Quantum Jumping: What is it & How to do it

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quantum jumping

Professor Franks of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada said, “If the universe can be imagined, it exists.”

That said, a multiverse or a superverse exists. It has been verified by quantum physics as well.

It is also a standard belief in Quantum Physics that there are thousands or millions of you present in an infinite sea of bubbles of universes.

In one of those universes, you’re a successful entrepreneur, a struggling actor, a brilliant scientist, a mad woman, an enlightened monk- whatever can be imagined.

However, it’s beyond the law of physics for a common man to break through these bubbles and meet your doppelganger to exchange skills and wisdom.

But fortunately, the law ceases to exist in metaphysics. And that’s where quantum jumping comes into the picture.

Today, you can see many videos and postulations over the internet where people are trying to validate the truth of quantum jumping with science-backed facts and datasheets.

In this blog, I will tell you about my journey and learnings with the Quantum Jumping process.

I will share my experience with my twin selves from another time dimension.

You will also be surprised to know the little hacks that help me perform quantum jumping on the go.

But before we get to those parts, let’s have a brief idea about the concept. 

What is Quantum Jumping?

what is quantum jumping

Quantum jumping is the process of making a reality shift through a leap in your mind to alternate versions of you in the multiverse.

This is a revolutionary visualization technique where you meet your twin selves from alternate universes(Multiverse) and absorb their greatest skills and wisdom to change your reality like never before. 

The theory of the multiverse is not a zombie word to people anymore- thanks to movies like Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 3) and Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

For dummies, a multiverse is a hypothetical collection of parallel universes where everything exists at the same time but with its laws of physics, human intelligence, and even its own set of stars and galaxies. 

Amongst many postulated theories, Nasa’s inflation theory describes it the best.

According to this theory, our universe went through rapid inflation within a second of its creation.

For our universe, inflation ended 14 billion years ago, but it is still continuing in distant universes- creating an infinite sea of internal inflation. Also, there are infinite possibilities for a single situation in your life at the very moment.

The mechanism of quantum jumping involves collapsing these infinite possibilities into a single reality through observation. 

Don’t worry; we are going to understand it better in the following section. 

Who discovered quantum jumping?

The concept of atomic quantum jumping was introduced by the famous scientist Neils Bohr in his 1913 Bohr atomic model.

With sufficient photon energy absorption, electrons can easily jump from one quantum energy level in the atom to another level.

However, the jump frequency depends on the level of photon energy absorbed by the electrons in the process.

How does Quantum Jumping work?

how does quantum jumping work

I will keep it simple for easy understanding. 

Quantum jumping works in a relaxed state of mind that we otherwise call an alpha state of mind. 

Okay, let me break it down further for you, our brain emits different frequencies depending on our emotional level. A higher frequency at a higher emotional state and vice versa.

It can be divided into four categories- Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta

The Beta represents the awake state. When you’re awake, your brain produces waves at 21 cps (cycles per second).  

When you lower that frequency to 13 cps, you enter into a meditative state. We call it the Alpha state of mind.

In this state, you feel calm, relaxed, and free of any worries. This is the state you need to attain for quantum jumping. 

I hope you’ve been with me till now.

When you’re in the alpha state, you must concentrate on any of your current life challenges.

Think of the root cause of the problem- any particular event where a different decision could have led to a favorable result at present. 

For instance, imagine where it all started if you’re dealing with a toxic relationship. It could be a verbal war, a one-night stand, or a simple misunderstanding. 

The aim is to go back to that junction point through quantum jumping and see your twin self making the right decision and living the results in the process. 

Be an observer for a few seconds. 

Then slowly merge yourself with your twin self and feel the energy, happiness, and, most importantly, the state of mind. 

Be there for a few minutes (as long as you can) and return back to your current state with the same energy. 

When you open your eyes, sense yourself getting better and better every day, in every way possible. 

See, it’s that easy! 

Okay, now let me teach you how to do it in a proper way for better results.

Small Quantum Jumping Exercise- This is how you do it 

small quantum jumping exercises

Let me share with you a small exercise of what I follow for quantum jumping. 

Let’s say you feel you are not lucky enough in your life. You feel you would have been in a completely different situation (positive) than now had you been lucky enough. 

That’s it. 

You want to quantum jump into another parallel universe where your doppelganger is winning at everything. 

First, you must meditate to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the quantum jump. 

It could be a simple meditative pose (lotus pose) with your eyes closed with full focus on your breathing. 

I prefer the Bagha Pose. It is one of the ancient meditation poses used by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda to prepare your body to achieve something.

Here, you need to touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue with a clear intention of what you want to achieve. 

In this case, you want to merge yourself with your twin copy to borrow that stroke of luck into your present situation. 

Sit in the meditative position for minutes and visualize a door opening between you and your twin doppelganger from another universe to jump over. 

Count from 10 to 1; with each count, relax your body as much as possible. Relax each and every part of your body- including jaws, cheekbones, eyes, hands, legs, thigh muscles, etc. 

At the end of the countdown, make a jump through that door to the other universe. 

Now see your twin self winning. He is winning at relationships, poker, cards, and even at your favorite business deals. 

Note: As we discussed earlier, you can also turn into a situational-based scenario. For instance, imagine your twin self cracking that Google interview or bagging that big business deal in the past that changed your personal life and financial status the way you like it to be at the present. 

Be an observer and watch him in action for a few seconds. Now slowly emerge yourself with your twin self. Be there for another few minutes. Watch yourself winning at everything like your twin self. 

Now on the count of 3, return back to the transit door and jump over to your present world. 

Open your eyes and feel yourself changing every minute and every second. Keep this feeling alive for as long as you want. Now you’re becoming lucky with every passing second. 

When you feel you can not hold that feeling any longer, let it go. You can try the quantum jump again the next day or multiple times on the same day to keep the spark alive. 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

Note that you can perform quantum jumps to enrich each and every aspect of your life- wealth, relationship, health, career, happy home, spiritual connection, and more.

All you need to carry is a mindset of abundance to acknowledge the degree of possibility with this trick. 

How Can Practising Quantum Jumping Help You Shift Your Reality?

It’s not a shortcut to manifest your dreams into reality. Rather, it’s all about making yourself eligible for the process that will help in manifestation.

That said, quantum jumping makes you eligible for the rewards in the following ways. 

Induce hyper-optimism and self-confidence.

Our brains are programmed to believe what we see in reality.

Of course, quantum jumping is controlled daydreaming, yet the whole act is easy to process and believe- thanks to the fact that it is sourced from metaphysics.

That sets the very foundation for a positive change in yourself. When you see, you can win a lottery; you start believing in luck. 

Breakthrough pseudo-mental barriers 

Quantum jumping puts your mind on acknowledging your strengths and sets you in action to overcome them by merging with your twin self.

It fosters a sense of infinite possibilities within you. The more you reflect on your twin self’s progress, the better you become at your desired skill without any judgment.

You no longer believe you are destined for a bad marriage life or a below-average financial status. 

Cultivate a growth-oriented mindset.

What do we all need for success? High resilience and growth-oriented mindset.

Will you not hack into those things if you merge with your better self in action?

Periodic quantum jumps with your better self induce a growth mindset, and you feel more resilient to overcome your hurdles as you believe you can now with ease. 

Challenges in Quantum Jumping 

What if you can’t find it easy to merge with your twin self?

What if the past junction point is so traumatic that you fear relieving it again?

There could be no reason why you need to perform this in a guided meditation environment.

When you have a master to guide you through the process, you can rest assured of safely jumping back and forth from universes without carrying any side effects. 

Even I thought I could do it without any external help.

In fact, I was doing it wrong initially. I was making the jump without entering into the alpha state.

As a result, I could not connect with my twin self even after several attempts.

That’s when I came across the legendary Burt Goldman on YouTube.

I took his Quantum Jumping course on Mindvalley and learned about this beautiful Bagha Posture to help me easily launch into an alternative universe.

mindvalley quantum jumping program

What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is one of the highly sought-after self-transformation platforms founded by Vishen Lakhani.

It offers various transformational courses on career, relationships, entrepreneurship, mind, body, and soul.

You get to learn from the world’s most vetted masters, such as Jim Kwik (Brain performance), Marisa Peer (self-confidence), Sadhguru (inner engineering), Keith Ferrazzi (networking & leadership), Michael Beckwith (Manifestation), and more. 

Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman

According to Burt Goldman, you can do a quantum jump to an alternate universe in four easy steps. 

  1. Begin your quantum jump.
  2. Meet your alternate selves. 
  3. Learn new skills and gather the necessary information
  4. Return to your reality and use those skills in action

There is no end to what you can learn with quantum jumping. You can achieve mastery in poetry, art, business modeling, architecture, and more.

Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping Curriculum: 

The latest course structure contains 41 lessons covered over eight chapters to help you perform quantum jumps without any issue.

The entire course curriculum has been listed on the official website for reference. 

I like the way the course has covered the details. I have previously taken some quantum jumping courses, but they were niche-specific- money or relationships.

But Burt Goldman has explained how to use this superpower to explore other areas of your life, such as spirituality, health, and life adventure. That’s what makes this course so special and worth its price.

But let me tell you what I found so useful, yet no one is talking about- Bonus programs. 

When I joined, I got three bonus microprograms included in the main course, also available as I write this blog post. 

  1. Quantum Angels meditation- bonding with your guardian angels for help, inspiration, and more
  2. New Moon Programming- using the power of the new moon to heighten your quantum jumps
  3. Past life regression– quantum jump to your past lives to understand your true self for an alpha-level transformation

I personally found the Quantum Angel Meditation microprogram super helpful.

I believe in angel numbers, and I found this Burt Goldman’s advice on asking for guidance from your guardian angels through the same to make the best use of my quantum jumps.  

Over To

If you’re a spiritual person or at least believe in the power of the universe, quantum jumping will excite you to the core.

The whole concept of meeting your twin selves and exchanging wisdom could make you impatient and you may feel like taking your first quantum jump right now!

But, it’s advisable to try this under a vetted expert as every astral travel comes with its own risks and challenges. When you give it a try under a master like Burt Goldman or someone like him, do share your experience with us. We’re all ears!


Is Mindvalley worth it in 2023?

An ideal course can transform your life in multiple ways. For me, at least, the Mindvalley has been a guide to explore my spiritual journey under vetted masters like never before. But above all, you need to have that thirst for knowledge like once upon a time, Gautam Buddha had for Nirvana, and Sir Isaac Newton had for exploring the gravity of the universe. If you can explore Mindvalley even with 10% of that level mindset, you will find all of its content to be highly useful for saving time had you explored them otherwise. 

Why are there so many bad reviews about Mindvalley programs?

The course can not spoon-feed you everything. The effort has to be mutual. It can only show you the direction. As I said above, you need to have the right mindset and a strong determination to explore the untapped secret energies of the universe. If you can’t tap onto that level, it is natural for you to feel confused, standing in the middle of nowhere as you progress. And I believe that’s the reason why some people might not be able to connect with the course and be left with bad reviews on the internet. But, if you’re a seeker, I would say it won’t hurt to try their 7-day free quest challenge that includes 6-phase meditation by Vishen Lakhani and 25 master classes for free. At least you can know if those reviews are real or fake. 

How long does quantum jumping take?

It’s an instantaneous process. The very definition of this concept originates from quantum jumping of electrons that needs 1/10th of a second to happen. According to Burt Goldman, you can quantum jump even while walking in the street or talking to someone over a phone. All you need is a bit of practice.

What is the difference between a quantum leap and a quantum jump?

They represent the same concept- jumping the timelines to meet your twin selves in action. However, the term quantum leap became more popular after a series released in the same name where the protagonist finds himself caught in a time loop after he attempts to time travel to stop a nuclear explosion. Don’t confuse yourself if you see some authors using quantum leap to describe the quantum jump in their studies.

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