Venus in Scorpio: Deep Waters of Passion

Vanessa Castro
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venus in scorpio

Venus is the planet of love, harmony, and relationships. She speaks to us of magnetism, showing what draws other people towards us, and what we love and feel attracted to.

Venus in Scorpio signifies a desire for deep connections. If you have Venus in Scorpio, you surely want to know who you’re actually dealing with right off the bat. No weather conversations for you!

Venus: The Goddess of Love and Harmony

venus goddess of love

Venus represents the process of learning to value ourselves, other people, and our resources. Our level of self-esteem and sense of self-worth will be reflected in our lives through our resources and our relationships. Venus says that we bring into our lives that which we feel worthy of. 

As the planet of harmony, Venus will represent what are the things we require in order to relax and feel balanced. I’m a Venus in Taurus, and I absolutely love high-quality natural skincare products, so I invest in them as a self-love demonstration!

Venus also represents how we build connections. Just as we learn to give ourselves the care and attention we need to feel worthy and loved, we also learn to nourish relationships with people who make us feel worthy and loved. Venus speaks about how we create those relationships.

Venus is a great mirror and teacher.

In every aspect of life, she reflects on how we see our own value.

If we have an unhealthy relationship with others, or with money, chances are we are dealing with a low self-esteem issue.

Scorpio: Fear of the Dark?

Scorpio Fear of the Dark

Scorpio is the darkness of the Zodiac wheel. It represents the parts of life and our identity that are usually kept hidden due to the discomfort, intensity, or social repulsion they may cause.

Out of the 12 signs, Scorpio is the only one that represents the deepest parts of the psyche, the hidden layers of humanity that are actually shared by all of us.

Scorpio comes right after the air sign Libra. Libra represents the theme of finding an equitable exchange between people, through constant mediation to get to a balanced middle ground. Libra represents all contracts – marriage being one of the most important ones.

What happens after marriage? After the honeymoon phase is over, we begin to experience the real stuff.

Living under the same roof, two people will pick on each other’s triggers while their masks fall off.

Abandonment traumas, attachment issues, inner child wounds, and memories of abuse, will come out to be seen and test the happily married couple.

Scorpio is a sign that desires to know what is under the surface. It has a detective-like energy that will sniff out the truth in every situation.

I always like to say that “you can’t lie to a Scorpio”, although this might not always be true. What is true though is that the instinctive intuition of Scorpio always works. They won’t be content until they discover the truth if something smells weird.

Scorpio seeks to find out the true feelings and motivations of people. This way Scorpio can protect their own sensitivity from potential manipulation or power struggles.

All psychological intel is gold to Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio: Fiery Passion

Scorpio is an “underground water” sign of fixed nature. This means that Scorpio is not the type to let go when interested in something (or someone). 

Picture a Dark Goddess of Love, somewhat like Kali or Medusa, with eyes fixed on her objective (whether that is a love interest, money, or an artistic process).

She won’t let go until the greatest truths and motivations have been uncovered. She needs to know if it’s safe to invest her time, heart, and resources before doing so.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Scorpio. This is what gives Venus in Scorpio a passionate, wild, and intense approach to relationships, creative pursuits, and ways of showing up in the world.

relationships for venus in scorpio

Relationships for Venus in Scorpio: Fatal Attraction

Venus in Scorpio has no chill. Why waste time in meaningless fluff when we could die in a second?

“Show me your dark side” – she says – “I need to know what you are really capable of, so I can be ready for the worst”.

“Tell me your secrets – I don’t want to be finding out stuff later on.” “Tell me what you really want – I might be able to give that to you and keep you with me forever.”

This intensity is the very essence of relationships for Venus in Scorpio. We can call it passionate, obsessive, or perhaps… unforgettable.

There is something very alluring about the mysterious aura that Venus in Scorpio emits.

Your magnetic energy is powerful and you may experience relationships in a way that profoundly changes your and your partner’s lives. There is a beautiful potential to have incredibly profound and transformative relationships, for better or worse. 

You may enjoy the most simple ways of spending time with your partner, so long as your conversations take you either into the occult and esoteric, through each other’s psychological tunnels, or into the intimate lives of other people.

Your ways of showing love can be honest and direct. Venus in Scorpio wants to be able to trust and rely on someone, so commitment is many times comfortable for this Venus sign.

Perhaps suspicion of betrayal can be present in the back of your mind. Scorpio is readying for the worst-case scenario at all times, so it is “normal” to struggle with possessiveness and jealousy.

Just remember that this stems from your need for emotional safety, and is something that you should be able to talk about in your relationships.

Aesthetics of Venus in Scorpio

Tattoos are a great example of the Scorpio aesthetic. A tattoo becomes permanent on your skin through a process that, although it takes blood, sweat, and tears out of you, is worth the pain.

The most Scorpio color of all is black: the intense darkness that represents death itself, the lack of all light.

Images that resonate with Scorpio are skulls, skeletons, cemeteries, churches, spiders, scorpions, snakes, phoenix birds, witches, wizards, blood, death, and rebirth.

Venus appreciates the tabu and dark when she is in Scorpio, desiring to honor through beautification anything that is emotionally disruptive and wakes people up from the shallow states of existence.

challenges for venus in scorpio

Challenges and Growth Opportunities for Venus in Scorpio

The main theme with Scorpio is intensity. You can become obsessed. You can go too deep, and too far, so try exercising caution at all times. There are two challenges that can arise.

One is to actually go deep with another. We will only be able to go with another where we have already gone ourselves.

If you have not deepened into your own soul, knowing everything about your significant other can become an escape route from your own path.

Venus in Scorpio can get fixated on other people’s inner worlds, figuring them out through psychoanalysis, and even figuring out what they need to do to heal their traumas.

The problem is that in doing so, you can forget that your inner work comes first

This can be highly problematic because all the personal information about others becomes ammunition when the ego sees a need to defend itself.

And without inner work, chances are you have lots of ego layers to protect.

It is way too easy for Venus in Scorpio to pull their partner’s secret stories out to attack them, either passive-aggressively (subconsciously) or directly (consciously).

Another challenge, which goes the opposite way, is staying in the dark too much.

Venus in Scorpio can fall into an aimless “meandering the dark” comfort behavior.

Sometimes we no longer need to go back to painful memories, and what we actually need is to get out of psychoanalysis mode, and start living life. Your partner might be trying to remind you of that.

In order to find the right balance, Venus in Scorpio people must remember that poison is medicine in small quantities.

Your exploration of your own darkness is to be done with caution and with a clear goal in mind.

The depth you seek in relationships is perfect and beautiful. Just remember that not everyone is as comfortable in the dark as you may be.

Also, remember that their processes are their own.

Overthinking about them is a sign that you need to focus on you. You are not their partner to make them change or heal.

You are there to love and be loved. Loving someone involves letting them live at their own pace and in their own way, and if you don’t feel in alignment, loving them also means walking away. 


Venus in Scorpio is a journey to love the darkness in you and in others while letting go of the need to control any outcomes.

Your natal chart will give you more detailed information about your Venus placement, and how she interacts with other parts of your life.

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