The Magician Yes or No Tarot Readings: Love, Career, Finance

Itana Rakic
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the magician yes or no

The Tarot is a powerful tool for making important inquiries and provides sound guidance when used appropriately.

This article will discuss The Magician card and how to interpret it, with a focus on answering yes/no questions. As a starting place, any reader should have clear outcomes in mind when looking to the

Tarot for answers. Open-ended approaches create opportunities for misinterpretation of the cards you pull. Be direct and specific when making your inquiries.

This doesn’t mean adopting a rigid point of view or having predetermined notions, though. Be open to whatever response the cards provide. However, the clarity of the questions matters a great deal, particularly when asking a yes or no question.

The binary created will get you an answer, but it will be up to you to place it in full context, which may not always be as simple as it seems.

This is particularly true of The Magician, because of the trickster energy that accompanies the card.

Understanding The Magician Tarot Card

understanding the magician tarot cards

The Magician is generally recognized as a powerful card of manifestation, and, when it shows up in a reading, you should pay attention.

“As above, so below” is a statement that seems written specifically for the character on the traditional depictions of the card.

One of the figure’s arms points to the sky and the other towards the earth, in essence, becoming a conduit between these two vastly different realms.

The Magician can also seem to pull manifestations out of thin air, but there is both a rootedness and a freedom at play that grapples with what seems invisible and brings it into reality.

This aspect of the card emphasizes the importance of understanding both the physical and metaphysical realms in manifesting your desires.

In addition, The Magician holds all four aces in the Tarot, which could be seen as the first card of each suit in the Minor Arcana.

 This indicates that the energy represented by the card the Magician brings with it the power of new beginnings. There are also elements of flexibility and creativity at work.

The Magician’s energy might spark a passionate new beginning with an Ace of Wands or take a more prudent beginning with an Ace of Pentacles. Most importantly,

The Magician upright gets things started and can overcome difficult or stalled beginnings. While the Magician is generally seen as an auspicious card, it can carry an energy of trickery or even deceit. This is something to be wary of whenever the Magician appears, particularly in reverse.

Manifestation is about desire, and what we want is often shaped by forces we may not want to face.

The Magician can be adept at providing cover for these issues by creating illusions that mask true intentions.

Being honest with yourself about what you’re trying to manifest and why may help you avoid this pitfall. The Magician calls for honesty and clarity in intentions and actions.

The Magician and Yes/No Questions

the magician yes or no question

In yes or no tarot readings, an upright Magician often indicates a ‘yes.’ It often means that something important you’ve desired for a long time is coming to fruition.

Because of the trickster energy The Magician carries, it is important to be clear-eyed about interpreting your circumstances.

You may get your ‘yes,’ but it may not appear exactly as you would like.

This is the lesson of The Magician and manifestation in general – what you want may not be exactly what the Universe will give you, but it may be what you need in the current moment.

As I interpret the card, The Magician upright does not provide a “no” to a yes/no question – the Magician in reverse does. (See below for a discussion of the reversed meaning.)

Reading The Magician Tarot Card in Different Contexts

The Magician in Love Readings

the magician in love readings

When it comes to love, The Magician may represent coming together, perhaps after a period of separation or other difficulties.

The energy of The Magician is about wishes coming true (manifestation), and, in matters of the heart, that may mean a reunion or the start of a new relationship you’ve wanted for some time.

The Magician generally represents desire and will point you towards the pull of your heart.

Interacting with this energy requires an honest disposition and character, otherwise, illusions may enter the situation and set things off-kilter.

The Magician in Career and Finance Readings

In career and finance, The Magician may represent putting an Ace of Pentacles to good use to create a solid foundation of investments or savings.

Whatever the case, there will likely be advantageous opportunities to grow professionally or financially.

However, whenever The Magician appears, it is important to be on the lookout for scams or dishonest business practices. Tricksters may take advantage of the energy at work.

Be careful of what seems too good to be true and, if necessary, seek advice from a reputable source.

The Magician in Personal Growth and Development Readings

The Magician is an energy that can help us push towards personal growth and development.

Successful manifestation requires clarity of thought and purpose – attributes that will help in different facets of our lives.

Harnessing the power of The Magician can put you on the right track and help maintain your focus.

However, The Magician can seduce people into taking shortcuts or make other poor choices to get quick results.

Facing these challenges is part of learning the lessons The Magician teaches. 

The Magician Reversed in Yes/No Readings

In reverse, The Magician may produce even more tangles because of the energy of the sleight of hand the card carries.

In a yes or no reading, The Magician in reverse usually indicates a ‘no.’ However, it may come with caveats.

For example, “wait for more auspicious circumstances.” In the reverse, The Magician may also be a warning.

There may be elements in your situation that you need to pay closer attention to so you aren’t fooled by your circumstances.

Tips to Interpret The Magician Card in Yes/No Readings

When interpreting the Magician, start with a clear question in mind. Without a clear starting place and solid foundation, you may end up with a poor interpretation.

While upright and reversal placements of the card give clear answers, the quality of the responses are only as good as the initial formulation of the question.

Be precise about what you want to know, and state your intentions clearly.

While your intuition plays an important role in interpreting Tarot, clarity of thought is equally important, and the two qualities must balance each other.


The Magician is among the trickiest cards to interpret in the Tarot. While it seems to give clear yes or no answers, it is always wise to look closer at your interpretations and ensure that you are not falling prey to the sleight of hand that accompanies the card.

As with all Tarot, the cards provide guidance, and you are the master of your choices. The Magician teaches this lesson clearly.

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