Raikov Effect Review: Does It Really Work?

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Raikov Effect Review

Welcome to my honest and detailed Raikov effect review. 

The Raikov Effect is a brain training technique to imitate another person’s thought process, skills, and abilities.

Harnessing this power can help you enhance your decision-making abilities and achieve excellence in any field you want.  

The Raikov Effect helps you trigger the neurons in your brain responsible for how you think, act, learn and behave.

By stimulating your brain cells, you will perform an activity in a way how your role model would do.

Prof. Vladimir Leonidovich Raikov

One can achieve the Raikov Effect by training their brain with a combination of 7 step techniques developed by Russian’ Brain Scientist” and hypnotherapist Prof. Vladimir Leonidovich Raikov.

It empowers your brain to understand how the other person thinks. Besides, it also allows you to inherit their strength and skills for your betterment.

Some people also call this a process to steal the ideas, attributes, skills, and talent of another person.

Stealing someone’s abilities for personal benefits would be an unethical practice. The Raikov Effect allows you to acquire the best qualities of a person naturally.

In this raikov effect review, I will be explaining the seven steps of Vladimir Raikov. 

What are the seven steps of the Raikov Effect by Vladimir Raikov?

The Raikov Effect comprises a seven-step process to harness your brain to unlock creativity, perception, and superior cognitive skills.

7 Steps of the Raikov Effect

seven steps of the Raikov Effect are
  • Trance states
  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Suggestion
  • Positive thinking
  • Believing
  • Modelling

Following the above steps, you can influence your subconscious mind to imprint on the qualities of a famous personality.

Moreover, with regular practice, you can also increase your brain IQ, public speaking skills, leadership skills, self-mastery, and many more.

The New Raikov Effect by Inspire3

The Inspire3 Raikov Effect is an updated version of the original Raikov Effect technique.

In this method, you can achieve desired results without getting yourself hypnotized or performing any laborious tasks.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and manifestation a few years back. I was fascinated with the ideas, but given my lack of time and availability, it was practically impossible for me to follow the stringent processes perfectly. 

Therefore, I was quite skeptical of the Raikov effect as well. However, since it was available with 365 days money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose.

The new Raikov Effect indeed borrows some similarities with the law of attraction and manifestation, but it’s comparatively uncomplicated and time-efficient.

Most importantly, you can learn the program at your own pace just by giving 10 minutes of your time.

The best part is, all the methods mentioned in the program are backed by popular scientific research.

The New Raikov Effect program is a combination of three powerful techniques:

  • The classic Raikov Effect technique
  • NLP or Neuro-Linguistic programming
  • Borrowed Genius

Before we discuss the new Raikov Effect, let me give you some information on NLP and Borrowed Genius.

What is NLP?


NLP which stands for “Neuro-linguistic programming”, is a language processing technique developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder to change the thoughts and actions of individuals through manipulation, perception, behavior, and communication.

Practitioners use NLP as a personality development tool to help clients by promoting confidence, communication, and self-reflection.

NLP is a commercially successful formula for individuals to reach work-oriented goals via improved productivity and job progression.

Meanwhile, in psychotherapy, NLP treats patients with severe depression, phobias, GAD, and PTSD.

NLP comprised a broad range of practices with different practitioners using a unique variety of techniques.

Four commonly used NLP techniques:

  • Anchoring: Turning sensory experiences into triggers
  • VKD: Removing negative thoughts from past events
  • Swiss pattern: Changing behavioral patterns of a person for the desired outcome
  • Rapport: Practitioners adapting their behavior with clients for improving communication

What is Borrowed Genius?

Borrowed Genius

Borrowed Genius is a modern Socratic method that teaches people to examine their perceptions and reinforce them to learn new skills and achieve success.

It is not exactly hypnotherapy but a practice done by going into a deep trance.

Borrowed Genius follows three primary principles

  • Questioning: Examining every aspect of a person close to discover more and more about the individual
  • Reinforcing: Try to adapt the behavior and skills of the person
  • Relating: Combine your past experiences with the newfound context
  • Applying these three principles allow you to access a person’s special knowledge and skills.

Once you get out from the deep trance, you will feel relaxed, confident, and of course, powerful.

Raikov Effect Review: How Does It Work?

How the Reikov Effect Works

The idea behind the Raikov effect is to train your mind to think and act like a different person.

This person could be your teacher, celebrity, famous personality, best friend, colleague, or anyone you admire.

I have heard some people say that the program doesn’t work for them, and if you ask me a month back, I would have said the same.

However, when I dig deeper, I came to know what I was missing.


Here is the thing, undivided and one-pointed concentration is the only way to make the program work.

Indeed the process is easy, but you will have to show great conviction in following each step as it is told in the manual.

So, I would request everyone to follow the steps carefully and precisely, pouring all their concentration into everything they do.

It’s not some cool tricks to shortcut your way to success. The Raikov Effect program does work, but don’t expect it to work right away.


Just because you know a person from a TV or event doesn’t mean you can actually become them.

You will have to do proper research about that person. You need to study the person as closely as you can. The more you understand them, the better will be your chance to think and act like them.

It did work out for me, but not in the unrealistically way as I expected. I have mentioned the steps I followed, and I hope it works for you as well.


Visualization indeed plays a significant role in the Raikov Effect, but thankfully it doesn’t affect your progress.

The truth is, our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. So, when you imagine something with absolute concentration, you can trick your mind into thinking of it as real.

You will have more knowledge about this when you read the book. Everyone has the potential for powerful imagination; the new Raikov effect can help you with that.

The proper way to follow the New Raikov Effect?

The first thing you have to do is read the book. The program also comes with easy to listen to mp3 files, but I would recommend users read the book before moving further.

The book serves as a systematic guidance system featuring seven unique techniques. Memorize them as much as possible, as this will help you following the Raikov effect mp3 more precisely.

Writing down the essential pointers will help you with memorizing the techniques better.

I personally like to create my own Raikov effect mp3 following the scripts at the end of the book.

The problem with the prerecorded Raikov effect mp3s is that they don’t find any mention of names or skills, or talents. That’s where recording your own mp3 works wonder.

In your personalized mp3, you can include a personality’s name, skills, talents, etc. It helps you visualize better and, consequently, offers better results.

How To Use The New Raikov Effect

How To Use The New Raikov Effect

After you read the book and understand the techniques they use and why they use them, you need to follow their five-step technique.

You can create your own Raikov Effect mp3 audio using the new Raikov Effect script included at the end of the eBook.

All you have to do is add in things you want to include, such as the name of the genius you want to become and the skills and traits you want to develop.

Recording your personalized version of the technique is better than the recorded Raikov Effect mp3s because they don’t include specific names or skills/talents in the done-for-you mp3s.

When you record it yourself and include a name and skill or talent, you make it more specific, helping you visualize it better and get better results from it.

You can also modify the script for a more niche result.

For example, if the script says, “Visualize yourselves with amplified skills or talents,” then you change it to “visualize yourselves with an amazing body or as a skilled pianist.”

You will receive audios and scripts for almost all topics such as boosting wealth, abundance, brainpower, health, confidence, and many more.

What is includes in the Raikov Effect program?

Raikov Package

The program contains all the information on implementing the newly updated Raikov effect in all critical areas in your life.

Contents of Raikov Effect

A comprehensive Raikov effect course

You will receive a pdf comprising every detail of the Raikov effect program. It contains the history of the project, researches, modern psychology, and step-by-step guidance.

You will have access to breakthrough programs like NLP, Borrowed guidance, body hack, and other valuable techniques to heighten your sense.

Bonus Contents

The Raikov effect comes with four bonus contents that add more value to this program. Click on the below links to get the free bonuses.

  • The placebo effectIt is a brain hack guide to boost your mood, confidence, energy, productivity, and more.
  • The Secrets of Body LanguageThe guide helps identify a person’s intention through their body language.
  • Unlocking your inner geniusThe book helps you unlock your subconscious mind to retrieve information that you tend to forget in your conscious self.
  • The As-if techniqueIt is a guide that contains essential ideas and procedures following which you can uncover instant happiness, confidence, health, and prosperity.

Mp3 Audios

The audio playlist of the Raikov effect program is divided into three segments:

  • The main audio: It contains a 10 minute mp3 audio file containing the in-depth essence of the program. Make sure to listen to this audio to harness incredible mental abilities.
  • Five unique audios: The Inspire3 team handpicks these audio files. It contains mind-training methods to achieve success in power, wealth, confidence, weight loss, and the law of attraction.
  • Guidance: This is a file that contains a quick start audio guide about the Raikov Effect Program.
  • The Cheat Sheet: It contains some exciting tricks to speed up your gains 

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Pros and Cons of the Raikov Effect Program?

Below are some of the pros and cons of the Raikov Effect program


Researched-backed program: The Raikov Effect program is a combination of scientific-based researches. You can refer to the pdf files to learn all about the research and how it relies on modern psychology.

  • No recurring bills: The program is a one-time purchase. You don’t need to pay for any monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Instant access: You can access the program and its contents the moment to complete the transaction.
  • Downloadable files: The program allows you to download the contents and play them on multiple devices. You don’t need an active internet connection all the time.
  • No stressful and time-consuming tasks: All you need to do is give 10 minutes of your day to see results.
  • Suitable for first-time users: You don’t need to learn about the law of attraction or manifestation to follow this course. The Raikov effect program teaches you everything from the ground level.


  • No available in hard copy: All contents of the program are available only in soft copy. You need to access them with a computer, laptop, or smartphone. 


What is the Raikov technique?

The Raikov technique features a seven-step program that allows your brain to imprint the qualities and skills of an individual. That person could be a celebrity, renowned business person, motivational speaker, teacher, friend, colleague, etc.

The program trains you to activate specific neurons in your brain, affecting your decision-making, skills, and intelligence. You can train your brain in such a way that you will start to think like your favorite person, perform activities as per their caliber, and learn multiple skills with minimal time.

How much does the Raikov Effect cost?

The Raikov effect is a stand-alone program costing only $237 for a lifetime subscription. However, if you purchase through our promo link, you will get a $100 discount, bringing the price down to $137.

Is the Raikov Effect real or a scam?

The Raikov Effect is real and the program really works. It is developed by Inspire3, a renowned organization known for famous programs like Zen12 and Manifesting.Com

End Thoughts 

Once you start to follow the Raikov effect program, you will start noticing changes in how you perceive things and act on them. You will see a significant increase in your learning abilities as well as your motivational and social skills.

I have personally experienced a dramatic change in my life and would gladly vouch for this program.

The program comes with a 365 days (no questions asked) money-back guarantee. Meaning, you have a one-year window to return this program and get your full money back.

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