White Aura Meaning: Everything You Need To Know About it

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white aura

Have you ever been in the company of someone whose mere presence brings you serenity and hope, but you couldn’t explain why

If you have, you’ve likely met a person with a white aura. The subjective feeling others get when in their presence is like being in a sacred temple.  

White auras are some of the most balanced, enlightened, and peaceful people on the planet. They are extremely high vibrational and their energy is soothing and nourishing. 

But, what does it mean to have a white aura, and what is it that makes these individuals so special?

Let’s uncover the blessings and challenges of having a white aura. 

Spiritual Meaning of White Aura

In the spiritual world, the white aura is associated with purity, light, and the higher self.

It represents healing and divine guidance, but also timeless knowledge and spiritual awakening.

This is the color of oneness and limitlessness and represents interconnected awareness, sacredness, and unity.

It is associated with clarity, brightness, and illumination, and is linked with those who are pure-hearted and benevolent.

White is also linked with innocence, which is why it is believed that where auras are unbound from the chains of the ego or the physical world. 

The Connection Behind The Crown Chakra & White Aura

connection behind crown chakra and white aura

White aura resonates with the meaning of the Crown chakra, the seventh and the last chakra, located slightly above the top of the head.

The Crown chakra represents higher awareness, ultimate enlightenment, and the unbreakable connection with the creator, or the Divine.

Much like the white aura color, the seventh chakra is linked with sacred wisdom and universal truths and highlights the connection we have with the spirit. 

Both are associated with illumination, transcendental consciousness, and the ability to see beyond what’s presented on the surface.

For white auras, the energy flow through the Crown Chakra is undisturbed and they have no trouble receiving and interpreting spiritual downloads. 

When Does the Aura Become White?

An aura turns white we reach a point of ultimate spiritual illumination. This happens when we are not only open to expanding consciousness but also actively getting fresh insights and rapidly elevating.

Our perception goes beyond what’s visible on the surface, and we can transcend the limits of the rational mind. 

The aura becomes white when we become trusting, hopeful, and receptive, but also when we are at peace with ourselves and the world around us. This happens when we let go of resistance and instead go with the current of life with faith. 

Having a white aura color means that you have successfully integrated a big part of your shadow self.

You have done the work needed to release yourself from the chains of the ego, and you no longer need the outside world to validate your worth.

You are exactly where you are meant to be in life, and you are aligned with your soul purpose here on earth.

The white aura also shows around young children whose spirits are free, and aren’t conditioned to mold themselves into society yet. 

Different Shades of White Aura

different shades of white auras

What makes white aura unique is the absence of any other color.

This means that, unlike other aura colors that can have different shades, white is entirely pure, and we can only judge it by light intensity. So, here are the two main variations of white aura:

1. Bright White Aura 

Having a bright, clear white aura shows that you are enlightened and connected with your greater purpose. You find it easy to find peace and happiness within and operate from your higher self.

You are free from chains of fear and doubt, and understand that there is a deeper meaning behind every experience, good or bad. You are one with the Universe and the world around you, and confident that you are always Divinely supported. 

Your intentions and your heart are pure, and you can implement the wisdom you gained into every aspect of your life.

When the aura is bright white, your healing abilities are incredible and your intuition is strong.

Even though you experience all human emotions and live a human experience like everyone else, you assess and process experiences with ease and use them to elevate even more. 

2. Dimmed White Aura

A dimmed white aura, or a white aura tinted with gray, means that you are well on your way to illumination and are doing a good job integrating your shadow.

There is still inner work that needs to be done, and you may be plagued by fear, doubt, and uncertainty from time to time, but you are in touch with your higher self and learning to trust yourself. 

Even though the journey to enlightenment may seem hard and depressing at times, deep down you have a strong knowing that everything will be fine.

A dimmed white aura means that you are strengthening the connection with your guides and your faith.

It’s essential to be kind and patient with yourself and sit with your dark thoughts when they come to the surface so that you can strengthen the white auric field.

White Aura Personality 

white aura personality

If your aura is white, you are one of the rare awakened souls who have transcended the limitations of the 3D.

Your vibration is high, and you are operating from the higher self. You see people and situations from a bird’s eye, with clarity and wisdom. 

White aura color indicates that you are fully aware of and aligned with their truth and purpose.

They are consciously directing all focus toward self-actualization and have gained mastery over their thoughts and feelings. If this resonates with you, it means you have reached a more elevated state of awareness and are operating from the super-ego. 

When the aura is white, your soul is calm. You see through people’s blockages, and limits, and can easily read agendas, motives, and personalities.

You are an insightful individual, your intentions are pure and you are mindful of the potential repercussions of your words and actions. Your energy is balanced, and you are serene.

Blessings of Having a White Aura Personality

Experienced white auras can’t be fooled or seduced. They are merciful, forgiving, and ethical, but highly discerning and able to spot foul intentions. If your aura is white, you don’t resist life but easily accept what you can’t change, which makes you one of the most emotionally content people on earth. You trust that everyone has their unique path to follow, you are not judgemental, but you also follow your spiritual trail authentically. 

White auras see what truly matters, and know exactly where and how to invest their energy. No matter the biological age they act and feel like an old soul. White is the color of innocence, so while these folks often have wisdom that transcends their age, they also have a purity of a child and can connect with people from all walks of life

Challenges of Having a White Aura Personality

Because they are so in tune with the spiritual realm, white auras might be detached from the material world and ungrounded.

They are trusting and discerning but may give people the benefit of the doubt even when they don’t deserve it.

Because they are good-natured and see the best in everyone, young and inexperienced white auras can fall prey to trickery and manipulation.

These individuals have high hopes for humanity and may struggle to adapt to the unawakened world.

Although they are accepting of everyone, not many people will understand their ways and accept them as they are, which is one of the most difficult challenges they have to face in day-to-day life. 

White Aura in Love & Career

white aura in love

It’s not that white auras don’t care about achievements and don’t need company, or money, it’s just they know that no matter where the road takes them, they will be fine regardless.

This is how having a white aura manifests in relationships and professional life:

White Aura in Love & Relationships

White auras are incredibly balanced and content people and need someone whose company feels better than their alone time.

In relationships, they need to connect with someone from their soul family, and will naturally gravitate towards like-minded individuals.

They need a partner with whom they feel a true soulmate connection, and are not swayed by looks or status.

They are best paired with spiritually woke and energetically advanced people with whom they can grow and expand on what they already have.

White Aura in Career & Finances

If you have a white aura color you are more concerned with following your purpose than accumulating wealth.

While you are aware of the necessities of the material world, you make it your mission to do what aligns with your highest goals, values, and ideals, and won’t ever compromise your truth for status or money.

When in a team, you take on the role of counselor or guide. You are often trusted with making difficult decisions because people know you will do what’s best for everyone.

You are a natural mediator and best suited for a profession where you can help others, or share wisdom. 


Kindhearted and spiritual, white auras are the healers who give us hope and help us find peace and clarity when we feel lost. They are the source of light in the gray world, and their insights, soothing energy, and altruism are what make them so precious and easy to love. 

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