Pluto in Aquarius: The Eccentric Path in Career, Relationships and Personal Growth

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pluto in aquarius

A new generation has just started to come to our planet. They are the next revolution of humanity! Here we will explore some of what their general experience might be about, with Pluto as our main focus.

Pluto will be in Aquarius between 2023 and 2043 roughly. The first few Pluto in Aquarius babies have been born already, between March 23rd and June 11th 2023. 

Here are some famous Pluto in Aquarius people of the past: Arthur Schopenhauer, Franz Schubert, Mary Shelley, and Elizabeth I of England. The French Revolution and the US Constitution signing also happened during Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto in Astrology: A Brief Overview

pluto in astrology

Pluto is the planet of profound shadowwork. He operates in the deepest layers of the psyche, bringing to consciousness what we need to know to break free from harmful subconscious patterns in our lives.

Pluto is an intense, transformative, and dark planet. It symbolizes the subconscious residuals of our soul’s long history of past life experiences.

Pluto works slowly, but precisely. Whenever great shifts in our psyche are happening, we can usually find in astrology some kind of Plutonian work at play. 

Aquarius: Know-it-All W31rdos


Rational, eccentric, and innovative Aquarius can be pictured as a tech-savvy scientist with a glimpse of madness. This “knowledge geek” sees everything from an acutely objective and detached perspective.

Aquarius is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, a fixed air sign representing one of the final phases of the archetypal wheel of the 12 Signs.

At the Aquarius time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, it is as cold as it gets, and slowly the blocks of ice formed during Capricorn season begin to break apart.

Beyond emotional coldness, the image of winter paints metaphorically before us a moment of observation and contemplation, which results in a subsequent series of conceptual connections, conclusions, and ideas to do things differently from then on.

To Aquarius, freedom is essential, as every individual is rich in information from their unique perspective. Without freethinkers, there is no truth, and therefore no possible progress for humanity. 

pluto in aquarius the revolutionary generations

Pluto in Aquarius: The Revolutionary Generation

The Pluto in Aquarius batch of the 21st century will most likely surprise us all.

They are being born into a time of great technological developments that will change our reality inexorably in the next 20 years (and already is, quite dramatically through AI – one of the most cliché mirrors of Pluto in Aquarius in 2023!)

Pluto in Aquarius people may carry a revolutionary spirit.

Being motivated to optimize humanity’s ways of living, they may challenge us all to quickly adapt to “smarter” and more “logical” ways of doing everything.

Aquarius has a seemingly genius mind that thinks outside the box and therefore sees into the future.

Perhaps they will bring humanity to a whole new level of interconnectivity, freedom, and speed. Maybe their inventions will be so futuristic that the rest of us will feel like we’ve been completely left behind.

Imagine 2045 (when this generation is in their early 20s), what will they create? I’m way too Taurus even to try imagining!

Pluto in Aquarius in Love and Relationships

Perhaps love and relationships will be seen by Pluto in Aquarius people under the light of idealism.

They might have conceptual images of how people ought to be, seeing them as concepts more than complex humans with layers of feelings. They might struggle to connect emotionally, both to others and to their hearts.

Committing to a partner might be a desirable situation for Pluto in Aquarius, although their approach might be less romantic and more intellectual.

The connections they build will require a large dose of freedom and space.

This generation is probably the one that needs love more than any other. They will benefit greatly from having their hearts warmed up by close people.

Love is a powerful transformative catalyst and for Pluto in Aquarius people, even more so.

These people need to deepen their love experiences so they can develop a subjective heart-centered point of view, and see people more as human beings than idealizations (or experiments).

Compatibility: Pluto in Aquarius and The Zodiac

Aquarius can be seen as an eclectic satellite that spins around Earth, but this does not mean they lack a desire to connect.

This sign appreciates authenticity in the humans they relate to. They feel drawn to intelligent discourse, and also well-informed, unique perspectives.

Because of this, Aquarius might naturally get along with the other two air signs: Gemini and Libra.

Gemini shares with Aquarius the desire to know many things and talk about interesting stuff, while Libra shares the motivation to network and form teams.

As a fixed sign, Aquarius has common traits and motivations with the other fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo.

Although very different, all fixed signs appreciate and value loyalty, stability, and commitment.

Scorpio and Aquarius might get down and dirty with conspiratorial theories of the world, and bond over them.

Taurus and Aquarius might be a bit less compatible: Taurus is the physical body itself, while Aquarius tends to be disconnected from it, so they may have some differences that bring an opportunity to learn from each other.

Leo is Aquarius’ opposite sign, so it can also be a big lesson in terms of living life from a subjective and passionate perspective, in contrast to Aquarius’ heightened objectivity.

The two other fire signs (aside from Leo) Sagittarius and Aries, may go along with the Aquarian no-judgment and freedom-loving nature, as these wildfires go rampant either blazing new pathways or adventuring in various ways.

Aquarius might enjoy taking note of these fiery behaviors and nurture them from their passion and expressiveness.

Sagittarius is all about philosophical discourse and may ignite greatly insightful conversations with the Water Bearer.

The dynamics between Aquarius and Cancer might feel a bit off, as these two signs are so different from each other that they may not even connect.

Cancer is highly sensitive, living in a subtle dimension that is alien to rational Aquarius. They can learn a lot from each other, if really willing to.

Pisces might be a bit more in tune with Aquarius because Pisces can understand it all. The break-the-norm nature of Aquarius can flow along quite well with the dissolve-into-everything approach of Pisces.

Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs that have a traditional and almost moral attitude which can collide with the rebellious Aquarian, but when having common aims, their energies can complement one another in order to build creatively.

All 3 signs have a desire to improve the human experience, they just need to focus on that!

pluto in aquarius career paths

Pluto in Aquarius: Career Paths

This generation might have an influence on how we do every single thing.

Think of technology: it is everywhere. Aquarius is linked both to social revolutions and scientific breakthroughs. 

They might be interested in broadening our understanding of reality through science, space exploration, technological advances, AI, telepathy, and interdimensional teleportation.

Seriously, who knows what humans will be up to at the later stages of Pluto in Aquarius?

The main challenge for Aquarius is to deal with the illogical complexities of human emotion. They also may struggle with their incredibly innovative ideas to be accepted immediately by the collective.

They might have to accept being alienated and trust that the future society will see the value of their vision.

The Pluto in Aquariu’s Journey of Transformation

Pluto in Aquarius people are on a path of recovering the connection to their fragile humanness. The more they keep allowing themselves to be touched by emotions, they will protect themselves from the freezing coldness of pure objectivity.

If you want Pluto to be your friend and empower you, you must be willing to see the dark side of your nature.

The shadow of Aquarius is detachment, disassociation, disconnection, pessimism, and nihilism.

Rebelliousness can be necessary and liberating, but all revolutions have a cost.

All scientific experiments imply risks, and many times the ones at risk are the experimental subjects. Freedom and knowledge must be gained with integrity. 

These people are here to use their innate revolutionary gifts while remembering the delicate pulse of life and its worth.

Humanity needs Aquarians to push the boundaries of the known, so your gifts are necessary.

You just need to find warmth inside.

Only you can bridge humanity’s mind and heart. Your mission is incredibly important.


The Pluto in Aquarius generation has begun to incarnate. They will take us deep into the age of Aquarius: science and technology will develop at an insane rate. These children will need to feel loved profoundly in order to complete their evolutionary journey

Science with a heart is the core mission of this generation. Let us remind them of the power of life-giving passion and the healing effects of love. Remember to love them in all their eccentric weirdness.

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