Top 10 Rare Aura Colors: Unveiling the Mystery

Jovana Petrovic
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rare aura colors

As a spiritual enthusiast, I was always fascinated by the world of auras and their colors.

Auras are actually the energy fields that we are surrounded with, all the time, and their colors can provide insights into our personalities, emotions, and spiritual well-being.

While there are several common aura colors like Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, etc. I’m particularly intrigued by the rare ones.

So, in this article, I’ll share my knowledge, knowings, and experience about the rare aura colors and their meanings.

Let’s dive in

10 Rare Aura Colors That You Didn’t Know Exist

1. Magenta Aura:

magenta aura color

Magenta auras mix the fiery energy of red with the psychic wisdom of purple. As a result, Magenta souls blaze their own trail through life, guided by creative inspiration and spiritual intuition.

Your friend with a Magenta aura is likely an artistic free spirit, drawn to music, painting, or self-expression. The nonconformist Magenta type often feels constrained by society’s rules and expectations. They follow the beat of their own drum.

Empathy and insight come naturally to Magenta auras. They make compassionate friends and counselors, able to sense others’ unspoken feelings. But their idealism and high standards can leave them disappointed at times.

In relationships, the passionate Magenta personality craves deep connection. They need partners who give them space while appreciating their unique perspectives.

So next time you meet someone with a Magenta aura, expect an imaginative dreamer with a big heart. Their vibrancy and ingenuity bring color to everything they do.

Famous Personality with Magenta Aura

  • Princess Diana – The late Princess of Wales, known for her humanitarian work and compassion towards others, may have had a Magenta aura reflecting her strong intuition and spiritual insight.
  • Deepak Chopra – The Indian-American author, speaker, and alternative medicine advocate, known for his spiritual teachings and mind-body healing practices. Read his 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Chopra here.
  • Eckhart Tolle – The German-Canadian spiritual teacher and author of the well-known book “The Power of Now“.
  • Amma – The Indian spiritual leader and humanitarian, known for her selfless service and ability to provide comfort and solace to those in need.
  • Sadhguru – The Indian yogi, mystic, and author, known for his teachings on yoga, meditation, and spiritual awakening.

2. Gold or Golden Aura:

gold or yellow aura

What does it mean to shine with a Golden aura? This brilliant hue signals a bright, uplifting presence.

Gold auras mix the orange rays of vitality and confidence with the yellow light of intellect and optimism. True to its metallic name, the Golden aura radiates success, achievement, and inner strength.

Those blessed with a Golden glow are natural leaders, motivated by self-improvement.

They set ambitious goals and work hard to manifest them in reality. Yet Golden auras also readily help others succeed. They are inspiring mentors.

Warm, friendly, and dependable – these are the hallmarks of the Gold aura personality.

They enjoy popularity and trust, though can be perfectionists. Golden auras thrive when living in alignment with their values.

In relationships, Golden auras make loyal, stabilizing partners. They create secure homes filled with laughter and wisdom to share. Their radiance brings out the best in those around them.

The vibrant Gold aura belongs to life’s champions.

They turn dreams into reality through hard work, positivity, and sheer strength of spirit. Their shine is a beacon of hope.

Famous Personality with Gold or Golden Aura

  • Mahatma Gandhi – Indian independence leader with a Golden aura reflecting his spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. – American civil rights activist with a Golden aura reflecting his selflessness and commitment to social justice.
  • Mother Mary – Mother of Jesus Christ with a Golden aura reflecting her spiritual purity and divine connection.
  • Nelson Mandela – South African anti-apartheid revolutionary with a Golden aura reflecting his courage, resilience, and selflessness.
  • Gautama Buddha – Founder of Buddhism with a Golden aura reflecting his spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.

3. Silver Aura:

silver aura color

The Silver aura signifies a sensitive, creative soul. Those with this reflective hue often have a serene, gentle presence that puts others at ease.

Intuitive and imaginative, Silver auras frequently have artistic gifts and talents. They enjoy expressing their deep well of emotions through creative outlets like writing, music, or painting. Their compassionate nature makes them very perceptive of others’ feelings.

With their idealism and empathy, Silver auras value harmonious connections. They are exceptionally supportive friends and partners. However, their desire to avoid conflict can lead to being taken advantage of at times.

In relationships, Silver personalities thrive with a patient, loving partner who engages their excellent listening abilities. They do well to watch for caretaking patterns rather than reciprocal care.

While prone to disappointment in flawed humans, Silver auras have an underlying emotional strength. Staying true to their principles gives more fulfillment than chasing perfection.

Overall, the Silver aura’s reflective glow illuminates a wise, sensitive soul. Their imagination, empathy, and creativity have much to offer the world if they believe in their gifts. Expressing their talents is the key to finding inner fulfillment.

Famous Personality with Silver Aura

  • Mother Teresa – Catholic nun and missionary known for her spiritual insight and empathy.
  • Dalai Lama – Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, famous for his deep sense of compassion and pursuit of inner peace.
  • Maya Angelou – Poet, author, and civil rights activist with a Silver aura reflecting her sensitivity and emotional depth.
  • Oprah Winfrey – Talk show host and media mogul with a Silver aura reflecting her spiritual insight and empathy towards others.
  • Albert Einstein – Legendary physicist and philosopher with a Silver aura reflecting his profound intuition and spiritual insight.

4. Brown Aura:

brown aura color

The Earthy Brown Aura

Grounded and practical, the Brown aura personality is symbolized by stability, reliability, and a down-to-earth nature. Those with this neutral earth tone often have a no-nonsense approach to life.

Browns value tradition, proven methods, and common sense. They tend to have practical skills and excel at hands-on work like construction, engineering, or repair jobs. Organization and detail orientation are Browns’ strengths.

In their personal life, Browns enjoy simple pleasures – good food, nature, and family. They aren’t impressed by Flash but rather by dedication, loyalty, and follow-through. Browns seek partners with shared values who bring steadiness to their life.

While viewed as predictable by some, Browns are the bedrock of their communities. They volunteer for service projects and can always be counted on in times of need. Their humor and wisdom make them beloved.

For Browns fulfillment comes through hard work, feeling useful, and living in alignment with their integrity. They remind us of life’s simple joys and that if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. The Brown aura’s earthy stability is a grounding force.

Famous Personality with Silver Aura

  1. Warren Buffett – American investor and philanthropist with a Brown aura reflecting his grounded nature and practicality.
  2. J.K. Rowling – British author with a Brown aura reflecting her practicality and perseverance.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres – American comedian and talk show host with a Brown aura reflecting her grounded nature and practical approach to life.
  4. Jeff Bezos – American entrepreneur and founder of Amazon with a Brown aura reflecting his practicality and down-to-earth approach to problem-solving.
  5. Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani activist for female education with a Brown aura reflecting her grounded nature and practical approach to achieving her goals.

5. Opalescent Aura:

The Shimmering Opalescent Aura

Like a rainbow reflecting in an oil slick, the Opalescent aura dazzles with its ever-shifting colors. This glistening, changeable aura reveals a complex, creative soul.

Opalescent auras are strongly intuitive, imaginative, and expressive. They experience the full spectrum of human emotions and insight. This intense depth fuels their original perspectives and visionary ideas.

Artistically brilliant, Opalescents have innate talents across multiple mediums like music, painting, writing and dance. Their flair for the dramatic requires flexible environments where they can shine. Routines stifle their vibrant spirits.

In relationships, Opalescents crave partners who delight in their kaleidoscopic nature. They thrive when able to express their uniqueness within accepting bonds. Too much criticism wounds their sensitive creativity.

While their emotions run deep, Opalescents emit an enchanting joie de vivre. They awaken childlike wonder in jaded adults with their magical, ever-changing glow.

Like a natural work of art, the Opalescent aura’s ever-shifting colors reveal an exciting, complex soul beneath. Their multifaceted gifts have the power to inspire and transform the world.

6. Indigo Aura:

indigo aura

The Mystical Indigo Aura

Deep, cosmic, and mysteriously magnetic – this describes those with an Indigo aura. The rich Indigo hue signifies vision, intuition, and living from the soul’s wisdom.

Indigos are spiritually gifted with psychic abilities and existential insight. They seek deeper meaning in all of life’s facets – from their relationships and careers to creative and healing arts. Indigos feel called to enlighten humanity.

Strongly independent, Indigos follow their own compass over conforming to societal norms. They value authenticity and need freedom of thought and movement. Routines feel stifling to these unconventional souls.

In relationships, Indigos require partners with open minds and spirits. They thrive with those who support their need for exploration, both inner and outer. Indigos see beyond surface levels.

While prone to alienation in a rigid world, Indigos were born ahead of their time. When embraced, their intuitive clarity helps guide humanity’s consciousness forward. Their visions beckon us toward enlightenment.

Like peering into the starry depths of night, to gaze into an Indigo aura is to see infinity’s mysteries shining back at you, luring you toward awakening.

7. Black Aura:

black aura

The Powerful Black Aura

What does a black aura signify? Like the night sky, this dark hue contains multitudes. Black absorbs all light, yet gives the power of focus and inner vision.

Those with a Black aura possess immense inner strength and a powerful will. They stand firmly in their convictions and values, even in the face of strong opposition. They don’t waver.

This determined aura finds power in solitude and freedom from distraction. They need time for contemplation. When they act, it is with careful thought and energy conserved.

In relationships, Black auras value partners who respect their independence and need for emotional space at times. Understanding is key.

While Black’s intensity can intimidate, this is not their intention. They simply experience life on philosophical and emotional depths. Patience is required.

But for those willing to peer deeper, behind Black’s impenetrable exterior lies hidden warmth and insight. They have much wisdom to share with open and mature souls.

8. Lavender Aura:

The Soothing Lavender Aura

What comes to mind when you envision a lavender aura? Like its namesake flower, this delicate hue embodies grace, intuition, and imagination.

Lavender souls are highly sensitive and attuned to subtle energies around them. They pick up on others’ emotions easily and need tranquility to recharge. Their intuition guides them well through life’s waters.

These mystical old souls often possess natural gifts for healing and divination. Lavenders make gentle, compassionate friends and partners who genuinely care for others’ wellbeing.

Creative self-expression through art, music or writing allows Lavenders to manifest their magical inner world. They spin beauty from their delicate dreams and visions.

While prone to melancholy at times, Lavenders’ childlike wonder Sparkles through when their natural gifts are nurtured. Their gentle wisdom and grace uplifts humanity.

Like the sweet scent of Lavender on a soft breeze, this aura’s healing energy brings comfort and meaning to all blessed to be in their presence. The Soothing Lavender soul awakens what’s sacred within us all.

9. Peach Aura:

peach aura

The Friendly Peach Aura

Warm, approachable, and cheerful – these words capture the Peach aura personality. True to their name, Peaches exude sweet and sunny vibes.

Peach auras are natural extroverts who draw people into their glow. They have a talent for bringing folks together through their humor, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

While sensitive at heart, Peaches focuses on the positive and wants everyone to be happy. They try to resolve, not avoid conflict. Peaches make devoted partners and gregarious friends.

However, this sociable aura risks people-pleasing and hiding their true needs. Peaches should listen to their inner emotional guidance, not just others.

Overall, the Peach aura’s bright vibe inspires joy and fun. They remind us relationships require vulnerability, not perfection. Peaches spread a spirit of belonging.

turquoise aura

What image comes to mind when you think of Turquoise? For many, it’s a tropical lagoon – calm, refreshing and serene. Those with a Turquoise aura radiate similar peaceful energy.

Turquoises have an innate wisdom and equilibrium that grounds them through all of life’s ups and downs. They intuitively know how to restore balance and heal discord.

This even-tempered aura makes a steadying force in relationships and communities. Turquoises counsel from their heart. They want harmony and will compromise to achieve it.

While conflict-avoidant, Turquoises do set healthy boundaries when necessary. Their chill vibe shouldn’t be mistaken for lack of conviction.

Like cool water over the psyche, Turquoise auras soothe hot heads and nurture wounded souls. Their presence gently returns us to grace.

How to Identify Rare Aura Colors – Step by Step

  1. Learn about common aura colors: I recommend becoming familiar with the most commonly seen aura colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This will help you recognize when an aura color is less commonly seen and may be considered rare.
  2. Consult an aura reader or energy healer: Seeking the guidance of an experienced aura reader or energy healer who can see and interpret aura colors can be helpful in identifying rare aura colors. They can provide insights into their meanings and significance, helping you understand the nuances of each color.
  3. Practice meditation and self-awareness: Regular meditation and self-awareness practices can help you develop your intuition and spiritual insight, enabling you to recognize rare aura colors in yourself and others.
  4. Observe your surroundings: Paying attention to the colors and energy fields around you, such as in nature, art, and people, can also help you identify rare aura colors. You may notice them in unexpected places or situations.
  5. Keep a journal: Recording your observations and experiences related to aura colors in a journal can be beneficial in tracking patterns and developing a deeper understanding of rare aura colors over time.
  6. Continue learning and exploring: Aura colors are a complex and fascinating topic, and there is always more to learn and discover. Engaging in ongoing learning and exploration can deepen your understanding of rare aura colors and their meanings.

Aura colors and personal growth

Understanding your aura color can provide valuable insights into your personal development and spiritual growth.

By recognizing the strengths and challenges associated with your aura color, you can:

  • Focus on enhancing your natural talents and abilities
  • Address potential weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • Deepen your connection to your spiritual purpose

Ways to discover your aura color

aura photography

If you’re curious about your aura color, there are several methods to uncover it:

  • Visiting an aura reader or psychic who specializes in aura interpretation
  • Having an aura photograph taken using specialized equipment
  • Practicing self-assessment through meditation and intuition, focusing on your energy field and any colors that emerge


What are aura colors, and how do they relate to our energy field?

Aura colors represent the different energies that surround our physical body. Each color signifies specific emotions, thoughts, and spiritual aspects, reflecting our overall well-being and unique characteristics.

Can my aura color change over time?

Yes, aura colors can change based on your emotions, thoughts, and spiritual growth. Significant life events or personal transformations can also impact your aura color.

What factors influence the rarity of an aura color?

A rarity in aura colors depends on the frequency at which they are seen in the general population. Less common colors are considered rare because they are not as frequently encountered.

Can certain aura colors be considered “negative” or “positive”?

Each aura color has its unique qualities, strengths, and challenges. While some may associate certain colors with negative or positive energies, it is essential to understand that every color can contribute positively to one’s spiritual growth and self-awareness. Understanding the nuances and lessons associated with each color is more valuable than labeling them as negative or positive.

How can I protect and maintain a healthy aura?

To protect and maintain a healthy aura, practice regular self-care, such as meditation, energy healing, grounding exercises, and emotional healing. Surround yourself with positive influences, manage stress, and engage in activities that promote personal and spiritual growth. These practices can help strengthen and balance your aura.

Is there a connection between chakras and aura colors?

Yes, there is a connection between chakras and aura colors. Each chakra corresponds to a specific energy center in the body, and these centers can influence the colors and vibrancy of your aura. A balanced chakra system can result in a more harmonious and vibrant aura.

Personal Stories of Individuals with Rare Aura Colors

To give you a better sense of what rare aura colors look like and how they can be interpreted, I want to share some personal stories/testimonials of individuals that I have taken from different online forums/social media

  • Michael, 42, who’s got a rainbow aura– “As a child, I always sensed that I was different from others. I had a profound curiosity about spirituality and the universe’s enigmas, feeling as if I had a unique connection to something larger than myself. When I discovered my rainbow aura, everything suddenly made sense. I realized that I was destined to be a healer and teacher, and I’ve been cultivating my talents ever since.”
  • Ava, 29, who carries a silver aura– “I have always been highly intuitive and empathic, but I didn’t truly grasp what that meant until I learned about aura colors. When I discovered my silver aura, I was astonished. It was as if I finally had a label for an aspect of myself that had always been present. Since then, I’ve been refining my psychic skills and delving deeper into the spiritual world. It’s been an amazing journey of self-exploration.”

Tools and Resources for Exploring and Understanding Rare Aura Colors

If you are interested in learning more about rare aura colors and how to interpret them, there are many resources available to you. Here are a few that I recommend:

  • Aura reading books and courses – There are many books and courses available that can teach you how to read auras and interpret their colors.
  • Psychic and intuitive readings – A skilled psychic or intuitive can offer insights into your aura colors and what they mean for your spiritual path.
  • Meditation and energy work – Practices like meditation and energy work can help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities, making it easier to recognize and interpret aura colors.


Now that we’ve explored a total of 10 rare aura colors – Magenta, Gold, Silver, Brown, Opalescent, Indigo, Black, Lavender, Peach, and Turquoise – you have a comprehensive view of these less commonly seen energies.

By embracing and working with your unique aura color, you can unlock new opportunities for personal growth, spiritual development, and self-awareness.

Remember to stay open to the insights your aura color may provide, and continue to explore the fascinating world of auras as you embark on your spiritual path.

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Jovana Petrovic is a writer, holistic tarot reader, and traditional Western astrologer. She possesses clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, which she uses to help others tap into their purpose, release old patterns, and realize their fullest potential. Her practice blends intuitive guidance with psychic tools, knowledge, and experience. As a graduate Pedagogist and spirituality enthusiast, Jovana uses her expertise to help people navigate through their spiritual awakening and heal their inner child. Besides tarot and astrology, she practices incorporating shadow work, self-love techniques, and chakra healing.