Spirit Guides: Who are they & how to communicate with them

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Spirit Guides

Spiritual or spirit guides are cosmic entities chosen for you by the universal power to support and guide you.

Many of these spirits have lived on this earth for a lifetime. They might have been in existence before you were born. Some will come to you to guide you through different parts of your life.

Different types of spirit guides

The universe has assigned you a team of spirit guides, and each one of them comes with unique power and capabilities.

List of spirit guides:

1. Archangels


Archangels are top-tier spirit guides, aka leaders of the angel world. They inherit an incredible amount of power and emanate an exorbitant quantity of energy wherever they go.

If you have ever felt a sudden shift of energy around you, then this could be a sign that an archangel may have entered or passed through you.

There are seven archangels, with each carrying a unique specialty.

For example, Archangel Raphael is the archangel of healing, while Archangel Michael is the angel of defender and protector.

2. Guardian angels

Guardian angels are special angels exclusively assigned to help a specific person.

Unlike Archangels who take of the whole world, guardian angels are always around you for immediate assistance.

They love you unconditionally regardless of your faith and spiritual beliefs.

3. Spirit animals

Spirit animals

Spirit animals are messengers or teachers who come into your dreams in the form of an animal.

In most cases, your spirit animal may have had a personal relationship in the past.

You do not decide your spirit animal; instead, they choose you and come to help and support you. They are known to heal a person through guidance, power, wisdom, protection, and lessons.

4. Ascended masters

Ascended masters refer to highly evolved enlightened beings who exist in a higher plane of the spiritual realm to assist humans.

Their existence in this early goes beyond the concept of reincarnation.

They have lived many lifetimes and have undergone several spiritual transformations through spiritual growth, and self-actualization, which is also known as ‘nirvana‘ and ‘moksha‘ in some cultures.

5. Departed souls

Departed souls

Our loved ones who have moved on to heaven may choose to return as our spirit guides when we need them the most.

Now, your departed soul spirit doesn’t have to be someone close to you.

It could be anyone who can inspire and guide you to the right path. For instance, if you love to paint, your spirit guide may be a soul who was a painter in their previous life.

How to find your spiritual guide?

Almost all humans have six guides in their life, and each guide is helpful and serve a specific purpose.

According to Rebecca Campbell, spiritual teacher, and author, humans are intuitive and can achieve high spirituality without possessing any special powers and skills to find their spiritual guide.

Some essential tips for finding your spiritual guide

Set up the spiritual ambiance

Set up the spiritual ambiance

You have to set up a perfect spiritual ambiance welcoming guides to enter your life. 

Start by lighting a candle and surrounding yourself with crystals. The next step is to offer your gratitude to your spiritual guides through prayers.

Ask them to guide you

This is a tricky part; you need to access your creative juices.

Start with thanking them and tell them why you need them and be truthful in what you say. If you seek their help for career success, then you need to mention that in your prayers.

First, you have to welcome them by giving them the green light to step inside your life. Tell them, “thank you, guides of the universe, for revealing to me and guide me for…..

If you need help finding something you have lost, ask them to send you a clue. Need to find your soulmate or twin flame?

Ask them to send you the signs.

The next step is to verify whether your spirit guides have heard your request and for that, you need a sign.

You can use an item or symbol as a sign of acknowledgment, such as a flower, food, plant, bird, or anything. If you come across that item or symbol, consider it a sign of verification.

Campbell also says not to go out of length to find these signs or feel disappointed if you don’t get any signal.

Altogether, you shouldn’t expect something that you usually see in movies.

This can happen in many ways, Maybe you will find your answer on a billboard, or see an angel number, or you may come across the right person to assist you with your quest.

In several cases, communication is intrinsic. The guidance you have least expected may turn out the right one.

Make time for your spirit guides

If you want to connect with spirit guide guides, then you need to be calm and patient. It takes immense dedication, practice, and honesty.

Consider spirit guides as relationships that you need to cultivate by spending your valuable time with them.

Go for intuitive writing

If you are getting any signals from spirit guides, maybe because of a weak connection. You can strengthen the bond through intuitive writing. Start with keeping two notepads or notebooks next to you.

Use two pens, one for yourself and the other for your spiritual guides. Write your questions in one pen in one notebook.

Then clear your mind and let your intuition take over you. Once you are in the zone, start scribbling down your answer in the other notebook with the other pen.

Ask your spirit guides to reveal their names

If you are doing it for the first time, you need to establish a relationship with your spirit guides first.

You can start it by asking their names. If you don’t get a name, then you can choose one just for the time being.

How do Spirit guides communicate with you?

Communicating with spirit guides

Communicating with spirit guides is often done through the non-verbal medium. Since spirit guides cannot communicate verbally, they guide you through signs called Synchronicities.

Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss Psychologist, calls synchronicities “meaningful coincidences.”

Meaning a relationship between two events that don’t relate to each other.

For example, Jung’s uncle got a flashback of his time during the Vietnam War, when he heard that the US has declared war against Iraq.

Both the events are mutually exclusive, then how does one unknown future event take him back in war times?

Another such example is an experiment where researchers showed participants two computers with curtains on the screen. Participants had to identify the picture behind those curtains.

Researchers told them that one curtain has an erotic view while the other has a neutral image. Surprisingly, a large number of participants identified the computer with the erotic picture without knowing its nature of it.

Spirit guides communicate with you in various ways; one of the common ways is through sequences of numbers also called as angel numbers such as 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, etc.

They may also send their message through music or visuals. For instance, you may have a tough day at work, and suddenly you switch on the radio, and an inspirational song starts playing.

They may also communicate through dreams giving you an idea about how to solve your problem. They can also send some helpful people along your way to provide you with the right solutions for your situation.

For example, if you are a musician, you may bump into a musician or a person who knows a musician.

How to connect with your spiritual guide?

Establishing a connection with your spiritual guide is not critical as it may seem. You must remember that your spirit guides have come to you intending to guide and assist you.

So, you don’t have to prove yourself or do anything to please them. All you have to do is understand their communication patterns, which can be challenging at first, but everything will fall into pieces once you learn the strategies.

Practical strategies to connect with your spiritual guide:

Stay focused and agile

Stay focus and agile

The best way to get every piece of guidance from your spirits is by recognizing their every message. You can achieve the power of intuition by staying focused and alert.

You may miss a few signs since you have to do your everyday work, but never keep yourself extremely occupied with thoughts.

Start with adding some extra space in your life and drop some responsibilities if possible. The key is not to rush around the whole day but to live a vibrant yet peaceful life.

You can also allow some time for some meditation practice to discard negative thoughts and create space for optimism.

Try to look for more signs

The more you look for the signs, the more you will find those signs around you. Think of your guardian angels as your wellness coach who likes to guide you through a session.

Since you both are human, your coach can give you multiple guidance within a couple of minutes. However, your spirit guides can only provide limited signs as per your capacity to recognize them.

That means, if you detect those signs faster, then spirits will also increase the amount of their support and guidance. Another major factor is to follow the advice as well. If you are receiving a sign, you need to work on it.

It would help if you showed that you value their guidance and need their support in your life.

Keep a journal

Maintain a journal exclusively for your guides to increase your communication. Write them a letter asking for their assistance and guidance. Use the same journal to note down vital signs.

Learn your guides’ name

Since your spiritual guides may not reveal their names, the thing you can do is ask them. You can write their name in your journal and ask them to send a sign if you are right.

For example, if you think your guide is an archangel or guardian angel, then ask them to drop a clue if you are right.

However, getting your guides’ real names is not as important as getting their help and guidance.

To keep yourself motivated, you can name them after someone you loved or some character from your favorite novel, movie, etc.

Surrender your issue

Various reasons could lead to your spirit guides arriving in your life. One such reason is that you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about something. Maybe it’s a matter of love, or career, or something else.

The best step to take is to surrender your issues to your guides and take action.

Write a mantra or chant the words, “I am surrendering this problem to my guides. I need your guidance and blessing“.

Use a divination tool

divination tool

There are many divination tools to communicate with your spirit guides.

To see what works best for you, you can try tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, crystals, etc.

Before you use them, hold the object, close your eyes, and take a deep breath thinking about your spirit guides. Express your issues or worries to them through the tool.


Q. Are spirit guides real?

It depends on whether you are a believer or not because it has been acknowledged by several people worldwide. People have claimed to communicate with their spirit guides leaving delightful stories behind. People have personal experiences claiming to find divine clues such as angel numbers that have changed their lives. They have met strangers out in the blue who have led them on the right path. Some even say that they have dreamed about their guidance, which has led them in the proper direction.

Q. Does everyone have a spirit guide?

Yes, every person has a spirit guide, especially a guardian angel and spirit animal. The universe has assigned them to you the moment you step into this world. Your life is a journey where you will experience several possibilities, opportunities, successes, failures, heartbreaks, health issues, including a range of emotions. You will meet your specific guide in each part or phase of your life.

Q. What does my spirit guide look like?

There is a rare chance that your spirit guide will reveal itself to you. They are usually formless and filled will energies at a magnificent scale. Although you can’t see them visually, you can feel them whenever they are around. For example, archangels travel at lightning speed and carry a positive aura. Whenever they pass around you, you will definitely feel a jolt of happiness within your body and experience a sense of peace like never before.

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