What is Spiritual Light?

Jovana Petrovic
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Spiritual Light

Theologically, spiritual light is an aspect of divine presence. Rather than physical capacities, certain humans and angelic entities communicate via their spiritual abilities.

These abilities are enamored in a term that signifies light. Even all sorts of traditional, ancient, and indigenous healing systems emphasize core energy. This energy serves as a constant light source for people to guide them through their life choices. 

There are several names given to it in different cultures like- “Boiling Energy” by Bushmen, “Ki” in Japan, “Chi” in China, and “Prana” in India.

In Shamanism, you have to maintain a vital energy /light reserve to remain healthy and prosperous. The concept of spiritual light is there in almost all cultures and religious practices.

However, you have to understand the right way to harness it to extract maximum benefit from it. 

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Why should we know about spiritual light?

Why should we know about spiritual light

Light is one of the purest forms of energy that comes from an unadulterated highest source.

It is everywhere in abundance or in a glimmer. The more attuned you are to its presence, the more guidance, protection, power, and blessings you can create for yourself.

We may not be consciously aware of it, but we are all harboring a source of light within.

Light pervades all forms of consciousness and inflicts itself in maximum when your intentions are pure. You don’t force your thinking and self-righteousness to enhance your spiritual light.

You ask your spirit guides to guide you towards the highest good and better choices. The highest good is like our safety net where if we get what we desire makes us happy.

If we don’t get it, then we know we weren’t ready for it. We will completely hold our impulses under our control. This may not give you what you wanted but will definitely give you what you need.

The whole point is to make you feel better and confident about your life choices and be at peace with it.

What are the situations in which we need light?

situations in which we need light

According to research, millennials have very little attachment to spirituality than their grandparents.

That’s why we look for spiritual light in the wrong way. We don’t need light only in negative situations. Light is omnipresent.

So, it’s naive to expect the presence of light in negative situations only. We always carry the light within our bodies. Just be aware of it when the situation demands it.

How to do that?

It’s all about harnessing positivity inside. It’s about asking your spiritual guides to help you choose a better option, guide you through a challenging situation, or give you the confidence to handle your work.

You can then feel your aura with rising intensity.

Here is a simple way to get started with it. Just take a few moments and think about the things that matter to you. Things that make you feel relevant and alive or people who make all your hardships worth it.

You will automatically feel a surge of spiritual light burning within yourself.

Even if you are in a good situation and don’t want to spoil your mood for any reason, just think about good and clear thoughts to generate light.

In short, think about things that you are absolutely sure of. 

What are the different techniques to call in and send out the light?

call in and send out the light

If you want to call in divine light, start to get conscious about things and people who are true to you and add value to your life.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the words you say are right or wrong, the intentions must be strong enough. You will feel the insurgence within yourself loud and clear as you automatically feel better. 

Sometimes you want to send light and positivity to certain people.

This is also possible that you can feel the aura of other people when they’re nearby. More than thoughts or words, it’s the act of intention that transforms all your positive energy into spiritual light.

And it’s transmissible. 

Spiritual Light within

You can also send out light to others. It takes only a few moments. You simply think about the person and wish him only good things in silence.

Imagine him coming out of a difficult situation with flying colors- not out of sympathy but because they deserve the win.

Even if that person is not under any life struggle, you can still send him your light to help him focus more on his achievements rather than past failures.

So next time, when you feel someone in need of your light, just keep that person in your prayers with all the good intentions you can muster. Even if it’s a simple prayer, say it loud, and mean it clearly.

It should aim at bringing situations that are best for him. They will feel your good intentions without you trying to make it obvious. 

If you’re bad at visualization, just trust in the “divine timing” and rest assured that the higher spiritual light knows what is best for you.

We simply become the facilitators and don’t necessarily have to know exactly what our highest actions should be like.

Hence, by sending the light of good to others, we are not meddling. It is called simply being kind, natural, and loving. 


What is spiritual Energy?

Spiritual energy is synonymous with spiritual light. People often confuse them both but they are used in the same context and often mean the same thing. It is the aspect of humans and certain angelic entities to manifest their divine presence.
It is a rather mysterious ability to garner good intentions and believes in the highest good for yourself and others. You need to prepare yourself so that irrespective of things happening, you will always be steadfast.

What does a spiritual symbolize?

Light is the opposite of darkness and symbolically anything positive. It signifies intellectual thoughts and understanding.
Darkness is associated with something very evil, frightening, and sinister. Light is intended to eradicate the darkness and chaos to bring balance and clarity.


We are all struggling to keep up in this era of fast technology with our emotions running far behind our intellect. The only access to the spiritual light can help us conjure mental balance to stay firm on dark days when nothing seems right anymore.

After all, we deserve peace and balance in life, don’t we? So, channeling the spiritual light can be our true awakening indeed. 

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