9 Pisces Flowers: Flora for the Most Creative Sensitive Zodiac

Rishika Dange
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If you are Pisces, you ‘know’ things about others, about your surroundings, about the universe, and how things are connected.

You are intuitive, creative, psychic, and almost otherworldly with your sense of everything. 

If by chance instead, you are acquainted with a Pisces, you know they have a certain feeling about things that often are quite accurate.

Pisces have a deeper understanding of the world. They are blessed with above-average intuition, perception, and foresight. They are creative, spiritual, caring, sensitive and one-of-a-kind.

And they find peace in the small things.

Here’s more about Pisces flowers and plants – essential flora to complement the psychic artistic zodiac.

Pisces Zodiac Traits Lore and More 

According to Greek mythology, the zodiac Pisces are to honor the two fish that helped Aphrodite and her son Eros escape the monster Typhon who escaped from Mount Olympus and threatened to murder them.

Pisces are creative, spiritual, and even considered psychic. They are blessed with intuitive brilliance, creative zeal, fearlessness, and a natural urge towards harmony and peace.

Pisceans are emotional and compassionate. Often, they are the ones who keep calm and the first to empathize.

They also carry a child-like innocence and end up daydreaming a lot, complimenting their artistic side.

Pisceans are selective in making close associates so if you’re one, cherish the relationship and draw inspiration. Help yourself with their wells of emotion and sensitivity. They are generally the deepest spirits of all the zodiacs.

The 5 Official Flowers for Pisces

1. Water Lilies

water lilies

The Water Lily is revered as a spiritual symbol and a flower of divine significance across many ancient cultures. The Pisces being a water sign, it’s only natural that the Water Lily is the best flower for Pisces.

More precisely, Water Lilies are the Pisces birth flowers. Symbolically, they represent divine faith, truth, spiritual harmony, and integrity.

Their heavenly elegance is a representation of the Piscean spirit for psychological potential, spiritual healing, and the human conscience.

Water Lilies are the perfect embodiment of Pisces men and women, and their continuous urge to reach out to the divine for peace, harmony, and empathy.

2. Jasmine


Jasmines have been revered for their alluring scent for eons. A gift of Jasmine bears love, passion, romance, and sensuality across both Western and Eastern cultures.

And although it’s not typically related to Pisces, the Jasmine has an unmistakable Piscean resemblance with its deep psychic reverberations and powerful spiritual aftereffects.

Jasmines are flowers for Pisces women – romantic, sensuous, deep, sapiosexual, and elegant.

That’s a long list.

So, if you’re pondering whether to do just that to a Piscean female, do it if you’re ready for a multi-dimensional adventure.

3. Orchids


Orchids are the official zodiac flowers for Aquarius. But just like the intellectual Aquarius, the spiritual Pisceans are exceptional creatures (although less lonely than the high-seated Aquarian).

And both these zodiac signs are water signs with an eccentricity toward elegance.

Orchids are inspirational, unique, exotic, and mysterious and show a deep variety of shapes or forms, just like the average Piscean mind and soul.

4. Evening Primrose

evening primrose

So far, I’ve been talking about the Piscean dreaminess, their soulful pursuit of the unknown realms but they are more than that.

The Pisces is an indomitable spirit, fierce and fearless courtesy of their intuition (chances are they already know what’s happening and what’s about to happen.)

Evening Primroses represent this silent fighting spirit of the rather non-aggressive Pisces.

These flowers bloom from dusk till dawn, nocturnally mysterious, with a dash of yellow on their petals, fearless to show their creative flair.

A little reminder to not mess with the lovably dreamy Piscean.

5. Mugwort


Mugwort is a spiritual flower for Pisces. It’s a psychoactive flowering plant that creates a low-mild sensation of euphoria and has been used since ancient times for purported pain, stress relief, and headaches.

A spiritual Pisces flower with actual psychic qualities, Mugwort can be a symbolic addition to this zodiac’s garden.

The plant is still commonly used in folk medicine, the plant body from the ground up is used to extract essential oil for tinctures said to have antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

6. Gardenia

gardenia flower

Another Pisces flower in spirit, the Gardenia has an enigmatic sweet essence and an even more symmetrically beautiful presence.

Like the Pisces, elegant in mind and soul, leaving behind a trail of grace, beauty, and thought, Gardenias are almost perfect in every aesthetic aspect.

Plants for Pisces

The Piscean is almost a zodiac for spiritual and creative perfection. Just so, plants for Pisces that resemble the Piscean traits also have divine or soul-cleansing characteristics to them.

1. Prayer Plant

prayer plant

A unique plant unlike any other – its leaves stay flat in daylight but fold up in the shape of hands praying to the Almighty high.

The prayer plant is hard to get your hands on but if you do, keep it for yourself or a Piscean. Few other plants perfectly complement the enigmatic psychic nature of Pisces.

2. String of Pearls

string of pearls

All Pisces are childlike dreamlings and the String of Pearls is the perfect botanical symbolization of this Piscean oeuvre.

A no-frills low-maintenance succulent with innocent fun bulb-like flowers is the Pisces’ childlike fervor in full delight and glee. This is a great plant gift to Pisces.

3. Calathea Medallion

calathea medallion

Calathea Medallions are great plants to add indoors for their vibrant shades of green and oval leaves. Also known as the Peacock Plant, this is a plant for Pisces as the Piscean loves to care for plants and connect with them on subliminal levels.


Pisces flowers and plants alike, the fish zodiacs are happiest when they are free to think, get creative, and express themselves. You’ll find the Pisces creating their next masterpiece quietly in their room or dreaming of thoughts unknown to the world sitting somewhere. They need their space for their creative endeavors – worth keeping in mind. If you are a Pisces, what are you up to now?

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