keep calm in any situation and lack patience. This is the reason you do not allow a relationship to take its own time and self-nurture.

So if you have been hopping around from one relationship to the other, you now know why it is so. And this is the same reason why getting married is a nightmare for you. Does that mean you won’t get married at all? Not at all. Let’s check that out too!

Numerology Number 8 In Marriage 

numerology number 8 marriage

The numbers 1, 4, and 8 in numerology, are considered to be the best match for the number 8. The creative and independent energy of number 1 and the practical personality of number 4 will complement your nature the most. 

Marrying your own number too will benefit with immense romance, money, and luxury as both of you would be on the same page in most of your decisions.

And once deeply in love, you are going to be the most loyal, protective, and loving partner one can ask for. You are dependable, and all you would ask for is just affection and respect.

Marrying the right numerology number will definitely ensure a happy, satisfied, compatible, and stable marriage. 

Lucky Colors For Numerology Number 8 

number 8 lucky colour

Shades of blue, yellow, golden, and sandal are considered very auspicious for number 8s.

These colors resonate with the mighty Saturn and help you achieve a balanced life. They reduce stress, tension, restlessness, and fear, helping you seek peace and harmony.

Your Monday Blues are sorted buddy! Grab every shade of blue and yellow from your nearest store, and you are all set!

I love blue!

Lucky Gemstones For Numerology Number 8

lucky gemstones for numerology numbers 8

When your lucky color is blue what do you expect your lucky gemstone to be?

It’s the Blue Saphire! This exceptionally beautiful gemstone helps you balance the impact of Saturn.

With this stone, you will find your life very much in harmony. The day for Saturn is a Saturday and so it is advised to wear this stone without fail on a Saturday. 

Woman And Man: Numerology Number 8 

woman and man numerology number 8

If you are a woman with a numerology number 8, you are a badass female who is full of confidence, strength, courage, and authority. You love calling a spade a spade and do not walk away from dangerous situations. 

A numerology number 8 man would show the same characteristics but will tend to be more reserved than a number 8 woman. They might find the need to open up in front of their close ones and express their emotions.

Advice For Numerology Number 8

advice for numerology number 8
  • It’s perfectly fine if you are not on the chair of authority, and are working under someone. Don’t let your ego come in between your profession. 
  • You must learn to let go. Your desire and conviction for justice make you feel trapped and stressed in situations that are not fair. It’s alright. You can’t fix it all.
  • It’s great that you are mature and wise almost all the time. But giving wings to the inner child within you, and letting fly causes no harm. Try becoming free-spirited. You will be relieved.
  • Try to sit with your thoughts and analyze them. Escaping the mess going on in your head will always make it difficult for you to sort your priorities. 
  • Yes, money does buy you comfort. But it cannot buy you happiness, peace, and mental sanity. Do not lose out on your relationships while being on the road to success, wealth, and luxury.

Famous Personalities Having Numerology Number 8

mother teresa

The woman who made her name eternal with her rock-solid decisions, care, and voice for justice, Mother Teresa was a numerology number 8. And she is a real-life example of what people with infinite success look like. She became the embodiment of justice, righteousness, humanity, and love. So inspiring right?

It’s not just her, but many such great personalities have proved why number 8 is a powerful one. You must know who they are so that you come to terms with the fact that if they can do it, you can too!

Famous personalities with numerology number 8 include Benjamin Franklin, M G Ramachandran, Rockefeller, Victor Hugo, Harry S Truman, Kalpana Chawla, and more.

Final Thoughts On Numerology Number 8

If you are number 8 in numerology, you will always make decisions on the tip of your fingers. Your philosophical nature and love for justice will always make you a strong voice for change.

Many people will look up to you and their leader and their hope for betterment. Being ruled by Saturn, your life will have ups and downs. But your willpower and your pursuit of not giving up will take you a long run in life.

Keep your spirits high and explore your potential to the core. Trust me, you are a lot more than you think you are!

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