7 Sagittarius Flowers: Symbolism, Meaning, Traits & More

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The 9th zodiac sign is the Archer, hidden in the woods on some tree bough waiting with bated breath for the prey with the bow drawn.

You can almost feel the adrenaline, the adventure to it. This brings us to the zodiac itself, Sagittarius.

And in this blog, we’ll be talking about Sagittarius flowers.

But in time.

Flowers for Sagittarius: Traits and Blooms

Sagis are often the brilliant ones of the lot and easily distinguishable from them all.

They are honest players and they value freedom of thought and especially, speech. Expect a Sagittarius to say it as it is but expect them to be sensitive about it later down the line.

Why not dig a bit deeper?

Sagittarius Traits and Characteristics

  • Optimism

Common to fire signs like Leo, Aries, and Sagis never back down, never give up.

They’re always up and ready for what’s next even if it’s a losing battle (they rarely lose out).

You can depend on a Sagittarius to be on the winning side of things. Why? A positive mindset takes them the whole way.

  • Curious

Curiosity does not kill the Archer. Expect a Sagi to sneak in and find out the secret of all secrets without letting the world know about their snooping around for it.

They’re a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to having the wits and smarts to complement a consistently curious nature.

  • Adventure

Pack the bag and go. If you have a Sagittarius friend, you know. Sagis are up and ready for any adventure you might think about. They’re easy to get along and bring along. And they’re fun outdoors.

  • Honest

You want a piece of advice that you do not want but you actually need to move on? Ask a Sagittarius.

They’ll blurt it out as easily as the bullet comes out of a gun. And it’s not like they mean to harm. They simply say it up front instead of beating around the bushes.

  • Generous

Like Leos, the average Sagittarius has a big heart that’s full of generosity, humility, and an urge to benefit the greater good. They’ll be there when you really need them with you.

  • Yang

Sagis represent the Yang – outgoing, vibrant, a wind of change, a wildfire, uncontrollable and devastating. They are not the most consistent of the zodiacs but they are a ball of unending energy that never fades, a true fire zodiac.

Sagittarius Flower Symbolism

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is bold, adventurous, true, and prime. And it’s a fire sign like the Leos and Aries.

So no wonder it represents the colors yellow, red, orange, and the like.

It also symbolically represents out-of-the-ordinary flowers, different from the lovely daffodils or the bougainvillea. Les Fleurs du Mal!

Best Flowers for Sagittarian

In short, Sagis are ‘different’ and so are their blooms. Here are the Sagittarius flowers you wanted to know about –

1. Carnation


‘The’ flower for Sagittarius women, the Carnation is a fire flower and blooms in pink, red, yellow, and white, ideally suited for the crazy and blurring creative Sagis.

It’s a fire flower and it’s dazzling.

2. Dandelion


Dandelions are bright and lovely flowers symbolizing friendship, brotherhood, joy, and optimism so it’s no wonder this too is a Sagittarius zodiac flower.

There’s a purple Dandelion too and it’s a beauty!

3. Peony


Peonies are mostly white or tending from white to pink but they’re a grand sight in all cases.

Sometimes they’re green too but not with envy. Peonies symbolize happiness, life, and zeal, much like what the average Sagi has for breakfast.

This is a common bloom and sometimes, you may get your hands on yellow or red peonies too.

4. Chrysanthemum


A poetic flower that changes hues with the seasons, Chrysanthemums are mostly red, purple, white, even lavender, and sometimes bicolored.

They change to reds during fall and stay yellow and pink through the summer.

Much like a Sagittarius, curiously frolicking through the woods in summer and relishing the last throes of it before winter.

5. Honeysuckle


Honeysuckles have been revered as divine blossoms since ages old, primarily the white honeysuckle, considered a symbol of purity and innocence (read honesty). But there are yellow, pink, and red variants too.

A li’l bouquet of red honeysuckles can be an extraordinary gift to a Sagi woman, passionate and full of love.

6. Snapdragon


Snapdragons are rare blooms and they come in a lot of colors like red, yellow, white, purple (and Deep Purple), pink, even orange, and rose.

They are lovely little flowers and best grown in gardens for their deep matte hues and shades, just a bold adventurous Sagittarius male.

7. Protea


Leaving the best for the last. In case you haven’t seen a Protea, it is from South Africa and it’s quite popular there, just that South Africans are often referred to as the Proteas.

They are evergreen and produce this otherworldly bloom of bounteous beauty although its nectar and seeds are better off left alone since they are fatally harmful if ingested by humans and other common household pets alike.


Sagittariuses are great to have around, adding that much-needed spark of adventure and whatnot to everything. They are full of life and honest words of advice but often unruly.

They are a force to be reckoned but if guided and befriended, they are loyal and generous in their own way. Just as Sagittarius flowers, they are the rarest rares.

The company of a true Sagittarius is irreplaceable, in good ways and more. Enjoy having them and if you are Sagittarius, live free but slow down sometimes to think it through.

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