5 Best Scorpio Flowers: Mystery, Passion, & Abundance

Rishika Dange
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scorpio flowers

Scorpio is my favorite zodiac sign! If you are thinking why is it that I love Scorpio, the answer is pretty obvious. I am a Scorpion myself.

So this blog is going to be super special as I will be talking about the personality traits of Scorpions (mine included) and the flowers that best suit their personality.

I have always been fond of flowers, but this particular aspect of my liking for flowers always made me curious. What’s that?

Well, I have always been drawn toward dark colors. This obsession with intense colors gets reflected in almost all choices that I make.

But when it comes to flowers, my love for dark and intense color choices just gets amplified. I never knew why this was the case until I learned about Scorpio flowers and their traits.

In this blog, I will take you through the intense characteristics of Scorpions as well as Scorpio flowers! 

Scorpio Personality Traits

scorpio personality traits

The traits of Scorpio flowers can only be gauged by first understanding the traits of Scorpion women.

Known as the most intense, passionate, and emotional people, Scorpions feel emotions way too deeply.

Your one opinion of them can leave them overthinking for hours. They are bold, determined, ambitious, protective, and at times humorous too.

However, their extreme personality might also make them jealous, dominating, stubborn, and temperamental.

Yeah, from personal experience I can say, all of that is absolutely true!

Birth Flowers for Scorpio Women

birth flowers for scorpio women

Scorpions are represented by the water sign and are ruled by Mars (the god of war) and Pluto( (the god of death).

Because of this intense personality that Scorpions possess, the flowers Scorpion women like, or the zodiac birth flowers they are associated with, are the ones that have intense colors like red and purple with strong aromatic fragrances.

These flowers compliment the bold, dramatic, hot-headed, emotional, and extreme personality of Scorpions.

Let’s explore them better. 

1. Geranium


Passion and protection are what drive a Scorpion. They use their magnetic and mysterious personalities to shield their sensitive hearts.

And geraniums are a true symbolization of shielding and safeguarding. These flowers have been known to have healing powers and fight germs and bacteria.

They clearly help a Scorpion compensate for their protective, at times overprotective energy (yeah, that’s true). 

The bold colors and intense aroma of geraniums are all that a Scorpion would look for.

Geraniums thrive in any condition, even on a barren land just like the wild nature of a Scorpio.

Scorpions have tremendous persistence and give it all to make their dreams a reality irrespective of how turbulent the situation gets.

And this ability to make the best out of any situation confirms why geranium is truly their birth flower as these flowers too are multipurpose. 

Other Flowers For Scorpio 

other flowers for scorpio

Okay, so it’s not just geraniums. Other flowers leave their impact on Scorpions too. These flowers have diverse personality traits but their effect on Scorpions is very much the same.

If you are a Scorpion, all these flowers will help you get balanced, and make the best of your qualities. 

2. Marigold


The birth flower for October, Marigold has both positive as well as negative vibrational energies.

Marigolds symbolize encouragement as well as jealousy. So I believe you know in which direction you should channel your emotions.

The different colors of a marigold bring out the warm as well as the fiery personalities of a Scorpion.

Personally, I love the lion-headed appearance of marigolds. They symbolize bravery, as well as motivation for me.

I must say looking at these large fluffy blooms of strength just gives a different hit to my mood. 

3. Chrysanthemum


This November birth flower is also a symbol of love, happiness, friendship, and loyalty.

Different colors of chrysanthemums bring in different emotions in Scorpions. And all these emotions are centered on contentment and satisfaction.

If you are a Scorpion too, with chrysanthemums by your side you will feel your relations be it on the personal or the professional front, growing deep and intense.

These flowers compliment your determination and hunger for perfection! 

4. Amaranth


Now this is one of the most unique and special zodiac birth flowers I know! Amaranth blooms do not lose their dark and deep colors even after.

Superb right?

This trait has made them the symbol of immortality.

The dark personality of a Scorpion can strongly relate to this trait of Amaranth as Scorpions too do not lose their drive easily.

It is tough to discourage a Scorpion! I am going to get an Amaranth for my garden in no time. 

5. Peony


A symbol of courage and honor, peony is a bold flower. With their extreme personalities, Scorpions tend to lose track of their confidence sometimes.

This happens when they become too emotional and begin wallowing in self-pity.

In times like these, a peony can be an excellent companion for a Scorpio to remind them of the potential, strength, and courage that they carry within.

They help Scorpions look within themselves, fight their fears, and revive their most important trait, bravery. 

Final Thoughts On Scorpion Flowers

thoughts on scorpion flowers

Like me, if you are a Scorpion too, you must be clear by now that we aren’t easy people to deal with.

And therefore, these flowers that are meant for us and our betterment aren’t easy to maintain too?

Scorpion birth flowers require sufficient sunlight and regular watering. The day you seek care and affection, these flowers too look for your care. 

Nurture them and you will see them talking to you. Remember they are not different from you, but a part of you.

You can see your own reflection speaking to you from the body of a flower once you start trusting the power of these delicate blooming beauties.

Fill your garden with love and positivity and if you have some Scorpion secrets to share, I am right here!

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