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when god sends a cardinal

Do you ever have one of those moments when a bright red cardinal appears out of nowhere in your backyard?

And seems to be looking right at you. It’s almost like it’s calling your name. Is it possibly a sign from God? But, when God sends a cardinal?

You may be surprised to find out that lots of people believe cardinals are messengers sent from God. There could actually be some truth to this belief!

In this blog post, I’ll explain why these birds are special symbols for many, and offer my thoughts on what it can mean when a cardinal shows up suddenly in your life.

And I’ll provide an introduction to the spiritual significance behind them.

Cardinals – Messengers From The Angelic Realms!

The arrival of a cardinal can be seen as an auspicious sign from the spiritual world. And, often accompanying this supernatural messenger is an angelic message – a bridge between the earthly and otherworldly realms. This whispered news showcases an intimate link between man and spirit; it’s proof that we are never truly alone in our journey through life.

Traditional Point Of View – “Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near”

Traditions hold the notion that a cardinal sighting is an omen of divine presence such as angels. Cardinals serve as beacons of light and hope in times of darkness, while faithfully providing warmth during chilly winters.

Indeed, they are more than just birds; cardinals symbolize resilience against all odds.

cardinals appear when angels are near

The popular American poetess Victoria McGovern beautifully puts the co-relation of cardinals and angels.

victoria mcgovern cardinal poem

The poetic phrase, “Cardinals appear when angels are near” by Victoria conveys the belief in divine intervention through a symbol of beauty and grace: the birds such as the Cardinal.

As this poem became a famous reference for those experiencing bereavement, it was printed on merchandise catered to individuals grieving. In due course, the phrase gained increasing recognition among people in sorrow.

Cardinals & The Native American Point Of View

Native American cultures were the first to link cardinals and supernatural forces. In their habitats, Cherokees saw cardinals as a representation of the Sun’s daughter; other tribes interpreted them as a symbol of luck or love.

Tribes that lived near these vibrant creatures had many myths related to them – stories that still fascinate us today!

The cardinal is typically seen as a sign of good fortune, with no stories linking them to ominous events. In fact, the sight of cardinals has long been associated with positive omens and luck.

Cardinals & Bible – Biblical Interpretation

Despite the widespread belief that a red cardinal symbolizes God or his messenger, one will not find any mention of the word ‘cardinal‘ in Scripture.

This is mainly due to cardinals being non-native birds in areas such as the Mediterranean – where most books of the scripture were written.

meaning of cardinals in the bible

However! Bible Has Several Mentions Of Birds

Undeniably, God has utilized the birds of nature to draw attention to His teachings in various parts of the Bible. Eagles, doves, sparrows, and ravens are examples that have been employed by Him as symbols of His love and protection towards humans.

Let us have a look at a few of them.

“Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap” – Luke 2:24

“And the dove came back to Noah in the evening” – Genesis 8:11

“They who wait for the Lord … shall mount up with wings like eagles” – Isaiah 40:31

Cardinals & The Holy Spirit

Red cardinals are also associated with the Holy Spirit – The third part of God’s trinity. It is believed by some that when a cardinal appears in your life, it is like receiving a spiritual hug from heaven itself.

Theologians often view the cardinal as a representation of the Holy Spirit, uniting its fiery work with energy and life. Additionally, when paired with Christ’s blood, this feathered creature stands for Jesus’ eternal capacity to bring new life.

Though not present in the exact form of a cardinal bird, all four Gospels in The Bible display how The Spirit takes on an avian appearance; it descends from Heavens gently settling upon Jesus himself.

Cardinals & The Catholic Point Of View

While its origin remains a subject of debate, it is said that the initial inhabitants of Rome to be known as cardinals were deacons from seven separate areas in the city. The word ‘cardinal’ was used to reflect their distinguished standing and importance.

Cardinals & The Blood Of The Christ!

The vibrant red of cardinals has been linked to the life-sustaining blood of Christ, representing a spiritual symbol of vigor and vitality. This carries special significance within Christianity as it embodies the core message that Christ’s sacrifice brings infinite strength and immortality.

“Christ sacrificed his life’s blood to set us free, which means that our sins are now forgiven” – Ephesian 1:7 CEV

Good To Know!

As early as the sixth century, the title of cardinal was bestowed on senior priests in each parish church within Rome who had not received ordainment to that particular church.

cardinals in the catholic point of views

Eventually, any Cardinal became eligible for selection as Bishop of Rome (Pope) by 769 AD; furthermore, Cardinals were granted exclusive permission to wear red hats beginning in 1244.

When God Sends A Cardinal – Potential Interpretations In Different Aspects Of Life

So, what is God trying to tell you when He sends a cardinal? It really depends on the context and situation. But, here are a few potential interpretations regarding different aspects of life.

Romance & Relationships

According to some Native American tribes, if someone is single and spots a cardinal, it’s an indication that they will soon embark on a new love affair.

If one has already been in a relationship for a while, the sighting of this vivid red bird can be interpreted as their feelings towards each other reigniting with all their original excitement.

For many outside the Native American culture, cardinals are seen as symbols of romance.

This is due to their strong bond with each other: when they pair up, they generally stay together for life and look after one another in a harmonious relationship.

Hence why it’s not surprising that these birds have come to symbolize love worldwide!

cardinals interpretations in different aspects of life

Life & Dealth

Seeing a cardinal can also be seen as an omen of life and death. When one appears near a cemetery, it may be believed to represent the spirit of someone who has passed away, letting you know that they are with you even in the afterlife.

And if a cardinal shows up suddenly when you’re dealing with any type of loss or grief, it could be a sign of hope, allowing you to move on with your life more peacefully.

Dreams & Luck

When it comes to dreams, cardinals can be thought of as a source of luck. It’s believed that dreaming about these birds will bring you fortune and good news in the future.

And seeing one while awake could be interpreted as an indication that things are going to work out for the better.

Overall, Cardinals are beautiful creatures with a deep spiritual significance. When God sends a cardinal, you should take it as an opportunity to reflect on the message that awaits your interpretation.

Connection With Your Ancestors

Many Native Americans regard cardinals as messengers from the souls of the departed. Thus, they are seen to have a strong bond with their forefathers. When they appear, it is viewed as an indication of remaining connected in one’s family unit.

A few cultures even choose them as totem animals due to their dedication and loyalty; rather than venturing away during colder periods, cardinals stay put at home despite difficulty or adversity.

When God Sends A Cardinal, It’s All Good!

Throughout time, God has made it clear that He uses birds to transmit spiritual messages between the heavens and earth. This longstanding tradition serves as a reminder of His undying love for all of humanity.

Although the spiritual symbolism of the red cardinal is debatable, many people are moved by its presence.

To them, it conveys a sense of life and hopes that have long been connected with faith in history. The cardinal reminds us between our physical reality and spiritual realm as well as restoration and communication. Its rich tradition deserves to be remembered for generations to come.

So, it’s all good!

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