Virgo Flowers: A Blooming Pathway Towards Love And Good Fortune

Rishika Dange
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virgo flowers

Flowers have always fascinated my spirits. Be it their calming fragrance or aromatic charm, they just lighten my mood no matter what situation I am in.

Exploring the beauty of these flowers beyond their dazzling appearance and physical traits is one of the most interesting pursuits of my life.

I have talked about how everything in this creation is connected many times in my previous blogs. 

And the reason for my persistent emphasis on this very fact is in this world of constant change, if there is something that doesn’t change, it is this fact that we are literally connected.

Everything happening around us is a continuous chain of cause and effect.

The best example of this is the connection between our zodiac signs and flowers. Every flower holds onto a certain energy that is directly related to its zodiac. 

In this blog, I will be talking about Virgo flowers and providing you with deep insights into why they are so special! 

Virgo Characteristics

virgo characteristics

Let’s first know what a typical Virgo personality is! If you are a Virgo, you will know that you are someone people can easily rely on.

You are known for your hardworking nature and your hunger for perfection. You are grounded no matter what and never boast about your achievements.

You have a great command of your ego and never allow it to take over you. 

There are two sides to every coin and so being a Virgo also brings with it a stubborn, fussy, annoyed, judgemental, and hypercritical behavior.

So if you have been very cranky lately, just know that it’s something that comes to you from your zodiac.

Does that mean you can’t find a way to deal with it? Of course not! Fresh blooms have got your back. How?

Let’s understand. 

Virgo’s Zodiac Birth Flower

virgo zodiac birth flowers

For several years astrological predictions have been carried out using palm reading, face reading, tarot card reading, numerology, angel numbers, and more.

But what if our Mother Earth carried these readings too?

And what if I tell you that flowers are the Earth’s representation of your zodiac and your destiny?

Yes, this is true. These flowers are called zodiac birth flowers and they are the most auspicious flowers for the people belonging to that star sign.

Virgo is one such very powerful zodiac sign which is known for its resilience. 

Flowers speak to us in ways that we remain completely unaware of. Every zodiac sign is represented by Earth through a specific set of flowers that are connected to that particle zodiac sign and influence the personality, emotions, and destiny of the people born under that zodiac sign.

Every zodiac is associated with a particular flower and therefore being aware of these flowers and their energies can bring magic to your life! 



With a fascinating history of being a core ingredient in herbal medicines, chrysanthemums are the official birth flowers of Virgo.

They have healing powers that work literally like magic. As per the folklore, these flowers were considered to have the power of life.

They were therefore used in salads and drinks.

And oh, it doesn’t end here. These gorgeous blooming beauties have also been a symbol of love, joy, peace, and warmth. 

chrysanthemum flower

As per the legend, a festival was performed specifically to celebrate the beloved chrysanthemums. It was named the ‘Festival Of Happiness’.

These flowers have been long loved for their supernatural therapeutic abilities, positive energy, and soothing aura.

The word chrysanthemum has got its origins in the Greek culture where ‘chrys’ means gold and ‘anthemons’ means flower. 

chrysanthemum yellow

Just like how chrysanthemums are made up of numerous perfectly aligned petals, Virgos have a strong affinity for perfection and clarity.

These flowers have a tall, and deeply rooted stem just like the grounded nature of Virgos.

And if as a Virgo, you cannot take your friendships for granted, you must know that once you allow a chrysanthemum into your life, you won’t be able to leave it alone at all! 

Other Flowers for Virgos

other flowers for virgos

If you thought there is just one flower that can ignite your spirits then you are wrong my friend!

The world of blooming buds has a lot of room for Virgos and their resilient personality.

The flowers other than chrysanthemums, that are related to Virgos and provide direction and support with their dynamic vibrations are listed below.

These flowers are related to Virgos astrologically and help them decode their very own destiny. 


buttercups flower

If you are a neatness freak who loves order and structure then buttercups are the best fit for you.

These flowers are one of the most orderly and clean flowers in the world of fresh blooms.

They have a huge family of 400 species ranging from cute and tiny buttercups with as less as 5 petals to them to larger buttercups that hold onto a gigantic and heavily petaled structure.

If you got a neatness OCD, get yourself a buttercup today!



The official birth flower for September, Asters are your best friends if you are a September-born Virgo.

These lovely flowers that look similar to a daisy represent tremendous wisdom, support, and strength.

Despite the delicate appearance of the Aster petals, these flowers possess great strength and endurance as they give life to even a deserted garden.

And so, as a Virgo, if you have an Aster by your side, you know that no matter what, you’ll make it through all the mess! 

St. John’s Wort

st. john’s wort

St. John’s Wort, the flower that symbolizes a grounded character, is one of the most important flowers for a Virgo. Why so?

Get one from a flower shop today and see it grow. You will know why they possess the extraordinary ability to keep you stable!

Also known as Hypericum, St. John’s Wort spreads its rhizomes all over the ground as its branches reach upwards while growing.

They tell you why your mental health has got a lot to do with your physical health. Now you know why yoga and exercises are a must!

How to Choose Flowers for a Virgo Woman

how to choose flowers for a virgo woman

The sign of Virgo is represented by a woman and the goddess of wheat and agriculture.

Therefore a woman born under the zodiac sign of Virgo is always striving for nurturing others, care, perfection, loyalty, and kindness.

If you are a Virgo woman, you know that you work really hard on becoming an empathetic person.

You possess an excellent combination of beauty and brains and this is why people find you extremely attractive. 

chrysanthemum wreath incense

So when you are choosing flowers for yourself or your acquaintance who is a Virgo woman, you must be sure of what flowers to pick.

Considering the compassionate energy of chrysanthemums and their healing power, they are the most suitable flowers for Virgo women as they take into account the well-being of everyone and deal with a lot of trapped emotions. 


The other alternative can be buttercups.

As buttercups bring the vibrations of order, stability, control, and poise, these flowers too can brighten the day of a Virgo woman and make her feel special.

These elegant flowers will do wonders if planted in your garden or just presented as a gift in a bouquet.

Surround yourself with these dainty buttercups and I assure you that you will be filled with a sense of tidiness and structure in your life.

Final Thoughts on Virgo Flowers

thoughts on virgo flowers

The flowers that are closely related to Virgos and happen to be lucky for them are Chrysanthemums, Buttercups, Asters, and St. John’s Worts.

These flowers carry their own meaning, symbolism, vibrational energy, physical characteristics, and significance, they intend towards the same goal which is the well-being of Virgos.

As said earlier, flowers speak to us, these flowers too carry numerous hidden messages that can only be understood once you start surrounding yourself with these blossoming beauties. 

aster blooming beauties

So go ahead and fill your garden with love and joy! You deserve the best. Life around you is trying to communicate with you.

Allow them to connect to you and your spirit. Feel the profound energy of life thriving around you as well as inside you.

And the next time you want to gift flowers to a special Virgo in your life, you know what you need to pick!

Are you a Virgo?

Do you have any flower favorites to share? I would love to know your choices and all that drives you every time you enter a flower shop. 

Drop your comments down below and let’s all explore the world of blooms.

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