5 Taurus Tarot Cards that Capture the Essence of Taurus 

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Taurus is the second zodiac sign (April 20 to about May 20) known for its practical approach toward life, stability, and love of all forms of beauty.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus individuals are known for their pragmatism, stubbornness, and love for tradition.

They have strong personalities and a well-defined view of life and are under the rule of Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

Tarot cards are an esoteric tool that helps us gain insights into different aspects of life, and Tarot decks are often based on astrological symbols and meanings.

The 22 tarot cards in the Major Arcana contain 12 cards destined to represent the 12 zodiac signs.

There are also four cards to represent the four elements and six cards connected to six planets (with the exception of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). 

In this article, we’ll explore five Taurus tarot cards that capture the essence of this strong zodiac sign.

We will also talk about how you can use these cards to enhance your cosmic energy and reach new levels of enlightenment that could transform your life!

Taurus Tarot Cards 5 Cards That Capture the Essence of Taurus

While the entire deck can give important insight to the seeker, five tarot cards are energetically connected the most to the Taurus zodiac sign.

When choosing the Taurus tarot cards, we look at the similar energies this zodiac sign shares with the different cards in the tarot deck.

1. The Empress

the empress tarot

The Empress card is no surprise as a Taurus tarot card since it brings a noble and dignified energy specific to this zodiac sign.

This card represents feminine and sensual energy, characteristics of Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

The imagery of the card is a queen sitting on her throne. Her throne is surrounded by nature, which expresses the connection with the earthly Taurus sign even more. 

Taurus people are very much in touch with nature and appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Being ruled by Venus, they also aspire to luxurious lifestyles, giving them a royal vibe.

The message of the Empress to the Taurus people is to nurture their aspirations and dreams while they still remain connected to nature and keep their feet firmly on the ground.

This card invites Taurus individuals to explore their creative and artistic spirits and confidently use their talents. 

2. The Hierophant

the hierophant tarot

The Hierophant is a highly spiritual card representing knowledge, wisdom, authority, and rules.

This is the most representative Taurus tarot card because of its structure and dynamic nature.

The imagery and symbolism of the Hierophant card also speak of its strong energy regarding tradition, authority, and spirituality, in a very religious meaning of the word.

We can think of this card as an image of practical spirituality. 

Taurus people internalize all these values. They appreciate authority, order, the depth of spiritual aspects and awakenings, and the structure that gives all these things a practical nature.

These individuals appreciate stability and tend to be very responsible, which are also aspects we find in the Hierophant card.

Through this card, Taurus people are encouraged to expand their limits and gain more knowledge through spiritual practices and exploring their curiosities. 

3. The Devil

the devil tarot

The Devil is often considered a negative Taurus tarot card, but its interpretation can also bring positive opportunities for the seeker.

This card speaks of material things and hedonistic pleasures that are also connected to the energy of Venus.

It also stands for temptation and indulgence; its imagery is a devilish figure with a man and a woman next to its throne. 

This card reminds the Taurus people that they might be too attached to material things, and they can easily fall into unhealthy temptations.

It doesn’t condemn Taurus individuals’ attraction to luxurious things but invites balance and rationality. 

On a more positive side, the Devil card speaks of the rebellious and free nature of the Taurus people.

This sign is highly independent and has strong personality traits. The Devil card tells the Taurus individuals to cherish their freedom and authenticity and fight for these values if necessary. 

4. The Four Pentacles

the four pentacles

When we think of the Taurus zodiac sign, we think of stability, security, and predictability.

These are also the values of the Four of Pentacles card. In this card, we see a person holding a pentacle on their head, one in their hands and two under their feet.

The message of this card speaks of the attachment towards the things and values that offer security in life, such as personal properties or valuable traditions that contribute to one’s identity. 

Taurus people cherish their financial stability, properties, and everything that brings them a sense of security and home in life.

The Four of Pentacles encourages them to protect their stability and home and cherish everything they gathered of value through their hard work.

These people don’t like to waste resources and can have a very conservative approach to life.   

5. The Strength

the strength tarot

As we mentioned, Taurus is a powerful zodiac sign. It has a well-defined energy and an impressive determination to achieve whatever it wants.

The strength card is also a symbol of power, resilience, and bravery. In this card, we see a female that holds a lion by its neck.

Above her head is the symbol of infinity, showing that a person’s inner strength has no limits. 

Taurus people have the strength to overcome the most difficult obstacles life throws at them.

They are also very stubborn and ambitious, which many times works in their favor as long as they don’t take these values to unhealthy extremes.

But they don’t sacrifice their principles and values to achieve their goals. The Strength card speaks of winning the most challenging situations through a dignifying attitude and in an ethical manner. 

What is the representative tarot card for Taurus?

Even if we talked about five tarot cards for Taurus, one is the card that represents this sign in all readings. The Hierophant is Taurus’s leading card and represents this sign and its energy the most. 

The Hierophant is the Greek term for a high priest. You will also find tarot readers that refer to this card as the Pope card.

This card speaks not only of spirituality but institutionalized spirituality, such as religion. It clarifies spiritual awakenings and puts them in a more pragmatic perspective.

The Hierophant holds a scepter in his left hand, symbolizing emotional and psychological strength and self-control.

This card is the 5th card of the Major Arcana, which is also the number of the planet Venus that governs Taurus. 

The message of this card for Taurus people is to use their hard work and diligence to achieve beautiful things in their lives.

The Hierophant tells Taurus people, they have all they need to make their name known worldwide. 

How can Taurus people use their tarot cards?

Once you know your zodiac sign tarot cards, you can use them to improve your life and surround yourself with decorations inspired by their message and symbolism. 

You can find crystals and charms inspired by your tarot cards and wear them to amplify your Taurus energy.

It is a good idea to make an altar corner in your room with your sign’s tarot cards and other spiritual items that help you connect with yourself and your life purpose. 

These tarot cards can also be incorporated into meditation sessions. Focus on the symbolism and imagery of the cards and try to attract their positive energy toward your life.

These cards can also help you connect with your energy and evolve toward self-awareness.

Tarot cards work on intuition; you will discover your intuitive side through them and learn how to use them to better your life.


Taurus people are full of energy and spirituality and transpire their values through every aspect of their life. While they might seem cold or aloof to others, these individuals are complex and unique treasures the closest we get to their core nature. They have strong values that they respect and know how to go through life with dignity and wisdom. 

While the Hierophant is the main Taurus tarot card, the Empress, Devil, Four of Pentacles, and Strength cards also capture the essence of Taurus.

Together, these cards provide insights into the sensual and powerful nature of this sign and the way Taurus individuals manifest the lives they aspire to have. 

By learning to work with Taurus tarot cards, you can unlock potential and gifts you didn’t even know you had.

These cards are great tools in your self-awareness journey and can guide you toward growing into the best version of yourself.

While you can use the tarot deck to gain wisdom in different aspects of your life, such as your career, health, or relationships, the intuitive power of these cards goes beyond that.

They help you own your divine qualities and manifest your stardust nature. 

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