Purple Aura: What Does it Mean to Have a Purple Aura?

Jovana Petrovic
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Purple Aura

Ever entered a room full of unfamiliar faces and immediately felt comfortable in someone’s presence?

It is difficult to put a finger on it, but there’s something about a few people we meet that makes us feel right at home.

The secret lies in their aura.

As cosmic beings, we all exude energy and are surrounded by a spherical field, which is called an aura. There are various types of auras that a person can project depending on their surroundings and reactions to circumstances.

While not visible to the naked eye, auras vary in color and intensity, sometimes even showing up in a combination of different colors.

An aura reader can photograph an individual’s aura and provide an interpretation of the result. This may help provide insight into one’s emotional and spiritual state, giving instant validation.

Don’t go grabbing that iPhone as ordinary cameras are not able to capture auras. There are special cameras created for this purpose that capture the energy colors surrounding an individual.

Believed to be portals to a mystical realm, auras are unconsciously one of the first things we observe in others.

In the entire aura spectrum, the purple aura is considered to be the most spiritual. It is also one that does not easily shift as others, making it one of the most powerful.

Purple Aura Meaning: Are you a Purple?

Purple Aura Meaning

Related to the crown chakra, the purple aura signifies heightened spirituality. Spiritually advanced individuals have perfectly aligned crown chakras and purple auras.

Yoga gurus, psychics, and spiritual guides are all believed to carry the purple aura. People with purple auras are usually very susceptible to emotions and can connect with others on a deeper level. Considered to be old souls, a lot of times, such people possess strong psychic abilities.

Having said that, it is also common for regular individuals to carry such an aura when they’re tapping into their spiritual conscience. This could involve meditating, praying, getting in touch with innermost emotions, dealing with past issues, or sometimes even going for therapy.

Anything that helps you connect with the universe is enhancing your purple aura.

It has been observed that people with purple auras have certain personality traits that characterize them. Such individuals are shy, introverted, highly empathetic, and intuitive.

Wise in their own right, they also tend to be more careful than others in matters of the heart.

Having experienced the most profound emotions, they develop a higher sense of awareness and insight. They become sensitive to their surroundings and can develop deeper insights into matters concerning spirituality.

As colors on the aura spectrum vary in hue and intensity, the purple aura also has different shades that signify other things.

Light Purple Aura

Light Purple Aura

People with light purple auras are often called dreamers. Such individuals enjoy a rich imagination, are creative, and completely satisfied with their lives.

Signifying inner peace and positivity, people who carry the light purple aura are considered to be in sync with the universe. These people vibrate on higher planes and attract happiness into their lives, even in the future.

Light-hearted, they don’t take life too seriously and rejoice in its simple pleasures. In all, if your reading shows a light purple aura, you are content and happy in your present state.

Dark Purple Aura

Dark Purple Aura

Similar to the shades of a storm, the dark purple aura color signifies turmoil. Such individuals are believed to be experiencing a whirlwind of negative emotions, completely opposite to the state of a light purple aura.

This reading can depict a hindrance or challenge that one needs to triumph over to change their state of affairs.

Sometimes, if one is holding on to the past and feels disconnected from the universe, one can exude a dark purple aura.

If your reading has brought forth this color, you may want to take a deep breath, pause and re-evaluate a few things.

Try meditating and being in the company of others who lift you up. Auras are energies and can be altered by the steps that we take. Improving your current state will cause a shift in your aura also. 

True Purple Aura

True Purple Aura

The purest form of purple energy, this aura is found in its truest state in a perfectly balanced individual. Signifying a deep understanding of spirituality, such people enjoy a strong connection with the universe.

The ones who manifest this shade of purple in their readings are believed to be on the right path in their lives, serving their true purpose on this planet. Many of them have even spent years trying to figure out the meaning of their lives and have been successful in doing so.

A lot of people find themselves drawn to the ones carrying the purple aura. Their energy can be calming and relaxing. Purple aura individuals are highly intuitive and can sense the feelings of others in their company rather quickly.

Sometimes even leading to emotional fatigue. In such situations, they must take careful steps to preserve their energy and recharge through meditation and spending time in nature.

Purple Aura Relationships

Purple Aura Relationships

People are often drawn to individuals who portray purple energy. Their highly intuitive and empathetic nature is alluring and attractive, making their partners comfortable in their company.

This makes it easy for this type to make friends and form connections. However, the charm of their intuition stands a chance to wear off later in their relationships quickly.

The purples end up finding out more about their partners than they do them. Their honest personality often leads to the unraveling of harsh truths that others may not be too happy to hear.

Intimacy can be one of the challenges that the purples face and must work on to foster healthy relationships. People with a purple aura make extremely loyal partners. Once in love, they will do everything in their power to keep the trust and sustain the happiness of their partners.


What are the characteristics of a person with a purple aura?

Individuals with a purple aura are often seen as mystical, wise, and intuitive. They might be highly imaginative, spiritually aware, and have a natural inclination towards understanding the deeper meanings of life.

Can a purple aura change to another color?

Yes, auras are believed to be fluid and can change color depending on various factors such as emotional state, health, personal growth, and the surrounding environment.

How can I strengthen my purple aura?

Practices that enhance your spirituality and intuition, such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, can help strengthen a purple aura.

Engaging in creative activities and exploring metaphysical subjects may also be beneficial.

Is a purple aura rare?

While the perception of aura colors can be quite subjective, a purple aura is often associated with high spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. It is the traits that may not be common in everyone. However, it’s not typically considered ‘rare’ in a conventional sense.

What is the negative aspect of a purple aura?

On the negative side, a purple aura might indicate a tendency towards escapism, impracticality, or excessive daydreaming. These individuals might also struggle with feelings of being misunderstood or out of place.

Does a purple aura mean I’m psychic?

While a purple aura is often associated with psychic abilities or heightened intuition- it doesn’t automatically mean you’re psychic. Psychic abilities often involve more specific experiences or abilities beyond having a purple aura.

End Thoughts

If you are purple, how do you plan to use your gifts and unleash your true potential? Go Purple without ever thinking twice. Yes, purples are rare but so is true happiness and harmony. Seek it out, within yourself and within the crowd on the busy sidewalk that is life. Begin your journey anew, brimming with the purple energy inside you!

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