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Zen12 Review

Zen12 is a meditation program that allows users to reach the deep state of meditation, an achievement that generally takes years or even decades following traditional methods.

Users can get 1 hour of meditation benefits by spending only 12 minutes a day. It contains an exclusive set of audio recordings that emanates brainwave frequencies similar to individuals in their deep meditation state.

But does it really work?

Can it immediately reduce your stress and anxiety as advertised?

It’s time for me to put forward my honest Zen12 review for the sake of many concerned readers like you.

Challenges In The Traditional Form Of Meditation

Challenges In The Traditional Form Of Meditation

Before I tell you my honest zen12 meditation review, I have a question for you.

What is the first thought comes to your mind when you hear the word “meditation“?




Yes, we all know meditation is a stress buster and mood enhancer. However, you will be shocked to know that these benefits barely scratch the surface.

This is because only a rare number of people reach a deep state of meditation. If we rank the stages of meditation, then one might need to reach level 12 to achieve a deep state.

Sadly, most people can hardly pass the 6th level, and that’s because meditation is not easy. It’s not just about closing your eyes and sit alone for hours.

It’s about isolating your body and mind from your thoughts. Achieving this is practically difficult (not impossible though) as our mind is always accompanied by unnecessary thoughts, stress, and anxiety.

No matter how much you try, getting rid of that mental chatter seems impossible.

Why do you need the Zen12 program?

zen12 meditation

The Zen 12 program claims to reduce mental chatter, lack of focus, and other negative factors affecting your gains in meditation.

According to creator Karl Moore, everything is connected to our brain waves.

What Are Brain Waves?

brain waves

Brain waves are synchronized electrical pulses produced as the result of constant ongoing communication between neurons.

How a person behaves, responds, and communicates to a particular situation all depends on the frequencies of the brain wave.

Brain waves also serve as the balancing force of the brain that contributes to key elements like tissue repair, healing, internal recovery, attitude, and several other crucial attributes.

The brain waves are often broadcasted along with the perineural system. Most therapists use nerve manipulation to liberate the perineural system that aids recovery, rehabilitation, and rebalancing of an injured part of a body.

What Are The Different Types Of Brainwaves Frequencies?

different types of Brainwaves frequencies

Delta brainwaves (1-3 Hz): It is considered the slowest brainwave containing the highest amplitude. This is mostly experienced in the state of deep sleep. You exhibit a different level of awareness when you reach this state.

Theta brainwaves (4-7 Hz): They are a bit higher to delta but still run at a slower frequency. This mostly happens when you reach a relaxed or daydreaming state.

Alpha brainwaves (8-12 Hz): This is the point when your brain starts to shift from a busy to a relaxed state. For instance, when you close your eyes and start to imagine some happy moments to calm your brain.

Beta brainwaves (13-38 Hz): This is the level of frequency your brain runs at its active state.

Gamma brainwaves (30-42 Hz): This is the point when you are extremely conscious and alert.

If you are a beginner, your brainwaves are most likely to be beta or gamma. To achieve a deep level of meditation, you need to move your brainwaves to the theta and delta stages.

Even after practicing rigorous meditation, it takes hours for people to reach the theta or delta stage.

However, thanks to science and 100 years of research, scientists have finally cracked the code to manipulate brainwaves. This process is called brainwave entrainment.

The Zen12 meditation program is sound therapy based on the brainwave entrainment process that helps you control your brainwave frequencies.

It comes with 49 audio files consisting of special audio pulses to induce deep-state meditation within a low as 12 minutes.

The special pulses of the zen12 brainwave audio replicate the delta and theta frequencies. The brainwave entrainment process helps your brain copy these brainwave frequencies and achieve a deep meditative state within a short duration.

Contents Of The Zen 12 Program

Zen12 Program

It is a 12 level program featuring 48 audio files with four audio formats dedicated to each level. The total duration of the program is 12 months.

Each Zen12 Level is Divided into 4 Formats:

1. White noise

Comes with a mixture of the sound spectrum that effectively masks the distorted and distracting sounds around you.

2. Nature sounds

Comprises a wide range of soothing sounds like the chirping of birds, rain in the jungle, babbling brooks, etc.

3. Relaxation Music

Features a series of calming and sublime music to instantly stop the explosion of unnecessary thoughts in your brain.

4. Guided meditation

Contains a step by step audio guidance by the creator in a calm and soothing voice.

zen12 mp3

You can choose any 1 out of the four audio files based on your physical and emotional state. I personally prefer using relaxation music or white noise before going to bed.

It helps me wake up relaxed and refreshed. To my knowledge, guided meditation works better in the morning. Although I rarely use nature sounds, I find them quite beneficial after a long day at work.

Note: In order to come up with a better zen12 meditation review, I tried this program on different users. I noticed- the results may vary from person to person.

So, try changing the audio format if you think it’s not working for you.

Reaching the next level solely depends on your outcomes. You have to follow the guidelines and move to the next level only after completing the given checklist.

Which Subscription Is Best For You?

The Zen 12 program comes with 3 options:

Zen12 Program Price


If you plan to include meditation in your life or have already been meditating but often find yourself entangled in mental chatter and focus, this is the right program for you. The program comes with 24 mp3 audio files covering the first six levels of meditation.

The program lays the basic ground of meditation. I would highly recommend you to read the quick start guide to have a detailed insight into the program, including valuable tips to get the most out of the program. 

It also informs you about the steps to follow and what to avoid during meditation.

For instance, it’s common to have negative thoughts while meditating. However, if you try to suppress it, you will always end up failing.

Instead, you have to let these thoughts come and go.

Price: $67


This program is for users who have at least six months of experience in meditation.

If you have learned the trick to limit your mental chatter, negative thoughts, and inner chaos, then you are readily achieving the 12th level is not that far.

The advanced Zen12 program contains 24 mp3s covering the last six levels of meditation. It also comes with a user manual and a quick start guide to smoothen your meditation journey.

Price: $67


This is a comprehensive subscription plan containing both beginner and advanced plans. It comes with 48 mp3 files covering all 12 levels. I recommend this program to everyone as you will get a personal 1-hour training call from the host Karl Moore, which is missing in other programs.

Price: $87

Benefits of the Zen12 Program

Benefits of the Zen12 Program

The Zen12 program offers a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits usually missing in conventional meditation.

1. Encourage Brain Functioning

Unhealthy diets, stress, and age often hamper our brain growth. Regular practice of the program will help you memorize things better and improve your ability to focus.

2. Nurture Creativity

Lack of motivation and constant exposure to stress can hamper your creativity. The zen12 program helps you eradicate the stress hormones from your brain, giving you more room to nurture your creativity.

3. Stabilize Emotion

Depression and an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your overall emotional stability, leading to meltdowns, anger issues, demotivation, and many other psychological ailments. Regular meditation controls your mood swings and rechannels your negative emotions towards positivity.

4. Eliminate Stress

Having less stress in life creates more paths for opportunity and prosperity. Meditation helps your body and mind achieve the ultimate level of calmness. Not only does it boost your mood, but it provides several health benefits as well.

5. Clarify the Thought Process

Sometimes the solution to a problem is right there, but we fail to identify it. Regular meditation empowers your brain to expand your horizons and make sound decisions.

Pros and Cons of the Zen12 Program:


The following are the factors that I like about the program:

1. Customized subscription: The creators provide you with 3 program options- beginner, expert, and premium. If you are new, you can start at the beginner level. In case you are prior experience with meditation, you can jump-start directly to the expert level.

2. Downloadable files: You can download pdf and mp3 files on your device—no need to have an internet connection all the time.

3. Lifetime access: It’s a one-time purchase. You don’t have to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee.

4. Proactive support team: All queries and issues are usually solved within a couple of hours.

5. Personal training session (premium only): You will receive 1 hour of personal guidance from the host Karl Moore.

6. 100 % money-back guarantee: If you don’t like the program, simply return it and get a full refund (no question asked).


Following are the issues I have with the program:

1. Watermarked Audio: The audio files in the guided meditation format are watermarked with the host’s voice saying “Welcome to the program” in each audio file. Some people might find it distracting.


How long should I Meditate to achieve results in the Zen12 program?

Keep your meditation duration to 12 minutes for the first seven levels. Start your eight levels by increasing your session up to 14 minutes, followed by 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, respectively.

How to use the Zen12 meditation program?

Following are the steps to use the zen12 program:

– Login to your Zen12 account
– Download the quick guide and go through it properly
– Read the guide carefully to know your meditation level
– Download the four meditation audio files
– Pick your favorite audio based on your mood, situation, and spirit
– Play the audio with your headphone ON

Some thoughts might occur for the first few sessions, but the distraction will go away with time.

What happens when I reach the 12 levels of meditation?

By achieving the 12th level of meditation, you will:

– Witness stellar changes in your brainpower
– Get dramatic improvement in health
– Reach an intense state of peace and tranquillity
– Eradicate stress and anxiety within minutes
– Master your emotions

Zen12 Review: End Thoughts

And there you have the detailed Zen12 Review.

Zen12 makes meditation easy to follow. Just practice it for 12 minutes daily and you will enjoy the true benefits of guided meditation. Just choose your level, click play and enjoy the benefits. If you need my honest opinion on any aspect of this topic, feel free to drop your concerns below. I would try my best to answer it ASAP. Cheers!

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