45 Root Chakra Affirmations To Restore Your Balance 

Jovana Petrovic
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root chakra affirmations

The root chakra is our spiritual connection to the earth and the material world around us.

A healthy root chakra makes us feel safe and secure, both physically and metaphorically. When this energy center is out of balance, it disrupts our survival instincts.

We experience a lot of distress – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Fortunately, there’s something we can do to keep our root chakra balanced with minimum effort: affirmations!

Affirmations are positive statements that allow us to better connect with ourselves on a subconscious level.

In this blog post, I will guide you through using powerful root chakra affirmations to restore balance within yourself and empower your overall well-being.

Before we learn different affirmations, let’s understand the significance and function of the root chakra in detail. 

Understanding Root Chakra 

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara or Padma, is one of the seven major chakras in the human body located at the tailbone/base of the spine.

Its aura is represented in red and brown color. 

understanding root chakra

Significance of the Root Chakra 

Being an earth element, it governs security/safety and the densest grade of manifestation.

A balanced root chakra will always make you feel grounded, safe, and confident. If it is unbalanced, you will lack coordination, energy, and zest for self-esteem to live a purposeful life.

The unbalanced root chakra can also induce physical imbalance such as addictions, insomnia, and problems related to feet, legs, and lower abdomen. 

Functions of the Root Chakra 

The main function of the root chakra is to ground you and make you feel one with life.

However, how you feel about the same depends on your past karmic account. A negative karmic account from birth would make your negative emotions weigh over positive emotions and vice versa. 

But, once you learn how to balance your root chakra, you can vacuum all the negative emotional energies from inside and ground them to earth to achieve a rainbow purity aura. 

There are many ways to balance your root chakra, but in this blog, we will primarily focus on the power of affirmations. 

The Power of Affirmations 

According to neuroplasticity, our brain can hardly differentiate between reality and imagination under a profound influence. That serves as a loophole and a base for self-affirmation. 

Repeating positive affirmations daily helps your brain create a mental image of your desired state of mind where you are already a winner.

That reflects in your actions too. Your actions upgrade to match your desired end goal. 

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra

blocked root chakra

As root chakra gives your grounding, its imbalance keeps you struggling to settle down in one place. You get a general feeling of agitation in your work life and personal interactions. 

Here are some signs of a blocked root chakra.

  1. You find it hard to connect with everyone. 
  2. You feel unstable and fearful even when everything seems fine. 
  3. You overbuy things just to fill in something you can’t explain. 
  4. You get an insatiable quench for material possessions despite financial freedom.
  5. You let down your personal boundary for others to walk over you. 
  6. You hold grudges and lash out at people when things don’t go as you want. 
  7. You’re too afraid to commit to change.  
  8. You easily get influenced by other people. 
  9. You often feel a lack of energy and body pain. 
  10. You lack the confidence to level up with your job or business.  

Benefits of Using Affirmations for Root Chakra Healing

Practicing positive affirmations helps you overcome prolonged fears and limiting self-beliefs that hold you back.

For instance, a blocked Muladhara stops you from being productive. It thrives upon your anxiety and overthinking.

They are nothing but energy blockages during any major traumatic event or stressful surroundings. 

affirmations for healing root chakra

There are several ways to unblock root chakra for depression, including: 

They may temporarily open your root chakra, but they won’t address the core issues- limiting self-belief. 

Using positive personal affirmations helps you keep your mind focused on the end goal.

As you anchor your focus to a positive end, it forces your brain to remain optimistic amidst uncertain situations.

The overall process directs healing vibrations to the root chakra.

Affirmations for Root Chakra Healing 

Under the limited scope of this blog, let’s learn how to create personalized affirmations to unblock three important aspects of life- money, weight loss, and depression.

You can take it as a guide to building root chakra affirmations for aspects of your life, such as relationships, healing, and sex life. 

Root Chakra Affirmations for Money Blockage 

Muladhara is the key to attracting abundance. If your root chakra does not vibrate at a high frequency, you always feel a lack of financial safety. 

Steps to follow: 

  1. Identify the fear
  2. Create personalized affirmations
  3. Use them to overcome limitations and negative self-belief 

Some examples of personalized root chakra affirmations for money blockage: 

  1. I am managing my money well. 
  2. I know where to invest and what to avoid. 
  3. I do not get influenced by others when it comes to expenditure. 
  4. I have enough cash flow to attain financial freedom right now. 
  5. I receive and keep money in abundance. 
  6. I always get lucky with money. 
  7. I pay my bills without giving any second thoughts. 
  8. I am worthy of receiving unexpected money. 
  9. I easily attract money towards me. 
  10. I handle a great amount of wealth very well. 
  11. I have a great sense of profitable investment. 
  12. I grow my wealth every day. 
  13. I have the skills to make money in abundance. 
  14. Generating wealth comes easy to me. 
  15. My money brings me joy. 

Root Chakra Affirmations for Weight Loss

Our body is a collection of our past experiences. The emotional baggage we carry since childhood can influence our body weight.

If you hold on to them too much, you may gain weight.

On the other hand, you might struggle with being underweight if you are always uncertain about your life. 

Steps to follow: 

  1. Get a good grounding. Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. 
  2. Repeat personalized affirmations to lose weight. 
  3. Feel your root chakra getting healed in the process. 

Some examples of personalized root chakra affirmations for weight loss: 

  1. As I speak, I send any toxic thoughts or negative feelings from my body deep into the ground through my feet. I am feeling light now.
  2. I am always mindful of what I eat. 
  3. I only like healthy foods. 
  4. My body feels light and energetic. 
  5. I can maintain my morning energy level throughout the day. 
  6. I have successfully maintained a healthy BMI for years. 
  7. My age has nothing to do with my weight. 
  8. I always unconsciously ground my negative energy for balancing. 
  9. My body feels light and full of energy all the time. 
  10. I enjoy eating healthy foods in moderation throughout the day. 
  11. Nothing can derail me from sticking to my healthy body routine. 
  12. I always feel great after my morning exercise. 
  13. I choose to live healthy till my last breath. 
  14. Losing weight is fun for me. 
  15. Every cell in my body is vibrant and strong. 

Root Chakra Affirmations for Depression 

You’re likely to suffer from depression when you feel the negative energy in any of the following levels: 

  • Emotions (often crying, losing interest in sex, impatient all the time)
  • Thoughts (overthinking, forgetful, pessimistic) 
  • Behavior (avoiding social events, can’t put thoughts into words)
  • Physical (low appetite, poor sleep, more weight) 

Steps to follow 

  1. List all root causes of your depression  
  2. Identify your alternative self with qualities thriving in your situation 
  3. Build positive affirmations on those qualities 
  4. Practice them daily for balancing and healing 

Some examples of personalized root chakra affirmations for depression: 

  1. I am mentally strong enough to handle every situation with ease. 
  2. I am calm inside. No external turbulence can alter my peace of mind. 
  3. I value my peace of mind over depression and anxiety. 
  4. Overthinking has never helped me solve my problems. 
  5. I am befriending my mood swings. I do not acknowledge them anymore. They do not represent who I am. I do not represent them either. 
  6. I am open to receiving positive support and love from others. 
  7. I embrace change as a natural part of life. 
  8. I draw my energy from the earth for strength and stability.
  9. I release all my past traumas and negative energies as I deserve peace.
  10. I have a strong sense of connection to the people around me. 
  11. I trust my life journey as everything unfolds in perfect timing. 
  12. I am in control of my emotional state of mind. 
  13. I always like to vibrate with positive energy. 
  14. I trust the universe, it has a plan for my well-being. 
  15. I am responsible for creating a strong foundation for my happiness. 

How to use affirmations for root chakra healing?

Before you repeat affirmations, make sure to: 

  • Be in a good state of mind: When you’re in a bad mood, you are already in a negative energy zone. You can hardly mean what you say. 
  • Raise your confidence level: confidence is the stepping stone to every successful manifestation. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to write your affirmations in the present tense. 
  • Control your negative feelings: Deep down, your heart may disagree with what you say during your affirmations. Stop acknowledging them; they will gradually lose their existence in your mind.  

End Thoughts 

Affirmations only work when you add them to your daily routine. But first, create your personal root chakra affirmations and take the time to connect with them for balancing and healing.

The best part is that you can be extremely flexible with the process. Even if you don’t have any dedicated time for the practice, you can still repeat them silently as you go about your day.

Investing a little bit of energy into root chakra healing can change how you approach life and navigate through relationships. 


Do affirmations work?

Yes, they do. It has already been scientifically proven that positive affirmations boost one’s self-image by altering neural pathways inside the brain. As affirmations anchor your brain on rewards, you feel less emotional pain and have high stress-buffering effects. Knowing you have the ability to manage stress amidst adversities further promotes faith in yourself, leading to extraordinary results. 

What are some other methods of root chakra healing?

Guided meditation and grounding yoga are two effective ways to balance your root chakra. You can also try essential oils (Cedarwood, cypress, and vetiver) to calm down your root chakra during anxiety. As root chakra energy is red in color, you can surround yourself with red color flowers, wear red dresses or have the visualization in the red background to infuse more energy into your root chakra. 

What crystals are best for root chakra healing?

Red jasper is associated with stability, security, and groundedness. It can balance aggressive, dynamic energy. Thus, it is the best crystal to heal your root chakra. Alternatively, you can also try garnet, carnelian, or agate crystals known to bear similar energy. 

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