Soulmate: Dive Deep Into The Idea of “The One”

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The term “soulmate” is always in the buzz, be it the reel or real life! Often used in rom-coms, the concept of a soulmate has transcended centuries. But, do we ever reflect on what’s it all about? If we do, many questions arise. Who is a soulmate? Are soulmates real? Are soulmates connected to zodiac signs?

According to Marist Poll, 73% of Americans believe in soulmates. These are masses that might be unaware of the concept. This definitive guide about soulmates can help you shape an informed perspective. That can help you find your “THE ONE” through the best approach possible!

Who Is A “Soulmate”?

who is a soulmate

Keeping it short and simple for you. A soulmate is an individual who not only comprehends you fully but also exudes the perfect energy to share a nurturing and devoted partnership alongside you.

“A Part Of Yourself” – Dr. Michael Tobin

Dr. Michael Tobin, a martial and family psychologist beautifully describes the concept of soulmate. He says, “It’s the realization that this person who shares your life is a part of yourself”.

Important To Note

Please note that a soulmate does not need to be in a romantic relationship with you. That person can be your friend or mentor as well. In fact, the nature of association with your potential soulmate varies a lot.

Diving A Bit Deeper Into The Idea Of “The One”!

A soulmate is a person with whom you share an unshakeable bond. Soulmates are created when two souls connect on a profound level.

And even though the majority of people tend to think about them in terms of romantic love stories, their relationship can go beyond that.

It’s possible for your partner or spouse to fill this role, but it’s also conceivable that your best friend, mentor, or work colleague could be someone who fits into this category as well.

unshakeable bond

Nurturing nourishing relationships outside of marriage or romantic partnerships is paramount. Yet when someone refers to a soulmate, they typically imply “the one”: the individual with whom they share an immediate and intense connection.

Whether it be a strong friendship or a passionate romance, this person will bring tremendous joy into your life in powerful ways that you could have never predicted.

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The Concept Of Soulmate – Where It Comes From?

The concept of soulmates has been around for centuries. But, it’s undergone many shifts and changes over time. There are many accounts of this concept.

I have uncovered some of the most credible ones for you.

Beginning with Greek mythology

Let’s See What Plato Has To Say

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, proposed that humans once had four limbs and two faces. According to his theory, our arrogance provoked Zeus to divide us into two parts as punishment – leaving us wandering the Earth in pursuit of our other half.

plato greek philosopher

Although our conceptions of love and romance have changed significantly since Plato wrote Symposium some 2,326 years ago, the concept of having an “other half” is still alive today. This distinctive perception has been documented throughout numerous cultures for centuries and continues to be a major part of modern society.

That One Connection!! –

In Hinduism, it is believed that people have spiritual connections with some souls. The idea that a person could have multiple soulmates has been around for eons. The concept of these soul connections is expressed in the holy Bhagavat gita verse:

“Atmanam Atmana Vivarjate.”

This quotation means, “The Soul finds its own Soulmate.” Essentially, it suggests that each one of us has at least one Soulmate.

Soulmates & Destiny!

Yiddish has a specific word for an ultimate or predetermined partner – your ‘bashert’. This term expresses the concept of destiny in relationships and marriage.

What Rumi Thinks!

In the thirteenth century, Persian poet and Islamic scholar Rumi postulated that two lovers do not actually come together in physical form but are rather intertwined souls who have been connected since time immemorial.

This is a far cry from the idea of having multiple soulmates or of fate playing an instrumental role in our romantic relationships.

rumi on soulmates

All these ideas show how much this concept has evolved over the centuries and how it continues to shape today’s outlook on love.

Soulmates have become a popular topic in literature, cinema, television, and pop culture – and for a good reason. Soulmates are real, and they make us feel alive!

Who Coined The Term “Soulmate”?

The concept of a soulmate has been around for centuries. But, who and when the beautiful term “Soulmate” came into play?

Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge First Used The Term “Soulmate” In 1822

poet samuel taylor coleridge

Scholarly records display the first use of this term to be in 1822, featured in a letter by renowned poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is believed that this phrase was only formulated during the 19th Century.

Samuel wrote, “To be happy in Married Life… you must have a Soul-mate”.

Coleridge was not blessed in love: many times, his marital decision was predetermined by societal demands. Unfortunately, for most of their marriage, he spent alone with his partner before they eventually split up for good.

Despite the fact that Coleridge couldn’t find his soulmate, this concept has gained immense traction over time and is especially popular in recent years.

5 Basic Types Of Soulmates That You May Encounter

Soulmates are of many types, but there are five basic types of soulmates you may encounter in your life.

Plus, these 5 types are the most important ones! Let us find out.

1. Romantic Soulmates

A romantic soulmate is often a person with whom you share an intense connection, usually in the form of romantic love.

Soulmates who come together to form a loving relationship follow the same patterns of communication and compatibility as any other couple; however, their bond is much stronger than normal.

2 . Soul Friends

Soul friends are people with whom we have strong connections that don’t necessarily involve romantic feelings or intentions.

This type of soulmate typically appears when we need extra support, guidance, or friendship. Soul friends can be our closest confidants and oldest allies.

soul friends

3. Twin Flames

Twin flames are two souls who were once one entity but separate in physical form when they incarnate on Earth — they are literally two halves of the same Soul.

The twin flame connection is often considered to be the highest form of Soulmate connection.

4. Karmic Soulmates

Karmic Soulmates can come in many forms, including lovers, friends, or family members. These Soulmates show up to help us learn our karmic lessons and teach us how to become better versions of ourselves.

They typically enter our lives during periods of difficulty and challenge us with uncomfortable truths that force us to evolve and grow spiritually.

5. Platonic Soulmates

Platonic Soulmates are people who simply understand each other on a deep level. The connection between platonic Soulmates is strong but not necessarily romantic or sexual — it may just involve a powerful spiritual, mental, or emotional connection.

This type of Soulmate often appears in our lives to help us through difficult times and offer moral support when we need it most.

How To Find Your Soulmate?

Finding your Soulmate can be a tricky and often long process. But once you recognize that Soulmate connection, it can transform your life in ways that you never even imagined before.

The best way to start your search for a Soulmate is to look within yourself. Explore what makes you unique and find out which type of Soulmate could potentially be right for you.

Once you understand who and what type of person would fit into your life perfectly, then the search gets easier.

how to find your soulmate

From there, make sure to open yourself up to new experiences and connections with people who share similar values and interests as yours — this will make it much easier to find someone special!

Finally, don’t forget that Soulmates are made from love, and it can take time to nurture a Soulmate relationship — so be patient and enjoy the journey!

# Prerequisite For Finding Your Soulmate

Now, finding your soulmate might is not child’s play. It takes time and patience. Most importantly, you need to grasp the most vital things.

There are many. But, what is the No. 1 prerequisite to finding your soulmate? Here is what it is all about, according to me.

Know & Love Yourself First

You need to love and fully understand yourself first. Yes, it is that simple. Soulmate relationships are based on mutual understanding and appreciation of one another.

The best way to cultivate such a strong relationship is to make sure you understand who you truly are and how you work first before looking for someone else to fill in the gaps.

Once you love yourself completely, then your search for Soulmates can begin! Good luck out there!

Are Soulmates Real?

Let me share my thoughts.

Biologically, soul mates are a real phenomenon for humans. However, there is no denying that the bond between two people classified as “soul mates” can be complicated at times.

are soulmates real

Though there is no definitive understanding of what constitutes a “soul mate,” humans are in an exclusive group among the living species that can establish long-term connections. Not to mention, these ties don’t need to involve sexual monogamy.

Our minds have evolved to perceive someone as unique among the masses. We can discern one individual from all else, lifting them higher and committing ourselves for extended periods to that person.

Are Soulmates Connected To Zodiac Signs?

Yes, they can be connected to your zodiac signs. Soulmates and zodiac signs often go hand-in-hand, as astrology can help unlock the secrets of finding lasting love.

Generally speaking, Soulmate connections are believed to be linked to certain energies that align with specific zodiac signs.

For example, if you’re a Leo, you may be more likely to find Soulmate connections with other fire signs — such as Aries or Sagittarius.

People born under the sign of Leo are typically outgoing, warm, and passionate — making them great Soulmates for those who possess similar traits.

Soulmates Vs. Twin Flames – What’s The Difference?

The concept of Soulmates and Twin Flames is often confused. To put it simply, Soulmates are two individuals who were once one entity but separate in physical form when they incarnate on Earth — whereas, Twin Flames are two halves of the same Soul that reconnect in this lifetime to help each other heal and ascend spiritually.

Time To Search For Your Soulmate!

Ready to take the plunge and start your Soulmate search? Then remember, the key is understanding yourself first. Once you know who you are and what type of Soulmate connection you’re seeking, then the journey becomes a little easier — and infinitely more enjoyable!

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