8 Twin Flame Stages: An Insight from A Believer

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Twin Flame Stages

As Katy Perry sings “The One That Got Away”, we are pushed back in time, reflecting on the love lost. The concept of soulmates is common and has the words “forever” and “always” associated with it.

It leaves us confused about such relationships in our lives, where this whirlwind of romance completely takes over our good judgment, turns our lives upside down, and leaves us forever changed.

Why did it feel so real and intense when the love was never meant to be?

A twin flame romance is a tumultuous happenstance; untamed, uninhibited, and unrestricted, and formidable. The meeting of such souls is marked by episodes that force us into becoming their higher selves.

The love is full of lessons that will last a lifetime, much like a preparation for the real thing.

While you don’t need to fall in love with your twin flame, it is mostly the case. Meeting your twin flame is like the quintessential Sydney Sheldon romance, full of sparks and drama that you will never get enough of.

What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames and Soulmates?

Difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates

Twin flames are two halves of one soul, while soulmates are two separate souls that share a strong cosmic connection. Twin flames are born out of a soul when it reaches a high enough plane, and the robust, cosmic energy splits it into two. These two souls are mirrors of one another.

They share the same past hurt and trauma. When they meet on the physical plane, they immediately identify each other. There is a strong sense of familiarity. Twin flame relationships are not all about love; they come with their own challenges and lessons.

For such relationships to work, the two have to work twice as hard to weather the storms that are inevitably born out of their union. 

What Are The Twin Flame Reunion Symptoms?

What are the Twin Flame Reunion Symptoms

When you meet your twin flame, you will experience a whole eruption of emotions. You may experience the feeling of having known them before.

You will be the light to their shadows and vice versa; like yin and yang.

There will be a magnetic attraction, and the connection will almost seem divine.

Twin Flames Stages: The Details You Should Know

While you may have many soulmates in one lifetime, there is only one twin flame. It is not definite that you have one but if you do, finding it is certainly not the real challenge.

The union of the two souls is up to the universe. But if and when that does happen to you, it will be extremely useful to read on to find out what’s in store. Who knows, you may have even met yours already and are just about to find out.

While each twin flame reunion is unique, they do share some common elements that characterize them in various stages.

There are in total, eight twin flame stages. Let’s discuss the different stages that represent a mirror soul reunion. 

Longing for The One

The first of the twin flame stages, ‘the longing’ is where you begin to feel that there is someone out there who is “just right” for you. You start believing in the idea of ‘the one’ and the urge to find them grows like wildfire.

This realization usually dawns upon an individual as one slowly becomes aware of life’s monotony.

As you begin searching for the missing piece in your life’s puzzle, you unconsciously start preparing yourself for your twin flame encounter. You may be unaware, but your actions are slowly leading you toward this reunion. 

Stage Two: The Meeting

The Meeting

As you go about your daily chores, out of the ordinary, you will briefly encounter your mirror soul. This will not be any regular meeting but one full of awe, excitement, arousal, bewilderment, and passion. Immediately, your thought will go to “the one”.

It will leave you feeling complete, and suddenly the world will seem brighter. Meeting your twin flame will leave you intoxicated, yearning for more. This meeting may not necessarily happen in the physical world, but can also be a dream, which will be a strong indication that your twin flame is around the corner.

Stage Three: Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Meeting your twin flame will eventually have you falling truly, madly, and deeply in love. The force will be strong and undeniable, hard for even the skeptics to ignore. It will not be like any love you have ever experienced before.

You may even feel love-sick or overwhelmed by the blanket of emotions. It is common for an individual to even act out of character during these times. Such intensity of emotions leads to the inevitable coupling of the two souls.  

Stage Four: The Honeymoon 

The Honeymoon

The declaration of love brings with it the honeymoon phase, the most romantic of them all.

The best (and might we say easiest) of the eight stages, this one is straight out of a fairytale. It is the kind of love that makes Taylor Swift write Grammy-winning numbers; the type that Rumi wrote about.

Your mirror soul will fulfill everything that you lacked in your life. You begin to feel complete, and the word “better half” starts to make sense.

It is almost like finding paradise on earth. With all your senses heightened, it makes you question how you were even living before. The union of the two souls is like magic, a cosmic miracle. 

Stage Five: The Turmoil

The Turmoil

It is all fun and games until the twin flames reach the fifth stage in their relationship – the Purging stage. Trouble strikes in paradise and tempers get frayed. The twin flames bring to the fore each other’s insecurities, past hurt, trauma, and self-doubt.

The sense of ego is back with a vengeance and the rose-colored glasses are not only off but also shattered.

This is where you start to see the differences and how the other brings out the worst in you, almost like a purge.

The Turmoil stage throws challenges and tests the mirror souls. These are not for the mirror souls to improve their relationship but rather for themselves, serving the true purpose of your twin flame.

Stage Six: The Game of Cat and Mouse

As tensions mount, the twin flames will find themselves playing the game of cat and mouse. With growing stress, one of the partners, or sometimes both, will retreat and give the other the infamous silent treatment.

Feeling threatened by the sudden absence, one soul will chase the other to win them back. The soul that does the chasing is considered more advanced and mature.

In some cases, the twin flames reunite, repeating the cycle once again, until they learn their lessons. In others, the relationship burns to the ground.

Stage Seven: The Surrender

Once the insecurities have been laid out on the table and dealt with, the twin souls reach the dissolution stage. The turmoil of the relationship teaches them more about themselves, while also learning a few lessons about the other.

Inflated egos slowly return to their normal size, and the two find peace in their hearts. The past wounds are healed and help you move on from the trauma that once held you back. This is truly the purpose of the twin souls. 

Stage Eight: The Unison

The Unison

The twin Flame final stage, the Unison, is like a soldier returning home. After braving the tumultuous relationship, the twin flames finally reach the stage of agreement.

Finding their balance, the mirror souls work in harmony and help the other rise to higher planes of spirituality. The relationship is stronger than ever, and the bond is unbreakable.

While the two don’t need to stay together as couples, there is definitely an absence of resentment. You end up feeling complete and more content with yourself, no longer seeking outside fulfillment.

The lessons have been learned, and the twin flames are ready to set off on their own as better and more improved versions of themselves. 

How Long Do Twin Flame Stages Last?

How Long do Twin Flame Stages Last

There is no definite time limit to the various stages of Twin Flames. Just like that, you don’t need to experience the twin flame reunion stages in the particular order as described above.

The stages can last anywhere from a few months to several years. No two twin flame journeys will be alike. You will write your own story depending on the level of maturity of your soul. Each relationship is special, and the universe writes its own rules.

What does 11:11 mean for Twin Flames?

What does 11:11 mean

Every time you turn your phone to check the time and it says 11:11? Have you seen more of this number lately?

The chances are that the universe is dropping hints. Your twin flame is just around the corner and in no time, you are about to go on the most exciting and fulfilling journey of your life.


Meeting a twin flame will cause a huge cosmic spark that will light the fire in your heart, and the world will never be the same again. Know about the twin flame stages and give the scared relationship the best chance to blossom in this helter-skelter world.

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