Venus in Sagittarius: In Love With The Journey

Vanessa Castro
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venus in sagittarius

When talking about Venus, it’s all about the heart. Venus is the planet of love, harmony and relationships.

She expresses what is attractive about us to others. She also shows what we love and feel attracted to, and how we magnetize that which we desire towards us. 

Venus in Sagittarius represents a heart that is moved by adventure and freedom.

This sparkly Venus will shine the most when feeling the wind on her face as she explores the world.

She thrives in good humor and expanding her horizons.

Venus: Learning about Love and Harmony

Venus represents the process of learning to value ourselves, other people, and our resources.

Venus says that we bring into our lives that which we feel worthy of, so our level of self-esteem and sense of self-worth will be reflected both in our material abundance and in our relationships

How we restore equilibrium in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies will be delineated by our Venus sign.

As the planet of harmony, Venus represents what are the things we need in order to relax and feel balanced.

In a similar way, our Venus represents how we create beauty in our lives. She is our Creatrix, the one that brings art to life.

Venus also represents how we build connections. As we learn to give ourselves care and attention, we also learn to nourish relationships with people that make us feel worthy and loved.

Venus speaks about how we create those relationships, and what it is about those people that draw us in.

Sagittarius: The Freedom Loving Philosopher

Sagittarius is a wildcard in the Zodiac.

This fiery sign represents a state of illumination and understanding that allows us to see broader perspectives in life.

It comes right after the “dark night of the Soul” in Scorpio, and right before responsible and hardworking Capricorn.

In between these two harsh moments, Sagittarius lights up the world for us with something to believe in.

Optimism is crucial for us to begin any adventure. If our minds are brooding worst-case scenarios, we may not even take the first step.

This reminds me of “The Fool” card in Tarot.

There is a certain madness in the Sagittarian spirit that allows humanity to take leaps of faith into the great unknown.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which symbolizes constant motion. We can picture an arrow that has already been launched into the sky, eternally reaching higher heights.

The Journey is a Sagittarian archetype: it allows the human mind to permanently break open in a never-ending quest for truth.

In order to live in constant exploration, freedom is key. Sagittarius is a horse: a large animal that instinctually dislikes tight spaces, and is made with sufficient power to run very long distances.

Sagittarius therefore loves the freedom of traveling to unknown places that can bring him a sense of amazement.

Something in the Centaur is tuned to higher knowledge.

Perhaps the mere desire to discover universal truths, combined with a spirit of positivity, is what gives this sign a powerful intuition.

Sagittarius seems to understand, without using logical thinking, the universal principles of life.

Venus in Sagittarius: Funny & Colorful Butterfly

sagittarius the freedom loving philosophers

If you have Venus in Sagittarius, part of your self-care kit involves travel, even if that only means going for a short walk to a new coffee shop down the street.

Breaking the routine is a way to bring yourself back into balance when life has gotten stressful.

Perhaps you enjoy changing your style or playing around with it by getting a new haircut or dying your hair differently every now and then.

When it comes to love, Venus in Sagittarius may desire to change things up often, just like with clothes.

If your lover is able to keep things interesting and fun, you might stay for longer, perhaps even commit.

But if they bring you a sense of stagnation, boredom, or too much negativity, you may quickly lose interest.

In one way or another, the essence of this placement is to keep things light and fun, because life is an adventure!

Relationships for Venus in Sagittarius

How can you have a long-lasting romantic relationship with so much desire for freedom and constant change?

The key is to understand what your heart needs first, and then go look for that. There are people out there waiting to have days and nights of fun and laughter with you, and willing to give you the space and freedom you desire.

Venus in Sagittarius loves to be surprised with tickets to almost anything. She loves to be taken on adventures.

She longs to spend hours philosophizing on the laws of the Universe while looking at the constellations.

If you detect this spirit in you, and you know and own that this makes you happy, the person you attract that will be a good match for you will love these things too.

And then you can do them together.

Aesthetics of Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the boastful but generous King of the Solar System.

This can bring a fearlessness to the Sagittarian style, in the purest “go big or go home” style.

What you find beautiful might be playful and colorful, and many times, travel-related.

Venus in Sagittarius appreciates good humor, so no matter what it is, you’ll find ways to decorate yourself and your environment that make your day brighter. 

Shiny colors, feathers, mandalas, dreamcatchers, scuba divers, photos, vinyls, sunglasses, hats: all kinds of treasures that remind you of that last trip to the beach, or perhaps that future adventure to a festival in the woods, might be found around you.

Mood boosters, glitter, and jokes might be found in your coffee mug, curtains, and even toilet.

Sometimes the Sagittarian style is youthful, almost to the point of being childlike, as a way to remain in the “spring of life” forever. You guys are true Peter Pans!

Challenges and Growth Opportunities for Venus in Sagittarius

aesthetics of venus in sagittarius

One of the biggest challenges for Venus in Sagittarius, is to actually deepen their connections.

It is great to keep things on the bright side and remain hopeful about life, but when building a relationship, being able to be honestly vulnerable is very important.

If you don’t allow yourself to open up about your real emotions, your partner may sense that they cannot truly share their feelings either.

It’s ok to feel shitty. All moods shift.

If you feel safe to do so, dare to share it all. Then you can both laugh about it together.

Another big challenge can appear when meeting people for the first time. It has to do with idealizing them.

The key to navigating this challenge lies in knowing yourself and what you desire, and then, observing what people do beyond their words.

Think whether you are making the person fit into the ideal you want them to be, or if you are actually seeing them for who they are.

Sagittarius can be naive sometimes! Exercise a bit of suspicion, and look at the facts. You will save yourself some disappointments.

Remember to keep one leg on the ground, but never betray your heart.

Your good-spirited nature and your desire to see the world will be appreciated by the right people, so long as you value your innate qualities first.

Your treasure lies in your heart’s most sincere desires. Honor your heart, and people will follow along.


Your desire for freedom and adventure is to be honored. Trust your heart and don’t compromise your essence.

The right partner for you will meet your unique heart’s desires. You don’t need to fit into the conventional ways of relating.

Whatever freedom and adventure mean to your heart is what must be honored!

Venus is one of many parts in your astrological chart, but definitely, a crucial one when it comes to matters of the heart.

If you want to know more, try looking up your natal chart and see what your Moon sign is, what sign is in your 7th house, what is your Mars sign, and what other planets Venus is interacting with. You will certainly find out more details! 

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