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pluto in sagittarius

If you are here you probably carry this symbol of a generation of people that were literally “born to be wild.

Pluto was in Sagittarius between 1995 and 2008 roughly. The Pluto in Sagittarius generation is here to bring humanity a light of hope.

As a Pluto in Scorpio astrologer, I’ve witnessed this group of people develop courageously and expansively into their own selves, carrying a vital spark in their eyes that shines an insatiable hunger for more worldviews, more experiences, and more wisdom.

Pluto in Astrology: A Slow Giant

pluto in astrology

Pluto works in the deepest layers of the psyche. It represents our subconscious mind that contains childhood memories, hidden content from past lives, ancestral reminiscences, and any other stuff we just don’t want to remember or think about.

As one of the rulers of Scorpio, this is an intense and life-altering planet that works slowly, precisely and profoundly to transform our shadow into power.

Pluto aims to make us aware of our blind spots. Wherever Pluto lies in your chart, represents the area (house) where the most profound alchemy is happening for you.

It feels like this part of your life is in a constant death and rebirth process. The same is true for any planets that are in contact with Pluto in your chart.

Sagittarius: The Adventurous Centaur


Philosophical, explorative, and good-humored Sagittarius is a freedom lover seeking exciting new experiences.

The Centaur was made to explore the world. He will learn through insatiable reading, tireless adventuring, and metaphysical pondering.

Sagittarius is hopeful, expansive, and optimistic. At its core lies the desire to discover universal truths.

Sagittarius corresponds to the aftermath of a profound “dark night of the soul”, represented by the previous sign: Scorpio.

It’s the “ah-ha” moments after the darkness that bring us to an ever-clearer intuition and an always-expanding sense of truth.

Pluto in Sagittarius people must always be on the move, not staying too long in one belief system, ideology, or truth of any kind, otherwise things can get explosive.

If Sagittarius gets fixated on one version of the truth, we may witness the blind, arrogant, or fanatical side of this sign.

Sagittarius can also miss out on important information by moving extremely fast or being way too optimistic.

Immersing in foreign cultures and territories, living new experiences, learning new languages, discovering new places, and witnessing novel traditions and practices, are all Sagittarian temptations.

They carry an irresistible glitter: they are unknown to the Centaur. 

This is the sign of the Philosopher.

Sagittarian ideas can plague a room as quickly as smoke does, filling the air (mind) with a specific scent.

We all act based upon a set of core principles and beliefs. This context is created by Sagitrarius.

Pluto in Sagittarius: The Seeker Generation

pluto in sagittarius the seeker generations

Pluto in Sagittarius speaks of a journey of becoming humbled by the many truths that exist.

It signifies a path of healing from the need to be right and presents the opportunity to become a guide to humanity once transformation has taken place.

They have already experienced and explored so much in their soul’s journey that they may have a feeling of intellectual superiority.

Intuition and wisdom can come as a natural result, but in some cases, arrogance, or even absolutism or extremism can be expressed. 

Pluto in Sagittarius in Love and Relationships

pluto in sagittarius in love and relationships

Pluto in Sagittarius people tend to have an adventurous, fast-paced, and high-spirited nature, so they can be a lot of fun!

They may enjoy traveling, exploring, learning, teaching, laughing, and having all kinds of adventures together.

It might also be fun to engage in conversations about their beliefs, ideologies, and worldviews. 

This freedom-loving generation may have a fun time expanding the boundaries of what a committed relationship is. We may see long-distance or polyamory being more natural to them than to other generations.

Sagittarius is a passionate fire sign that gets ignited with the winds of change.

The Sagittarian passion can be fluctuating, and so can be their affinity to lengthy commitment.

Their need for constant movement and expansion can be a challenge when thinking long-term.

But if they encourage each other’s adventures, especially when they are not with one another, the relationship may have a higher chance to bloom.

Perhaps more than any other generation so far, Pluto in Sagittarius knows that love is free.

Sagittarius will value the person that brings them a sense of spaciousness, and also, anyone that makes them laugh. This is the most meme-influenced generation, for them humor is a daily must.

So when things get difficult, go ahead and laugh about yourselves and each other… that’s the recipe to smoothing things down when egos get triggered. 

Pluto in Sagittarius and Aquarius… or Cancer? Best Compatibility?

Pluto in Sagittarius will compatibilize with those who are seeking to constantly expand mentally and spiritually but can clash with those who seek stability or emotional depth.

Their essential nature is feisty, spontaneous, adventurous, and high-spirited.

It can also be arrogant and aloof. Its opposite sign – Gemini – is similar, and can go along very well with this flexible and adventurous energy.

Gemini may enjoy listening to Sagittarius’ philosophical rants and jokes, while Sagittarius may enjoy Geminian curiosity and storytelling. 

Aries and Leo are the other 2 fire signs. They may enjoy doing risky stuff together, or any activity where they can compete against one another. 

Aquarius and Libra are air signs that can also enjoy the social, free-spirited, and uplifting energy of Sagittarius and appreciate each other’s perspectives. 

Water signs might be less compatible with fiery and optimistic Sagittarius.

Cancer and Scorpio are probably the most alien to Sagittarius since they both inhabit a world that is uncomfortable for the Centaur: the deep emotional waters.

Pisces though is quite in tune with Sagittarius because of its mystical approach to life.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) may struggle with the Sagittarian lack of groundedness, flexible committing, and overgeneralization of life. 

In order to keep healthy relationships, Pluto in Sagittarius people will need to carve time to deepen their connections by sharing with each other what their true needs are and how they can be met.

If they relate to earth signs, it will be important that they show their willingness to learn to pay more attention, and get things done. Less talk and more concrete action!

When it comes to water signs, creating spaces to deepen intimacy is key.

Showing up for a heart-to-heart conversation and being willing to let emotions out might be a challenge for Sagittarius, but it will mean the world for their water sign partner.

Fire signs will flow more easily with the lightheartedness of Sagittarius, but caution must be exercised. Ego excess is the shadow of all fire signs.

The best way to avoid an escalation of conflict is to use radical honesty combined with humor.

Perhaps the most easygoing signs for Sagittarius are air signs.

Just remember that emotions are a fundamental part of a relationship, so creating spaces to nourish emotional bonding is key for any intimate relationship to thrive.

Pluto in Sagittarius Career Paths

pluto in sagittarius career

Pluto in Sagittarius will be most fulfilled in career paths that offer growth and expansion.

As long as there is space and freedom to grow, Sagittarius will connect to a sense of purpose.

Philosophical and intuitive Sagittarius may have the desire to teach and share his wisdom with the world, so any career choices that suit this impulse will bring a sense of purpose to them.

They may thrive as digital nomads of any kind, travel bloggers, mentors, teachers, coaches, motivational speakers, social media experts, spiritual guides, philosophers, book authors, poets and spoken word artists, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists… just to name a few ideas. 

The biggest challenge in the professional realm for Sagittarius is to remain free. Sagittarius needs freedom.

If they feel tightened or limited, they will move on to the next option asap.

Another challenge for Sagittarius is to sustain effort over time.

This is why formal career paths and even entrepreneurship will only be valid avenues for them as long as those paths allow space for change and evolution, and they find systems to aid them in sustaining their businesses through time.

This presents the opportunity to carve a path for themselves, and this is precisely what they are equipped to do in the current world.

The wisdom and intuition that lies within Pluto in Sagittarius offer another opportunity for their career paths.

They can naturally share their vision and encourage others.

Pluto in Sagittarius and Personal Growth

This generation has the potential to become deeply wise individuals that guide humanity toward greater enlightenment.

This is a huge responsibility, so it will only come as a result of consciously working with their ego’s desire to own the truth.

The secret lies in staying open to being wrong, always respecting diverse perspectives, and remaining an eternal student of the mysteries of the Universe.

Digging into the shadow realm might not be comfortable for the Centaur, but doing so will allow them to speak with integrity.

Famous People Born with Pluto in Sagittarius

millie bobby brown
  • Millie Bobby Brown – Actress known for “Stranger Things,” born February 19, 2004.
  • Noah Jupe – Actor known for his roles in “A Quiet Place” and “The Undoing,” born February 25, 2005.
  • Finn Wolfhard – Actor known for his role in “Stranger Things,” born December 23, 2002.
  • Billie Eilish – Singer-songwriter, born December 18, 2001.
  • Maddie Ziegler – Dancer and actress known for “Dance Moms,” born September 30, 2002.

Embrace the Journey to True Wisdom

This generation is here to understand and guide humanity so that we can face the challenges that lie ahead of us. Free exploration of the world is necessary to achieve the task, and shadow work is the price to pay to earn the wisdom they desire.

The insights you carry as a Pluto in Sagittarius deserve to be shared with the world, but first, you need to experience life and be humbled by it. Only then, true enlightenment and freedom will come as a result.

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