5 Sagittarius Tarot Cards & What They Mean

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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, under the element of fire ruled by the expansive planet, Jupiter.

People with this zodiac sign are born between November 22nd and December 21st.

Just like Aries and Leo, the other two fire signs, Sagittarius is a very positive one, full of energy and a strong sense of optimism. 

Sagittarius natives are adventurous, cheerful, and philosophical. As this is also a mutable sign, these natives also cherish their freedom and have a great ability to adapt to different circumstances and opportunities.

They always learn new things and are open to new ideas and interesting experiences. 

Knowing the 5 Sagittarius tarot cards will help you embrace your fire energy and help the Archer in you shine brighter than ever before.

The tarot deck can guide your steps and enrich your self-awareness through the most confusing and challenging life situations.

So, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the tarot cards for Sagittarius and how you can make the most out of them! 

5 Sagittarius Tarot Cards

The following tarot cards are specific to the sign of Sagittarius, and they speak to you every time they show up in a reading.

Pay attention to their imagery, symbolism, and energy to unveil their message!

1. Queen of Pentacles

queen of pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the tarot card that speaks of your emotional energy and relationships. You are a very giving lover and do all you can to make your partner happy.

Just like Taurus natives, Sagittarius people appreciate beauty and luxury, and they bring this into their lives through their work and effort. 

Your love language might be offering gifts and attention to your partner.

The Queen of Pentacles also shows that you want to create a comfortable and beautiful home where your happiness will bloom. 

However, this tarot card also speaks of your possessive and at times, jealous attitude. You need to work on trusting your partner and giving them the space they need to grow at an individual level. 

2. Ten of Wands

ten of wands

Another tarot card for Sagittarius natives is the Ten of Wands. This card speaks of the responsible nature of Sagittarius and the effort these natives invest to make sure their family is safe and comfortable.

Your family relationships are based on faith and trust as you tend to rely on each other. 

While you are a very responsible spirit, at times you might feel like the pressure to be the rock in your family is too much and even overwhelming.

You might feel stressed and limited in terms of opportunities as you take on a lot of responsibilities within your family. 

The Ten of Wands teaches you to use the trust you have in your family members to delegate tasks. Not everything has to be up to you, and you can take a step back to take care of the important tasks rather than micromanaging. 

3. Page of Wands

page of wands

The Page of Wands tarot card shares the same fiery energy of Sagittarius. This card shows your desire for adventures and interesting experiences and the limitless possibilities you might have in this life.

The entire suit of Wants is representative of this fire sign but the Page of Wands illustrates its core vibration. It is a card of dignity, courage, and honesty. 

This card also speaks of your optimism and ambitions and tells you that you have all the skills to reach your life goals.

When you set your mind on something, chances are that you will achieve it. It also shows your capacity to learn new things without the hassle and grow into your true potential. 

On the other hand, you want to take this card as advice too. It tells you to take calculated risks and don’t act based on your ambition and impulses. 

4. Temperance 


The Temperance is the tarot card of your personality. This card speaks of balance and healthy boundaries that you can establish in your life.

Even if you have a passionate and fiery nature, you also bring peace to others and become a mediator of conflicts. 

An evolved Sagittarius will be in control of their life and maintain harmony between all the important aspects.

Part of your growing journey is to keep stability in your life but also move forward. It is a card that warns you about extreme impulses or behaviors and invites you to give them a second thought before taking action. 

5. Eight of wands

eight of wands

Last but not least tarot card for Sagittarius is Eight of Wands. The energy of this tarot card is mostly connected to your career and professional path.

It shows your strong skills when it comes to communicating with others and creating healthy professional networks.

Your charm and communication will help you advance in your niche and create important connections. 

You might have a career that involves relocation or a lot of traveling, and your adventurous spirit will most likely embrace that.

The Eight of Wands also speaks of a lack of patience that might take over at times. You need to invest time to see the results of your work and effort. 

The Main Tarot Card for Sagittarius

The most representative tarot card for Sagittarius is the Temperance from the Major Arcana.

This card stands for patience, a lesson that Sagittarius people need to learn in this life. It is also a card of balance and purpose.

The Temperance tarot card tells you to keep your eyes on the prize and allow your work to bloom in its own time. 

The card symbolizes an angel pouring water from one cup to another, with great precision. This is a symbol of moderation but also a practice to master the divine gifts we bring into this life. The card speaks of purpose but encourages calmness and calculated moves to reach it. 

Just like the angel of Temperance, you try to find the balance you need in life and keep all the important aspects under control.

Sagittarius natives are also eager to learn the secrets of spirituality and get in touch with the wisdom of their higher self, which is energy very well represented by the angel in this card.

The Archer as the symbol of Sagittarius also resonates with the Temperance card in terms of precision and patience to reach the goal. 

How to use the Tarot Cards for Sagittarius

Now that you know the 5 tarot cards for Sagittarius, you want to incorporate them into your life to expand your energy and opportunities. And there are several ways to do that!

Reflect on the imagery and symbolism of these five cards and assimilate their energy.

They will bring revelations regarding your current situation but also important clues about your nature.

These cards can help guide you on your journey of self-awareness and transform your weaknesses into strengths, once you become aware of them. 

You can also draw one of these cards each day and see how its message can guide your steps through everything that life has in store for you in the next 24 hours.

Sometimes you might get a warning or a message of encouragement, depending on the vibration of your situation and the intention you set for the card. 

Journal and meditate on the symbols of the 5 Sagittarius tarot cards and use your creative energy to connect with them at a more intimate level. If you like to journal or if you are a creative person by nature, you will find a lot of inspiration in these tarot cards. 

When you use these cards in a tarot reading spread, consider the Temperance card as your present situation.

The other cards will be signs of support or disturbance concerning your current situation, and you can find answers that will help you guide your next steps. 

Final Thoughts

Tarot is a very intuitive and personal practice, which is why it is important to develop your relationship with it. These 5 Sagittarius tarot cards can guide your journey toward your true self but also help you find the light in difficult situations. 

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