Runes Of Protection: A Comprehensive Guide to Empowering Your Safety

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Runes are an ancient alphabet primarily used throughout Germany, Scandinavia, and parts of Northern Europe for over a thousand years. These magical symbols were used to write messages, cast spells, and even used as a protective talismans.

A legend in Norse mythology states that Odin, the most powerful deity, was the one who discovered the runes. Odin admired the powerful sigils under the Yggdrasil, or world tree. Completely infatuated with the runes, Odin hung himself under the tree until their meanings were revealed to him. 

In this article, we will explore ten of the most powerful Runes of protection. We’ll look at their various attributes and how you can draw them for yourselves. So keep reading. We have everything you need to know about Runes of Protection. 

Understanding Runes and Their Symbolism

Runes are written in an alphabet known as the Elder Futhark. The name ‘Futhark’ is made up of the first letter from each of the first six runes in the alphabet; F-U-þ-A-R-K. The strange þ rune is pronounced with a ‘th’ sound, much like the modern English words ‘throne’ or ‘think.’

The Elder Futhark alphabet had 24 different letters or sigils. However, a smaller alphabet known as the Younger Futhark was used during the later Viking era. It only had 16 symbols.

By the Younger Futhark era, runes were used primarily by Nordic peoples who traveled around the world. They left runic inscriptions in places such as England, Turkey, Russia, and Greece. 

understanding runes and their symbolism

During the Medieval period, protection runes were used by Vikings as talismans that would keep them safe during their long voyages and raids.

Vikings would carve these symbols onto weapons, shields, and even their boats. Runes of protection were used not only by Viking warriors and the common folk of Scandinavia. 

Runes of protection are still used by spellcasters and runic practitioners to this day. The power of the runes can be utilized by anyone seeking some level of personal protection.

Those in need of courage during a difficult part of their life can also use runes of protection. They can be inscribed on wooden ornaments, rocks, plastic, pendants, and various other items. 

1 – Ehwaz: Rune of defense and protection

The Ehwaz rune was one of the most popular sigils of protection used by the Vikings. The name translates to horse and represents the unity between horse and rider. This symbol is thought to bring about a strong bond between warriors, ensuring loyalty remained prevalent in the ranks.

This Ehwaz rune of protection can be used in spellcasting for those wishing to overcome a particularly difficult challenge. It can also be utilized by anyone seeking protection on a long journey. 

2 – Thurisaz: Rune for warding off danger

Thurisaz is a rune that’s employed to ward off danger. The name comes from the Norse word for thorn, which was seen as a symbol of protection. The rune is generally seen as a sigil that can help protect anyone going up against tough challenges. 

The Thurisaz is used as a talisman of protection by spell casters and runic practitioners. It can help protect anyone who feels as if they may be in some kind of danger. The Thurisaz rune can also be used by anyone who needs courage during a challenging event in their life.

3 – Algiz: Rune for protection and shielding from enemies

The Algiz rune was a popular sigil used by both Viking warriors and spell casters. The name comes from the Proto-Germaic word for Elk, and this was one of the most powerful protection runes.

The Algiz rune of protection can be used by anyone seeking protection and guidance from the higher powers. It’s even said that for the strongest of spellcasters, the Algiz can form an energetic protective shield around them.

4 – Sowilo: Rune for inner strength and determination

Sowilo is the rune of the sun. This powerful sigil was employed by Vikings as the counterforce to the deadly ice. It represents the force of fire in the human spirit, which enables us to find inner strength during tough times. 

The Sowilo rune is used by anyone seeking extra protection in their daily lives. It can be inscribed on anything from hunting knives to keychains and will help one find inner strength during tough times. 

5 – Isa:  Protection against various dangers

The Isa rune was one of the most versatile and popular all across the Viking’s lands. Isa translates to ice, something the Vikings had to deal with more than most nations. The Vikings used this sigil to protect themselves during the coldest parts of their brutal winters. 

Spell casters and runic practitioners employ the Isa rune during the coldest winter months. It gives the runic practitioner protection to survive the harsh winter months. However, this sigil is also used by experienced spellcasters to protect themselves from the dark and malevolent forces of the universe. 

6 – Inguz: Rune for fertility and warding off evil spirits

The Inguz rune was the symbol of the ancestors. It was associated with protection, but more so with protection during fertility. For this reason, the Inguz rune was generally used by Vikings during their fertility rituals. 

If you’re going through a pregnancy, this rune can be employed to ensure you remain safe. For runic spellcasters, the Inguz rune of protection can be used to ensure the safety of a loved one during pregnancy. 

7 – Teiwaz: Rune for courage  

Teiwaz is a rune derived from the Old Norse god Tyr, a son of Odin. Tyr was known for his valiant bravery and loyalty. The Teiwaz rune is also linked to the idea of justice. Thus, this sigil could also represent the need to take action on behalf of others in need. 

Runic practitioners and spellcasters use the Teiaz rune of protection to invoke the spirit of Tyr. This will give them the strength of Tyr and allow them to summon courage during challenging parts of their life. 

8 – Uruz: Rune for guidance and protection

The Uruz rune is a powerful symbol of protection. In Norse legends, the Uruz was generally carved into the bark of Yggdrasil, giving the world tree strength and durability.

Runic practitioners and spellcasters employ the power of the Uruz rune of protection during long journeys. This symbol can be taken with you on flights or long sea voyages and will protect you during an extensive adventure. 

9 – Eihwaz: Rune for stability and strength

Eliwaz is a rune that takes the shape of the letter ‘Z.’ It symbolizes the everlasting connection between the spiritual and mortal worlds through the Yggdrasil. The yew tree represents the Viking Yggdrasil and is considered the most powerful tree for protection against evil.

The Eihwaz is a power rune of protection. It is used by runic practitioners who seek protection from the Norse gods. Spell casters use this rune in rituals that aim to connect them with a soul in the spirit world. 

10 – Mjölnir – Rune of power and safety 

Mjölnir is a rune of protection that takes its name from the force of lighting. While it wasn’t necessarily part of the runic alphabet, it was used as a rune of protection.  Mjölnir is also the name of Thor’s hammer, an item that could be used as a powerful weapon if needed. 

The rune, Mjölnir, is represented by a ‘T’ shape. It can be worn as a necklace to help a runic practitioner remain out of harm’s way. But it could also give one the strength one overcome a tough challenge.

Using Protection Runes in Daily Life

Runes of protection can be used in your everyday life. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind when trying to carve these magical symbols onto any kind of surface. It’s important to remember that certain areas of your home or work will enhance your energy.

If you find yourself in need of a little extra protection, you could try carving any of the previously mentioned runes onto stones, wood, or jewelry. You could even draw the specific rune on a piece of paper, which could help increase your level of personal protection. 

Protection runes can also be used during meditations or visual affirmation sessions. This is another way to enhance the power of the specific rune you plan to call upon for protection.

During meditation, begin by visualizing the rune in your mind. If the image starts to slip, simply retrace the rune each time. Do this for a period of 20 to 30 minutes once a day, and you will activate the power of your specific protection rune. 

One further way to extend the level of personal protection from your rune is to create a rune gird in your home.

This will allow you to draw from multiple protection runes at once. Begin by gathering your various items inscribed by runes and placing them in a grid format somewhere in your home.

You can also add crystals to help boost the energetic effect of the grid. Finish with a few candles; this rune grid will keep your home well-protected and out of harm’s way. 

how to draw and activate your protection runes

How To Draw and Activate Your Protection Runes

In order to get the maximum effect from your protection runes, you must first learn how to correctly draw each of the individual sigils. After this, you can also charge your specific rune inscriptions or drawings, further enhancing the protective qualities.

Step By Step Instructions On Drawing Protection Runes 

If you wish to acquire the maximum level of protection from your specific rune, you must first learn how to draw it correctly. While these are generally simple symbols, the runes must be drawn precisely how they were during the Viking era. Below we will go through a simple explanation of how to draw or carve each of the ten protection runes. 

1 – How To Draw Ewhaz

The Ewhaz rune is a symbol that’s almost identical to the modern English letter ‘M’. In order to draw this rune, there are a few simple steps.

Begin by drawing a straight vertical line on the left-hand side of the item you wish to carve. After this, draw a diagonal line towards the center of your item at a 45-degree angle, staring from the top of the previous line.

This line should be a third of the size of your first line. Follow this up with another diagonal line in the opposite direction of the previous line, starting from the end of the second line.

Make it the exact size of the previous one. Lastly, add one more vertical line that matches the first line.

2- How to Draw Thurisaz

The Thurisaz is a symbol that you may have never seen before. It has a unique style, unlike any other modern letter. 

To draw Thurisaz, begin by drawing or carving a singular vertical line in the center of your item. After this, draw a short diagonal line that extends around a third from the top outwards to the right. Connect this back towards the vertical line diagonally, but this time to around a third from the bottom. 

3 – How To Draw Algiz

The Algiz rune is similar to the modern Engish letter ‘Y.’ To draw it, begin with a single vertical line in the center of your item. Following this draw two diagonal lines that extend upwards at 45 degrees.

Begin the line about a sixth from the top of the vertical line on either side. These diagonal lines should stop when they reach the height of the vertical line.  

4 – How to Draw Sowilo

Sowilo is one of the more difficult runes to draw or carve. This sigil bears a small resemblance to a backward English ‘Z.’ When drawing this rune, there are a few things to remember, such as the length of each line. 

Begin by finding the center of the item you wish to inscribe. Begin at the top of the center and draw a short diagonal line downwards at 45 degrees to the left. Match this length with another downward line at a 45-degree angle to the right. Finally, add one more diagonal line of the same length at a 45-degree angle downwards to the right. 

5- How to Draw Isa

Isa is the easist rune to draw. All it encompasses is a single vertical line. When drawing this rune, try to keep the line as straight as possible and place it in the center of the item that’s to be inscribed. 

6 – How To Draw Inguz

Inhuz is one of the most difficult runes to carve and will take some practice. This symbol is unlike any letter we may see in the modern English language. A tip with this symbol is to keep all the separate lines the same size.

Begin by finding the center of the item you wish to inscribe. Just to the left of the center, draw a downward diagonal line at 60 degrees to the right. Follow this up by drawing another diagonal line of the same length and angle from the bottom tip of the previous line toward the left.

Once complete, go back to the top. Now just to the right of the center line, draw a diagonal line downwards at a 60-degree angle to the left. Finally, draw another diagonal line from the bottom tip of the previous one with the same length and angle downwards to the right. 

7 – How to Draw Teiwaz

Teiwaz is a rune that bears a resemblance to the English letter ‘T.’ When drawing this rune, begin by finding the center of your item to be carved and draw a straight line vertically.

After this, draw a short diagonal downwards at a 45-degree angle from the tip to the right. Then add a diagonal line of the same proportions downwards to the left from the tip. 

8 – How to Draw Uruz

To draw the Uruz rune, begin with a vertical line a little to the left of the item you wish to inscribe. Follow this up with a slightly shorter diagonal line that extends at 45 degrees from the tip of the vertical line to the right. Finish by adding a small vertical line downwards from the open end of the diagonal line. Stop when it matches the bottom of the other vertical line. 

9 – How to Draw Eihwaz

Eihwaz is another relatively easy rune to draw or carve. Begin by drawing a vertical line in the center of the item you wish to inscribe. After this, draw a tiny line from the tip of the vertical line downwards towards the right at a 45-degree angle. Finally, start at the bottom of the vertical line and draw an upwards 45-degree diagonal line to the left.

10 – How to Draw Mjölnir

Mjölnir is one of the easier runes to draw. It greatly resembles the English letter ‘T.’ Begin by drawing or carving a single horizontal line in the center of your item. Following this, draw a short vertical line at the top of the line that moves in each direction. 

How To Charge and Activate Your Runes

It’s very important to set a strong intention when you begin the process of activating your runes. This will intensify the energy that goes into the specific protection sigil. To activate your runes start by placing the inscribed rune in the center of your left hand.

Focus your energy on the rune and inhale deeply, expressing your intentions as you do so. Concentrate on the rune’s name, and blow out your vital life force energy onto the rune. Repeat this cycle three times. 

During the process of activation, it’s imperative to set intentions. Your intentions should be centered on what kind of protection you’d like to receive from the specific rune. So as you begin to activate the rune, visualize and speak with the rune.

Ask it for protection and guidance in whatever task you plan to take on. The activation will only work if you focus on the connection you wish to have with the rune. It’s a unification of your life force energy and the cosmic energy produced by the symbol of the rune. 

Protection Rune Rituals 

Runic rituals are another way to get maximum protection from the inscribed symbol. The rituals can be carried out in the comfort of your home or in places such as forests and mountainous regions. While some are simple rituals, others can be quite complex and will require serious preparation. 

One simple runic ritual begins by finding a quiet place where you can clear your mind. Following this, place your inscribed rune on a fresh cloth in front of you. As you begin to meditate upon the rune, think of the issue or challenge you’d like to receive protection from.

This simple ritual can help you draw the energy from your chosen rune of protection. A more advanced runic ritual will take place much in the same way as the previous one. Except this time, you will employ three to five runic stones.

This is generally only performed by advanced students of the runic arts. Place your inscribed runes in either a horizontal position or, if using five, the shape of a sun cross. 

When you perform any kind of runic ritual, remember to keep a few things in mind. The runes are powerful magical symbols and can be misused if not used in a safe manner.

Ensure that you take precautions and come with good intentions in your mind. Malevolent forces have been known to influence the reading of the ritual. So it’s best to begin with a simple practice in a safe area you’re familiar with. 


While runes are no longer inscribed on swords and shields by warriors of North-Western Europe, they are still used in everyday life. For those who wish to use the power of the protection runes, this can still be achieved even in our modern times. 

Follow the simple steps laid out in this article, and you will be able to draw and activate any of the runes of protection. This can help anyone going through a particularly tough or challenging time. Remember, it’s a unification between your life force energy and the cosmic energy of the universe. 

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