5 Scorpio Tarot Cards & What They Mean

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scorpio tarot cards

Scorpio is one of the most complex zodiac signs.

As a water sign, the Scorpio people are ruled by Pluto, but they also share the ruler of Aries, Mars as well, in traditional astrology.

This is the eighth sign of the zodiac and it represents natives born between October 23rd and November 21st. Scorpio is a fixed sign, along with Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. 

Scorpio natives are very determined and ambitious. They embrace change and often initiate it, as the Plutonian energy is very strong in these people and it invites transformations.

Scorpio people are extremely passionate and they invest their heart in everything they do as well as in the relationships they have throughout their life. 

Tarot cards can speak volumes about this sign if we use them correctly. Scorpio people have their representative tarot cards that align with their energy and vibration.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Scorpio tarot cards and how you can maximize their energy in your life! 

5 Tarot Cards to Enhance the Scorpio Energy

While you can use the entire tarot deck to find the message you need according to your situation, five cards will speak straight to your Scorpio core! 

1. Six of Cups

six of cups

Scorpios can be very romantic people and the Six of Cups captures this sensitive side perfectly.

Your sensitivity might not shine all the time but when it does, it is in the presence of those you love and trust the most.

This card stands for nostalgia and innocence and it speaks of the inner child in us. When you feel safe, that inner child takes over the Plutonian energy and helps you nurture healthy, intimate relationships.

As a Scorpio, you are not afraid to fight for what you believe in but you also know when to surrender and embrace the energy of love.

When you feel that a relationship reaches its destined end, the first thing you stop investing in is your affection.

This card shows your power to take your energy back in the same firm and determined manner in which you offer it. 

2. Knight of Wands 

knight of wands

Knight of Wands is a very powerful tarot card, enforced by the warrior energy of Mars.

For you, Scorpio, this card is all about the energy that leads you through the most intense adventures of your life. You cherish your experiences and see them as a way to create valuable memories. 

This card also tells you that you have the charm you need to create valuable friendships in life.

People admire you, and in some ways, they feel magnetized by your energy. The Knight of Wands shows that you are not just a good and loyal friend but also very protective.

People feel safe and respected around you. 

But this tarot card is also a warning that makes you aware of your short temper. Try to control your impulses and rise above those instincts that come from anger and other negative emotions.

You might also act in reckless ways that can bring you significant problems in your life. 

3. Death 

death tarot card

The Death card reflects your personality more than any other features. This is the card of your core energy and a representative one for the sign of Scorpio.

Once you understand the energy of the Death card, it will look less scary and more empowering. 

This card reminds you of your great strength that helps you go through major changes and even overcome traumatic events.

You constantly try to grow into a better version of yourself. This also implies getting rid of everything that no longer serves you, which can be encompassed in the energy of death. 

On the other side, the Death card also tells you that you suffer in stagnation. If you don’t grow and go through revolutionary transformations in life, you feel disappointed and even depressed.

The power of destruction but also the power to rebuild yourself and your life lies within you. And all you have to do is access it and learn how to master it. 

4. The Tower 

the tower tarot card

The Tower card stands for change and rebirth, both key energetic values of the sign of Scorpio.

People usually fear the sudden changes and chaos that this card speaks of but you, Scorpio, shouldn’t!

You embrace change and even in times when you feel insecure, know that you have the strength it takes to overcome a transformation.

Such situations that seem to push you to your limits, always shape you into a better, stronger version of yourself. 

This card speaks of cleaning your slate to start new, almost from scratch, and get closer to your higher purpose.

The energy of Pluto works deeply with the Tower card to give you the wisdom to go through transformations and learn from all the difficult situations you might face.

Also, you need to find the truth in every situation and demolish everything that is nothing but an illusion, and your profound mind aligns perfectly with this card. 

5. Seven of Cups

seven of cups

The Seven of Cups is the final card in the Scorpio sequence of the tarot.

This card speaks of several options or opportunities that you might have in life.

It could be due to a specific situation or a result of your complex personality and set of skills.

A door seems to always be open for you to fulfill your calling and reach your life goals. It is a very optimist card but it can also warn you about getting lost in unrealistic illusions. 

The Seven of Cups might tell you that you tend to let your imagination take over at times and lose sight of the realistic perspective on your life.

To avoid getting distracted by all the options in your life, the Seven of Cups tells you to focus on what is important to you.

Decide based on your inner alignment with your higher self and stay in touch with your heart’s desires before choosing an opportunity over another.

Even if the grass seems greener on the other side, remember that this is not always the case! 

The Main Tarot Card For Scorpio

The Death card represents the Scorpio energy in the most profound way. This is the 13th Major Arcana card.

This card helps you embrace your courage and the transformations you go through in all aspects of your life.

It gives you the strength to never settle for less than you know you deserve and fight for what you believe and feel. 

Pluto, your ruling planet is also the planet of death and rebirth, which aligns perfectly with the Death tarot card.

You are not just aware of your fears but you also strive to transform them from weaknesses into strengths.

You are very connected to your subconscious mind and everything that seems hidden to the naked eye. 

It is not uncommon for a Scorpio to feel often in a heavy inner conflict. This is an almost constant fight between their old self and the new self that is reborn more brightly and powerfully. 

How to Use the Tarot Cards for Scorpio 

When you incorporate the tarot cards into your life, you add a new layer of wisdom to both your conscious and subconscious mind.

These cards can help you be more self-aware and step into your spiritual power. And there are various ways you can use them outside a regular tarot reading. 

Meditate on the symbolism and messages of the tarot cards. Whether you prefer to meditate in the morning or evening, assign each day of the week one card and focus on its energy.

New messages from the card might come to you and even answers you need in your life.

The other two days of the week try to meditate on the story that all these cards tell you, to create the spiritual web of your life. 

Work with these cards even more intensely during Scorpio season when the energy of Pluto is the strongest in your life.

Pay attention when they appear in readings and wear talismans with their symbols.

For instance, you can wear a charm in the shape of a tower or a cup and attach it to your purse or backpack. Use your water-inspired creativity to incorporate the energy of these cards into your life. 

Use the main card of Scorpio, the Death card, as a theme in your tarot readings. Every time this card appears in one of your spreads, interpret the other cards in relation to it so you can understand how to successfully transform your life. 

Discover your psychic reading skills as you work with the tarot cards that represent your energy!

Final Thoughts

These 5 Scorpio tarot cards are as profound and sensitive as the core energy of the Scorpio sign. The more you use these cards to understand yourself and your life, the more answers you will get that help you move forward in life. Both astrology and tarot can offer you a better insight into your life and help you use your intuition to access the cosmic knowledge regarding your life purpose. 

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