Twin Flame Guide: Signs, Symptoms, Stages and More

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Twin Flame

Megan Fox introduced the concept of Twin Souls to mainstream media when she called Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) her twin flame.

Delving a bit further back, we do find an explanation of a twin flame in Plato’s Symposium, where human beings originally had two faces, four arms, and four legs, and the Gods split them in half to what we are today.

What is Twin Flame

The twin flame meaning in the cosmic world is that these spirits come from the same soul; two separate threads of a life cut from the same cloth. As a soul ascends into higher planes, sometimes, the colossal energy forces it to separate into two. Such spirits are twin flames that reunite on the hyperplane.

When Twin Flames Meet

When Twin Flames Meet

When you bump into your twin flame, you will almost immediately identify with them. The energy generated upon the union of the two souls is enormous. You will be transfixed by the out-of-this-world twin flame love.

However, it also comes with its own trials and tribulations. Twin souls have to endure a lot to finally reach the stage where they can sit back and enjoy the company of one another without caving in.

Twin Flame Stages

Twin Flame Stages

Every twin flame journey is characterized by different stages in their relationship. Twin flame stages don’t necessarily happen in the order as they should, but they do represent common symptoms of a twin flame relationship.

The universe follows its own rules as each twin flame journey is unique.

Stage 1: Longing for the One

This is where you start dreaming about finding the one made for you.

Stage 2: Finding of the Mirror Soul

You may start catching glimpses of your twin flame in your dreams or, if the cosmic chaos bends in the favor of both souls, in reality.

Stage 3: Love

The physical meeting leads to an instant attraction as the twins begin to enflame and entwine together.

Stage 4: The Honeymoon Phase

The best phase of the relationship where everything goes right and the bond grows stronger.

Stage 5: The Mayhem

Trouble hits paradise as the twin souls begin to have disagreements. This is the purging stage, where insecurities creep up.

Stage 6: The Chase

After the separation, one twin flame begins to chase the other, as the runner tries to distance themselves.

Stage 7: The Dissolution

The twin flames reach common ground and find peace and love in their hearts for each other. Egos are deflated, and harmony is achieved.

Stage 8: The Reunion

The final stage in their exciting journey, the reunion is the universe’s gift to the kindred souls. The relationship blossoms as the undeniable twin flame connection brings the two back together, stronger than ever.

How Do I Recognize My Twin Flame?

How Do I Recognize My Twin Flame

Recognition will be on a spiritual level, only emancipated in the physical. If you have been doing the inner work and keeping a close eye as the universe drops clues, you will recognize your twin flame and so will likewise.

Twin flames do not come with warnings, nor do they come when you want them to. You will meet your twin flame when (and if) the universe feels you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Twin flame relationships are not a smooth ride. They come bearing lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime. The universe is a great teacher but not necessarily a kind one(At least, that’s what most people feel).

A twin flame relationship will put you through several tests before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The reward is definitely sweet, as one would imagine it to be. When two halves of the same soul collide and come together to exist in a harmonious relationship on the physical plane, the result is nothing less than magical.

The union is tumultuous as the fusion of the two energies causes a huge cosmic flare. If you do pass the tests and manage to hold on to your twin soul, this world will be your paradise.

So, how will you know if you have found your twin flame?

While each interaction is unique, we have compiled a list to help you catch on to the subtle twin flame signs.

As you set off on your expedition to find your mirror soul, it will certainly help to recognize the twin flame symptoms along the way.

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms
  • An undeniable connection. You feel instantly drawn to the person’s energy, and both of you resonate the same with one another, and within.
  • The time and location of the meeting is a divine coincidence. Encountering your twin soul will be a twist of fate; unplanned and unexpected.
  • They are your mirror. Twin flames come from the same soul and often share the burden of similar past trauma. Right off the bat, you will be overcome by a deep sense of familiarity.
  • The meeting of twin souls creates a field of magnetic energy. The ones around you will also become aware of this power as the two of you combined become unstoppable.
  • As you encounter your twin soul, your psychic and intuitive powers will be heightened. You become in tune with the universe.
  • In most cases, the birth date of your twin soul will bear a strong meaning in your life. They will not necessarily be born on the same date or year, but their date of birth will be highly significant in your life.
  • You both will passionately love each other. Love brings with itself a mutual feeling of respect and admiration. However, this would mean that even a small disagreement will be devastating for both souls.
  • As time goes by, the bond becomes stronger. You will share a strong connection with your twin soul, one that you have never experienced before.
  • Twin souls complement each other. This means that your shortcomings will be their strengths and vice versa. One can only imagine what twin souls can together conjure.
  • Out of sight and out of mind is a concept that does not exist for mirror souls. Even when you are apart, you will continue to long for your twin. The thought of the other will be all-consuming as you will not be able to bear the distance.
  • Your twin flame will feel like home. You will find comfort in their company, no matter where you are.
  • Touching your twin will cause fireworks in your soul. The sparks will fly as the energy cannot be contained.
  • Meeting your twin soul will be life-changing. Changing your perspective of the world, you will begin to view things differently. The feelings that you will be overcome with will be unrivaled. If you have fallen in love before, then this experience will be beyond compare.
  • You will become aware that meeting this person is for a reason. It has happened for a purpose, and it will become your life’s mission to solve the mystery.
  • Lastly, you will start to notice the numbers 11:11 everywhere. A literal sign from the universe that your twin soul is around the corner. When this begins to happen, turn your antennas higher because life as you know it is about to change forever.

How Does Twin Flame Energy Feel?

How Does Twin Flame Energy Feel

Don’t go by the word ‘flame’ here as meeting your twin will be the complete opposite of it. The meeting will ignite a wildfire in your heart, untamed and out of control. While each experience is unique, there are a few helpful tips that you can use to judge whether you have indeed met your twin soul.

  • Your heart will pound hard like it’s going to fall right out of your chest.
  • You will feel a burning sensation in your body.
  • You will be overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts.
  • You will harbor unconditional love for the other.
  • You will be pained whenever you are away from the other.

As this energy is astronomical, it needs to be harnessed and used correctly to truly serve its purpose.

Twin souls are deeply connected in the spiritual world and share a bond of unconditional love. The connection between the two was there even before either of them was born into the world.

Twin soul energy is demanding and will force you to change and transform; pushing you to become your higher self. It will cause a revolution in your heart as you learn to adapt.

You will release vibes on a higher plane as you advance through the school of life. These changes will become increasingly evident as you progress in your relationship.

Twin flame energy is challenging and healing at the same time. You will begin to feel exposed and vulnerable with your twin soul. This will begin your healing as the past trauma and hurt come to the fore.

Twin flame relationships require the body, mind, and soul to work together in perfect harmony, yielding a feeling of complete bliss.

How Do You Know Your Twin Flame Misses You?

How Do You Know Your Twin Flame Misses You

All twin flame relationships go through what is possibly the worst of the twin flame stages, the phase of separation. How long that separation lasts is not definite; neither is it certain that the twins will ever reunite.

As is the case with most relationships, there will always be a chaser and a runner. The chaser goes after the other to salvage the relationship.

In the spiritual world, the chaser is the more mature and advanced soul. While the separation hurts both parties on all planes – emotional, physical, as well as spiritual, this is especially true for the chaser.

As more spiritually awakened, the chaser knows what is on the line. They will do anything to win back their twin flame.

However, it makes us wonder whether our twins ever think about us the way we do during this phase. Well, if they are truly your twin soul, the answer is a solid yes. And you will be glad to know that there are tell-tale signs of your twin flame missing you.

A gush of energy

Whenever your twin flame is thinking of you, you will feel a surge of energy. This wave will flood your heart, and your entire body will feel the sensation. You will immediately feel energetic and productive.

A lot of individuals feel encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and dabble in new things. This is the time when you may also be inspired to pick up a new hobby or complete that unfinished project.

Twin soul relationships share the drive to join forces and accomplish goals. This energy does not fade away, even when they are apart.

A soulful attachment

A soulful attachment

Twin souls are two halves of the same soul. This means that the two can sense each other’s thoughts and emotions, even when they are not together.

It would be fair to say that they are essentially one in the cosmic universe. Their experiences and sentiments are interconnected. If you catch yourself thinking about your twin flame out of nowhere, chances are that they are thinking about you.

Dreaming of your twin flame

Dreaming of your twin flame

Twin flame telepathy is real. Time and again, twin souls emerge in each other’s dreams. This is true for before you meet them, as well as after. While the subconscious mind plays a huge role in the dreams we see, there is evidence that twin flames sometimes even have the same dreams.

Intuitive belief

If you have been feeling it in your gut that they are thinking about you, then you are, in all possibility, correct. Interconnected souls have a strong intuition about one another, which is mostly accurate. Twin souls are usually spot-on when it comes to awareness for the other. Distance cannot separate the two souls.

Feeling loved

Feeling loved

On an ordinary day, from nowhere, you will feel enveloped by a warm, fuzzy feeling. It will be like a long, affectionate embrace for your soul, a cool breeze on a balmy evening. If this happens, then rest assured that your twin flame is thinking of you. Energy travels and manifests itself in the other in the form of love.

The silent treatment

The notorious silent treatment is a powerful indicator of twin flame relationships. As two individuals who come from the same soul, they are well aware of each other’s feelings.

The silence between the two flames is a strong means of communication. Verbal communication takes a back seat as the two already know what the other is thinking. The lack of interaction means that your twin is thinking of you.

Spiritual connection

Spiritual connection

As twin flames drive each other to higher spiritual realms, they share a massive connection that distance cannot negate. Owing to the spiritual connection, they will always be intertwined even when they are separated. That connection will manifest itself in several ways in your daily life. You have to be vigilant of the signs.

Common passions

When apart, twin souls will want to pursue each other’s passions. If your twin was a bookworm, you would feel the urge to pick up a book when you are apart. Their hobbies become your passions. If you see yourself instinctively choosing their interests in your leisure time, your twin flame is thinking of you.

What is the Twin Flame Symbol?

What is the Twin Flame Symbol

The infinity symbol represents twin souls. Intertwined, and always coming back to each other, is essentially what the twin flames experience during their journey on the physical plane.

If you have been seeing this sign, or even the number eight, or two circles intertwined, it is a clue from the universe. Numbers like 222, 333, 555 are all your twin’s cosmic way of saying “I love you”. So, the next time you come across these figures, smile.

Your connection with the other is divine, and the universe will drop clues that you will have to pay attention to.

Everything happens for a reason; nothing is a mere coincidence.

What is a False Twin Flame?

What is a False Twin Flame

A false twin is an imposter. They appear to be your twin soul but as the name suggests, they most definitely are not. However, even a false twin in this universe has its purpose.

They are needed to clear blockages, past hurt, or simply shake you up to become more open to your future twin flame meeting.

At times, nothing wakes us up better than a broken heart. Only a heart that has been hurt before knows the meaning of being truly vulnerable. They are the universe’s way of preparing for your twin flame journey.

False twin relationships feel very, very real; almost hard to tell that they would never last. They appear to be healthy and loving, in general but will make their exit as soon as their job is done.

They are great at clearing your karma or healing you from past wounds, priming you for your twin flame.

An individual will meet his false twin only when they need to learn a particular lesson before meeting their twin soul.

Think of it as a contract that we make with another soul who nourishes you and helps you develop into a spirit that can attract your twin soul. They elevate you and put you on the plane that allows you to reunite with your twin soul.


“Have you found your twin flame yet?” “Perhaps not. Perhaps.”

Twin flames are a cosmic reality. Believe in it, believe that you are yet to meet that other soul, separated only to be united. Your twin flame maybe somebody you have met already. It may be someone you are yet to meet. Unless you believe, you will never meet your kindred soul. Rest assured, if the universe does help the two souls meet, you will feel it.

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